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As we approach the exciting season finale of the History Channel’s hit survival series ALONE (now in its 10th season), one of the remaining survivalists Alan Tenta will visit with us about the show. Ten competitors are dropped off in the Canadian wilderness where they must tap into their survival skills and fight to be the last person standing. Equipped with just ten items of their choosing and camera gear to self-document their experience, competitors must endure bone-chilling temperatures and encounter wild animals including black bears, wolves and moose. The last remaining competitor will take home a grand prize of $500,000. Season finale is Thursday, August 17
th on History Channel.

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August 16

National Rum Day

National Airborne Day

National Roller Coaster Day

National Tell A Joke Day

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Another study suggests that a 4-day work-week (or shorter work-days) might be the best way forward. Previous research on the benefits of this way of working, has showed lower levels of stress and burnout, and better work-life balance. But new research looked at the opposite: the negative impact of NOT reducing hours or days worked, and continuing to plod on with the standard 9-5, 5-days-a-week routine. Research from Texas A&M University found that our productivity dips towards the end of the day AND near the end of each week. It also determined that after lunchtime, our energy starts to diminish, and we’re more likely to make mistakes. And get this, boss: The worst time for workers, in terms of productivity and errors, is Friday afternoon.

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Researchers say they have discovered a sea creature in the Southern Ocean of Antarctica that has 20 arms. While searching for a group of “cryptic” sea animals known as Promachocrinus, or Antarctic feather stars, they came across a new species: Promachocrinus fragarius, or the Antarctic strawberry feather star. Its 20 arms branch off its central “strawberry-like” body. It can range in color from “purplish” to “dark reddish.” Researchers did not provide measurements of the animal’s overall size. (Needless to say, they didn’t want to get that close!) PICS:


Barbie” and filmmaker Greta Gerwig continue to make history at the box office. Last week, the film surpassed “Frozen II”, making Gerwig the top-grossing female director of all time at the domestic box office, topping the mark previously held by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck. On Friday, Barbie became the 20th film to break $500 million domestically at the box office, dwarfing Frozen II, which took in $477.4 million in North America. In addition, on Friday, Barbie passed Captain Marvel’s worldwide gross of $1.13 billion, making Gerwig the top-grossing female director of a live-action movie at the global box office.

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez have announced that they will establish a Maui Fund in response to the deadly wildfires, and have dedicated $100 million to the cause. Sanchez wrote on Instagram: “We are thinking of all the families that have lost so much and a community that has been left devastated. The immediate needs are important, and so is the longer term rebuilding that will have to happen.” She said the money will help “Maui get back on its feet now and over the coming years as the continuing needs reveal themselves.”

Jason Momoa continues to engage his social media following about the disaster on Maui. The Hawaii native has been sharing resources and thoughts on the wildfire devastation on the island, which now has a confirmed death toll of 94 people, with hundreds of buildings destroyed and thousands in emergency shelters. Momoa posted a video on Instagram, with the caption: “Maui is not the place to have your vacation right now. Do not convince yourself that your presence is needed on an island that is suffering this deeply. Mahalo to everyone who has donated and shown aloha to the community in this time of need.” The vid shows some of the devastation the island has experienced. LINK:

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Researchers tracking monkeys in Africa claim they boast about their sexual exploits.

A supermarket in Germany asked customers to pay a little more for some items last week. Now, with high inflation for the past few years, that, in itself, isn’t particularly noteworthy. But discount grocery store Penny charged more for things like meats and cheeses to reflect their “true cost” on the environment and people’s health. At all of its 2,150 branches, Penny’s has raised prices for 9 products, based on calculations from 2 German universities, taking into account costs related to climate, soil, health, and water use. One brand of cheese rose from US$2.74 to $5.33, a 94% increase. Scientists determined that maasdam cheese production costs 85 cents for emissions such as methane, 76 cents in soil damage from farming practices, 63 cents from pesticide use, and 10 cents from groundwater pollution. Mühlenhof wiener, a brand of sausage, increased from $3.51 to $6.62, an 88% increase. Other products spiked upwards of 60%. Some customers approved of the idea, while others called it a stunt directed at consumers, and not the unsustainable agriculture practices themselves.

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The average NASCAR driver loses 10 pounds (4.5kg) while racing.
✓ The salty taste of bacon isn’t natural. That flavor we all love comes from the curing and brining process

If you’re 18 years old, you have about 3,300 weekends left in your lifetime

5% of people never experience a headache.

WD-40 has never been patented because doing so would force the company to disclose its recipe.


Question: 32% of women do THIS while getting ready to go out. What is it?

Answer: Look at their butt in the mirror

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Maybe it’s not the first flavor you think of when ordering an ice cream treat, but apparently, something called the “Spaghetti Sundae” is making a comeback in Germany. But don’t worry. There’s no real spaghetti, or any other kinds of pasta involved. Known as “Spaghettieis” — “eis” is the German word for ice cream — the dessert consists of vanilla ice cream that is passed through a device for cutting dough, to give it the appearance of noodles…spaghetti. The ice cream “noodles” are then topped with strawberry sauce, to resemble tomato sauce, and grated white chocolate that looks like sprinkled Parmigiano cheese. While the fun confection dates back to 1969, the Spag Sundae has re-emerged over the last 5 years, and now, about 40 million servings of Spaghettieis are sold annually in Germany. And the stuff looks…well, just like spaghetti! LINK:

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Picking the optimum time to do things can make a real difference. Here’s when to do what, according to experts . . .

Clean house: If you hate cleaning, do it as early as possible and get it over with. And set a time limit for yourself, and do it quickly so it’s not eating too much of your day.

Write: Most writers agree that early morning is the best time to write a novel, when you have just woken up and are still close to the dream state. The unconscious and the imagination work best then.

Have a difficult conversation: Sunday morning at breakfast. We are fresh, and we’ve got nice things to look forward to during the day. Think of them as “interesting” rather than “difficult” conversations, because it’s important not to frame things negatively.

See a therapist: 9am. Both you and your therapist are relatively fresh and you should still be able to remember your dreams. The therapist won’t yet be rubbed raw by other people’s problems, either.

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Misers are no fun to live with, but they make great ancestors.” —Tom Snyder

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Police Officer Mows Lawn For Elderly Resident Amid Heat Wave