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August 15

V-J Day (europe)

National Leathercraft Day

National Lemon Meringue Pie Day

National Relaxation Day

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With heatwaves everywhere these days, a survey was commissioned to find out what methods people are using to cool down when the A/C just won’t cut it. Some of the wackiest ways to beat the heat include stealing the dog’s cool mat, putting bedsheets in the freezer . . . and spraying blankets with water before bedtime. The survey of 2,000 Brit adults also found that some people cool down by sleeping naked, lying on ceramic or stone floors, or by sitting in a stationary vehicle with the air conditioning on full blast. And have you ever tried this one? Hanging a wet sheet in front of an open window to cool the breeze is a popular way to beat the heat — and so is sitting with your feet in icy water.

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A bit of walking each day can knock 16 years off your biological age. A 2022 study of more than 400,000 UK adults found that as little as 10 minutes’ brisk walking a day was associated with having longer telomeres (a part of your chromosomes associated with ageing). That correlated to having a biological age that appeared a whopping 16 years younger by the time people reached middle age.

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Arrow” star Stephen Amell has ruffled some feathers with his comments criticizing the SAG-AFTRA strike — and now he’s clarifying his thoughts in a new statement. Saturday, he attended Raleigh’s GalaxyCon and expressed frustration over the strike, which has impacted the promotion of his Starz show, “Heels”. He said that while he supports his union, he does “not support the strike”. In the new statement, Amell now says his “off the cuff” comment is “contradictory to my true feelings.” He said he doesn’t “like striking,” but added “we have to do what we have to do.” LINK:

Seth MacFarlane has donated $1 million to the Entertainment Community Fund to assist industry workers impacted by the ongoing SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes, the organization said. Since May 1 — the day before the Writers Guild went on strike — the fund has raised more than $6.3 million from more than 7,500 donors, including MacFarlane, in support of film and TV workers. Organizers said: “Given the heightened rate of requests for emergency financial assistance…the Fund is distributing about $400,000-$500,000 per week, compared to an average of $75,000 per week in the first half of 2023.”

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Looking for an alibi for this Friday.

Chameleon for sale. Green . . . no, blue . . . wait, brown. Now it’s green again…now I can’t see it at all…

Wanted: SWF to decide where I should eat dinner every time I’m going out.

Mind-reader needed. My wife keeps assuming that I know what she’s thinking.

Wanted: Cat-repellent keyboard.

For sale: Cupcakes with no icing.

Wanted: 2 Sausage McMuffins & a large coffee.

Looking for foster parents who don’t have any issues with providing food and shelter to 44-year-old man-child.

Handsyman needed.

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Garden snails have 14,000 teeth.

Blue whales eat half a million calories in one mouthful.

Dogs sniff good smells with their left nostril.

According to a study, kids fight with their brothers and sisters an average of 5 times per day.

Smelling green apples has been found to help with weight loss. The neutral sweet scent can make you temporarily forget about hunger.

A single human being’s DNA contains as much information as 50 novels.


Question: A survey showed that the average parent does THIS 156 times a year. What is it?

Answer: Eat a meal while standing

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Apparently there IS a cure for R.B.F. Poor Irina Prosmushkin suffered from a perma-frown. Or, as it has been labelled on social media, #restingbitchface. But on a recent FaceTime call, her mother noticed she couldn’t stop smiling, and the 48-year-old has Dr. Andrew Jacono to thank. The Manhattan-based plastic surgeon performed a lip lift on Prosmushkin, curing her of the so-called “resting bitch face” that had plagued her. Lip lifts — a minimally invasive operation that shortens the skin between the upper lip and the nose — are trending, thanks in part to social media and all those Zoom calls we’ve had to endure seeing ourselves on. Done well, the surgery widens the top lip, defines the cupid’s bow, improves tooth display, and creates a more youthful appearance. On mature patients with a drooping mouth, the surgery makes their expression appear happier. According to Prosmushkin, “Now I have this perfect pout.”

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What food would you refuse to eat, even if it were the last thing available? That’s the question a Reddit user posed…and the answers didn’t disappoint. Here are some of the best…

☞ “Caviar, oysters, and snails.”

☞ “Black licorice”

☞ “Liver. If I wanted that taste, I would eat the filter from a fish tank.”

☞ “Excessively built-up greasy, greasy hamburgers. The kind with, like, 3 patties made of 3 different animals, bacon, 4 types of cheese, zillion condiments, and built sky-high to the point you can’t even take a bite without it falling apart and half the contents (falling) out the back…onto your plate.”

☞ “Cottage Cheese”

☞ “Olives”

☞ “Candied apples. I always dreamed of trying one as a kid, then was massively disappointed when I found it was awful to chew, too hard and sticky to be enjoyable, and didn’t have much flavor. ”

☞ “London’s jellied eels. Wtf.”

☞ “Blue cheese. Literally rotten cheese. I know it’s ‘safe mold,’ but it still tastes horrendous. They say it’s an acquired taste. Why would you want to acquire a taste for mold?”

☞ “Japanese blowfish. You can literally die if it’s prepared incorrectly.”

☞ “Chicken feet”

☞ “Potatoes”

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Never keep up with the Joneses. Drag them down to your level. It’s cheaper.” —Quentin Crisp

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There's Much Less Plastic In Oceans Than Assumed, Dutch Researchers Claim