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Today we visit with Brittlestar (Stewart Reynolds) about his new book Welcome to the Stupidpocalypse: Survival Tips for the Dumbageddon”

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September 30

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October 1st

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Well, the weekend is here. Nothing but peace and relaxation for 48 hours, right? Nope. There are all those boring “adult’ responsibilities to look after — like groceries, laundry, looking after the kids…and feeding them…and of course CLEANING. And how much time does the average person devote to housecleaning? According to a new survey, we spend an average of 6 full days per year cleaning. The survey of 2,000 people in the US found that we feel that our home is “completely clean” for just 11 days of the year. Respondents said it takes them an average of 5 days to actually start cleaning after their home after they first decide it needs to happen. Other findings…

68% will devote an entire day to cleaning and sanitizing a specific room in their home.

63% say the kitchen gets an entire day devoted to its cleaning.

Other rooms people spend a full day in include the bathroom (57%), living room (57%), bedroom (47%) and home office (47%).

The top specific items that people said need to be cleaned and sanitized are, in order: rugs/carpets (68%), floors (63%) and clothing (57%).

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Most people are familiar with déjà vu, when we wrongly believe we have previously experienced a situation. But fewer are aware that there is an opposite to déjà vu. “Jamais vu”, is when something you know to be familiar — feels unreal or novel in some way. In recent research by University of St. Andrews, which recently won an IG Nobel award for literature, it was explained that jamais vu may involve looking at a familiar face and finding it suddenly unusual or unknown. Or musicians have it momentarily – losing their way in a very familiar passage of music. You, too may have experienced it by going to a familiar place and becoming disoriented — or seeing it with “new eyes”.

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Vanna White has signed on for 2 more years as cohost of “Wheel of Fortune,” and she’ll take home a lot more cash this time around, but apparently things are far from settled. TMZ quotes sources as saying she received a “substantial pay increase” from the $3 million per year she was making for nearly 2 decades. She had not gotten a raise for 18 years. The sources say her lawyer is mulling over a possible gender discrimination lawsuit against Sony, based on her disparity in pay with Pat Sajak’s. Sajak, who recently announced his retirement, makes a reported $15million per season.

Hallmark has announced its 40-movie holiday-season schedule. 31 will air on Hallmark Channel‘s Countdown to Christmas and 9 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ Miracles of Christmas. The annual TV movie event will begin on Oct. 20. Countdown to Christmas is leaning into their international movies this year — with films in Germany, Norway, Scotland and France. It has also teased a “yuletide Easter Egg hunt” this year, with surprise appearances, and nods to past Hallmark hits.

The iconic stopwatch won’t be reset, but for 6 episodes this fall, “60 Minutes” will become 90 minutes – long. The CBS newsmagazine is stretching on some Sundays when CBS airs an NFL doubleheader, starting Oct. 8. Often, the show doesn’t air until 7:30 p.m. on the East Coast those nights (it usually starts at 7 p.m.). Sources say the decision came about before the strikes that have paralyzed Hollywood and left networks looking for more content.

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Fact: Sarcasm is banned in North Korea.

Rescuers on Long Island, NY moved 5,000 pounds of concrete to save a mewing kitten that was stuck in a storm drain. Using large jacks, then a hydraulic rescue tool called the “Jaws of Life,” they were able to reach the kitten 30 feet down. “Lawrence” is doing fine now, in the care of a local veterinarian.

12-year-old Austen MacMillan was able to revive his behavioral therapist Jason Piquette after he partially drowned in a pool, by using CPR that he learned in an unconventional way. Austen told ABC News that he “saw it from a TV show—Stranger Things.” The whole ordeal was captured on a ring camera.

Former NFL great Warrick Dunn recently surprised a single mother and her daughter with a brand-new home in Baton Rouge LA, but it was just one of 218 residences that people have to thank him for. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Dunn challenged all NFL players, except for those who play for the New Orleans Saints, to donate at least $5,000. The effort received over $5 million in contributions. In conjunction with Dunn’s charity, Habitat for Humanity, and Catholic High School where Dunn himself graduated, the homes were built, furnished, and stocked with food for their new residents.

A bank in Australia has decided to reimburse a 78-year-old who suffers with dementia after he was scammed out of nearly $500,000. The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group returned the cash to Alex Shaw after determining it should have been able to detect and stop the scammers before they pilfered every last cent of the depositor’s life savings.

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Lobsters have clear blood.

Bees actually have knees. The expression comes from the fact that they store large build-ups of pollen in hairy baskets on their knees.

Ants never sleep.

Cows can sleep standing up, but they can only dream while lying down.

Scientists have concluded that the chicken came first, not the egg, because the protein which makes egg shells is only produced by hens.

Ostriches can run faster than horses, and male ostriches can roar like lions.


Question: A survey found that about 1 in 10 millennials have never done THIS, but almost 100% of people over 50 have. What is it?

Answer: Ride a bicycle

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The genealogy company Ancestry is getting into the dog business. Ancestry has just launched it’s first “Know Your Pet DNA” kit, which it says is the most scientifically advanced dog DNA test out there. It works just like a human DNA kit. You swab your dog’s inner cheek for 30 seconds, and send the sample back to Ancestry. When the results are ready, you’ll receive a dashboard revealing your dog’s breed mix, inherited traits, and matches with other dogs. It can also give you an indication of dog relatives in your area, help you discover breed personalities, and offer insights into behavioral traits. They say the Know Your Pet DNA kit is perfect for those wanting to uncover the background of their rescue dogs, and for owners who just want to understand what makes their dog tick.

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Writing with a nice pen.

Freshly cleaned sheets.

Cleaning the dryer lint screen.

Using your favorite spatula.

Enjoying your coffee before anyone else wakes up.

Having your plans canceled.

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The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.”~ Harlan Ellison

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Customer's $10,000 Tip Leaves Staff At Mexican Restaurant In Tears