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September 29

Urban National Wildlife Refuge Day

National VFW Day

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If you’re having trouble finding that special someone, try embracing your inner nerd. That’s advice from a survey of 2,000 Gen Z and millennial singles. One-third said people should embrace their “cringey” habits, rather than avoid them. Not only that, 63% agreed that embracing your “cringe” could even help you find “the one.” Now, remember: What’s cringey to one person, might seem pretty cool to another. So, it’s all subjective – but nearly half (47%) of today’s singles consider themselves more cringe than cool. Two in 3 said they find it attractive when dates are their authentic selves. And 74% find it attractive when a date shares things they ‘nerd out’ about – like personal passions or a specific, niche hobby.

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An etiquette expert says that, like anything, the accepted norms of using a phone are changing. As a result, according to Lizzie Post, of the Emily Post Institute, these days, you should always text before calling someone…and NEVER leave a voicemail, unless it’s for business – or for someone who really wants to hear your voice, like Grandma. Why text someone first? Calling someone without warning can feel stressful to the recipient. This is doubly important for video calls. Catching someone on video at an unexpected time can be embarrassing for all involved.

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The Masked Singer” is celebrating its 10th season with some help from a member of newly reunited *NSYNC, a star of “The Office,” and several famous alums. Lance Bass and Kate Flannery (who played ‘Meredith’ on The Office) are among the show’s special surprise clue-givers this season. Will they have any connection to those who are competing? That remains unclear for now, but, hey – anything’s possible. Kelly Osbourne, who competed as ‘Ladybug’, will also give out clues this season, along with NFL free agent DeSean Jackson, “Snake Oil” host David Spade, and ‘Poppy’ and ‘Branch’ from “Trolls”.

The CBS premiere of the Paramount Network hit “Yellowstone” drew in 6.6 million viewers, making it the most-watched entertainment program of the week, according to Nielsen figures. The Yellowstone debut also averaged a 0.9 rating among adults 25-54. The premiere scored the largest audience for a scripted series since the “NCIS” series finale in May.

Ryan Reynolds will receive Bring Change to Mind’s (BC2M) Robin Williams Legacy of Laughter award at its 11th annual Revels & Revelations fundraiser, the organization has announced. The fundraiser will be held in New York on Oct. 9. Each year, the Robin Williams Legacy of Laughter award is given out in honor of the late actor by his children, Zak, Zelda and Cody. Previous recipients include Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Stiller, the Smith family, Dan and Eugene Levy and Melissa McCarthy.

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Forbes’ list of the “Richest People in the World” is out. The combined net worth of the top 10 is 1.5 trillion dollars

If you have a pile of old VHS tapes stored away in the attic or basement (or even if they’re still proudly displayed in your living room…), you might be sitting on a fortune. Many are going for a shocking amount of money these days. Here are a few examples VHS movies that are up for grabs right now on eBay…

• “Back to the Future” (1989): $14,080

• “Gremlins” (1986): $4,500

• “The Fast and the Furious” (2002): $1,250

• “Pinocchio” (1993): $10,000

• “The Goonies” (1986): $125,000

Keep in mind, though, that just because you have an old movie on video-cassette doesn’t mean you’re going to get rich. To sell for a princely sum, the condition must be top-notch – not only in appearance, but it also should have been stored over the years in an area that is not to hot or humid.

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There are 923 words in the English language that break the “i before e” rule. Only 44 words actually follow it.

Being hungry causes serotonin levels to drop, causing a whirlwind of uncontrollable emotions such as anxiety, stress, anger and sadness.

The average intelligence of humans has risen 20 IQ points since 1950.

A lion usually makes no more than 20 kills per year.


Question: In a survey, 9% of people said THIS is the most annoying thing they have to wait for. What is it?

Answer: A public restroom

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Prince William went for a jog in New York’s Central Park on Tuesday – and no one noticed. The heir to the British throne, who’s in the Big Apple for the Earthshot Summit — celebrating his climate competition the Earthshot Prize — said at that event: “I decided to join the hordes of New Yorkers during their morning routine … It was beautiful getting some fresh air this morning.” People reports the Prince set off around 7am local time.

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Must-know stuff about “must see” TV…

Seinfeld: Jerry Seinfeld wanted to end the show after its 9th season (1997-98). NBC wanted one more season – and the show’s star turned them down – along with an estimated $110million.

Friends: Yes, David Schwimmer co-starred as paleontologist Dr. Ross Geller. Unbeknownst to the show’s creators, there was a real-life Ohio paleontologist named Dr. David R. Schwimmer.

Quantum Leap: Of the 96 times Sam (Scott Bacula) “leaped” through time, every year he visited was between 1953-1987, including trips into the bodies of Lee Harvey Oswald, Elvis, and Dr. Ruth.

3rd Rock From the Sun: Over its 6 seasons, NBC changed its time-slot 15 times – a TV record.

Full House: It was unexpectedly canceled in 1995 after 8 seasons. Why? ABC planned to sell the show to WB Network. John Stamos didn’t like the idea and threatened to walk – and the deal was scrapped.

Northern Exposure: Marilyn, the near-silent receptionist, was portrayed by Elaine Miles. And she never meant to be an actress. She accompanied her mother to an audition – and producers asked her if she was interested.

NYPD Blue: Acclaimed for its realism, it was also the first show to routinely feature obscured nudity. Of the 24 regular cast members over 12 seasons, only Bill Brochtrup never appeared nude, semi-nude, or in revealing clothing.

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Brave Beachgoers Help Massive Shark Back Into The Water