Show Notes for Thursday, October 12, 2023


Dear John,

Would you be irritated by this? Yesterday, a lady I've never seen before shows up at our house and hands me homemade apple crisp. She said that she took apples off our apple trees in our yard to make it and thought that we should have the first taste of them. We use those apples for ourselves to do all kinds of things. I understand the gesture, however those are our apples that we take care of and we use them for things like applesauce, apple juice, apple pie etc. I'm assuming they took a ton of apples so that they could also make apple crisp or other stuff for themselves. I've got cameras all over the outside of our house and now I guess I have to put one down by the apple tree as well. If you want apples just ask and we probably would have said yes. Secondly, it looks good, but after everything that's happening in the world, I'm not sure I want to eat it! Any advice on this?


Apple Tree Guy

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October 12th

National Farmer’s Day

Cookbook Launch Day

Day Of Respect For Cultural Diversity

Día De La Raza Mexico

International Moment Of Frustration Scream Day

National Savings Day

Pulled Pork Day

World Arthritis Day

National Freethought Day

National Gumbo Day

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So, when your destination is 2 floors up, do you wait for an elevator, or do you simply take the stairs? If you picked door #2, your heart may be healthier because of it? Not only that, stair-climbing might be even better for you than walking thousands of steps a day. Tulane University researchers found that taking at least 50 steps up stairs each day could slash your risk of heart disease — including coronary artery disease or stroke — by 20%. And it can be better for you than pounding the pavement with your step counter, because stair-climbing requires the use of more muscles, more balance, and more motor skills, according to the researchers, plus “a lot of activity from your cardiovascular system, and that is why people often find themselves out of breath whilst climbing stairs.”

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If reports are to be believed, you may one day soon be driving an Apple iCar. Although still a top-secret initiative, those in the know say the prototype electric vehicle being developed by the tech company will obviously be running on Apple’s iOS. It will be autonomous (self-driving), and more of a cruiser-type than a performance vehicle. Naturally, you’d be able to start your iCar via your iPhone, using Apple’s Carplay system. And it has supposedly also leaked that the vehicle will likely be within the same price range as the Tesla Model X — around US$100,000.

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in “Titanic” didn’t have much to his name when he got on the ship, but ‘Jack Dawson’s’ outfit is now expected to sell for way over 6 figures. The costume Leo wore in James Cameron’s classic is going up for auction next month, with the winning bid predicted to fall somewhere between $115,000-$230,000. DiCaprio spent most of the film dressed in the outfit, consisting of corduroy pants, overalls, a button-down long-sleeve shirt and a vest. The garments include custom labels reading “MR: LEONARDO DICAPRIO” and “DATE: AUGUST ’96.” Other items of note at the November auction in London include a light-up ‘C-3PO’ head from “Star Wars: A New Hope”, expected to go for $1.15 million.

Peppa Pig set the internet ablaze last week, when it was announced that Katy Perry will appear on the show’s anniversary special. Now, her partner Orlando Bloom is joining the party. “The Pirates of the Caribbean” actor will make his debut on the children’s show for its 20th anniversary special, “The Peppa Pig Wedding Party Special”, playing ‘Mr. Raccoon’, a jeweler who helps ‘Mr. Bull’ and ‘Ms. Cow’ prepare for their nuptials. Perry will voice ‘Ms. Leopard’, who also helps the community prep for the wedding.

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Would you rather lose your cell phone, or break your big toe?

Would you rather have a 10-hour dinner with your least favorite political figure, or attend a 10-hour concert of a music group you can’t stand?

Would you rather only be able to communicate via emojis, or only be able to communicate via slang words?

Would you rather live in a treehouse, or in a boathouse?

Would you rather be in a fight club that meets once a month, or a book club that meets every day?

Would you rather always have to say what you’re thinking, or never be able to speak again?

Would you rather be forced to sing along, or dance along to every song that you hear?

Would you rather go without deodorant the day you meet your celebrity crush, or run into them when you just rolled out of bed?

Would you rather accidentally like a photo of your ex on Instagram, or accidentally send a naughty text to a relative?

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Frogs use their eyeballs to push food down their throat.

Singer Meat Loaf was a vegetarian.

The main cluster of riders in a bicycle race is called a “peloton”.

A study found that politicians tend to express lies and inaccuracies through longer sentences.

Cats have 3 eyelids, but most do not have eyelashes.

Strawberry is the only fruit with its seeds on the outside.

A car traveling 100 mph (160 km/h) would take more than 29 million years to reach the nearest star.


Question: 96% of us admit we do THIS — even though we know it will hurt. What is it?

Answer: Eat or drink something hot

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They might be interested in this at the recently-announced Nerf theme park in Brazil: A German engineer has custom-built a toy minigun capable of firing off 684 Nerf darts in one minute — more than 11 per second. Thomas Busch’s MOAB, or “Mother of All Blasters”, broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest motorized foam dart gun fire rate. The darts fly at a speed of 45 mph (72kph), approximately the same as a standard Nerf gun, but according to the designer, the high rate of fire adds a little extra sting. Quote: “It does hurt a bit”.

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LawnStarter ranked 2023's Best States to Visit This Fall.

We compared the 48 contiguous U.S. states based on four categories. We looked at the length of projected fall foliage, scenic drives, fall festivals, and pumpkin patches, among 22 total metrics.

See the 5 best (and 5 worst) states to visit this fall below, followed by key stats from our report.

Best States to Visit This Fall

Rank State

1 California

2 New York

3 Washington

4 Michigan

5 Pennsylvania

Worst States to Visit This Fall

Rank State

1 Louisiana

2 Oklahoma

3 Delaware

4 Florida

5 Texas

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A pessimist is a person who has had to listen to too many optimists.”~ Don Marquis

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Adam Wainwright Promised His Kids A Puppy When He Retires, But His Team Beat Him To It