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October 10th

National Handbag Day

International Stage Management Day

National Cake Decorating Day

National Hug A Drummer Day

National Metric Day

National Tuxedo Day

National Walk To A Park Day

Powers Of Ten Day

Shift10 Day

Squid And Cuttlefish Day

World Animal Road Accident Awareness Day

World Day Against The Death Penalty

World Homeless Day

World Inclusion Day

World Mental Health Day

World Plant-Based Burger Day

World Porridge Day

National Angel Food Cake Day

National Cake Decorating Day

Banh Mi Day

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What is the absolute WORST gift that someone could get for you? In a poll of 2,000 adults, the answer turned out to be…a diet plan! That was closely followed by cufflinks and soap on a string. Also high-up on the list of “thanks-but-no-thanks” gifts were: bad romance novels, hankies, and aftershave. According to the OnePoll survey, when confronted with an unwanted present, 27% graciously accept it, and 17% pretend to be delighted. A tenth said they show no emotion and simply ‘do nothing’, and 21% have even had a falling-out with a loved one over a terrible present. And what does one actually do with a garbage-gift? 26% donate them to charity, 18% re-gift them, and 14% say they simply hide them in their home.

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A new initiative will see healthcare professionals prescribing their patients a visit to the Toronto Zoo as part of their mental and physical wellness needs. The program was launched last week in a partnership between the zoo and PaRx, an initiative of the BC Parks Foundation that has seen more than 11,000 healthcare providers give so-called “nature prescriptions” to their patients since 2020. Patients who present their PaRx prescription will get 50 per cent off the regular admission price. The Toronto Zoo is the first facility of this kind in Canada to take part in the program.


ABC’s gamble on “The Golden Bachelor” appears to be paying off. The spinoff ’s premiere garnered a larger audience than the last premiere of “The Bachelor.” The show, which chronicles 72-year-old Gerry Turner’s look for love with women in the same age group, pulled in 4.36 million viewers for its premiere on Thursday. That marks a 47% increase over the ratings for the Season 27 premiere of The Bachelor in January. It’s also the most-viewed of any of the same-day audiences for any version of the Bachelor franchise since the March 2022 After the Final Rose episode.

Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie” came out on top at the box office over fellow newcomers “Saw X” and “The Creator,” earning an estimated $22.5 million opening weekend domestically. Audience reception for “Paw Patrol 2” has been strong, earning it an A on CinemaScore and an 80% score from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Saw X had an estimated $18 million opening weekend, ahead of The Creator’s estimated take of $14-15 million.

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The world’s oldest living woman just celebrated her 117th birthday.

By mimicking the desert-dwelling chameleon, Chinese researchers developed a cheap, color-changing, energy-efficient, and cost-effective coating for houses and other buildings. They say the new material could keep buildings cool in the summer or warm in the winter — without using additional energy. Their research was inspired by the Namaqua chameleon of Africa, which alters its color to regulate its body temperature as conditions change. This critter in particular appears light grey in hot temperatures to reflect sunlight, then turns dark brown once it cools down to absorb heat instead. Many systems, such as cooling paints or colored steel tiles, are only designed to keep buildings either cool or warm, and can’t switch between modes. Experiments showed that the new revolutionary new coating made of specialized microparticles is significantly cooler than white paint and steel tiles, and in winter, it is slightly warmer than a passive radiative cooling system. The researchers say that the color-changing system could save a “considerable” amount of energy for regions that experience multiple seasons, and is inexpensive and easy to manufacture.

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There are about 1,300 kernels in a pound (.45 kg) of corn.

Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service once hacked an Al-Qaeda website and replaced the bomb instructions with a cupcake recipe.

Barry Manilow didn’t write his hit song ‘I Write the Songs’.
✓ The more features your phone has, the more time you spend in the bathroom.

Cats do not have a collarbone, so they can fit through any opening the size of their head.

Most elephants weigh less than the tongue of a blue whale.


Question: If you do THIS on a first date, you are twice as likely to go out again. What is it?

Answer: Share a dessert

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Is butter better, and is margarine marginal, when it comes to your health? If you ask the experts, there is no cut and dried answer. New York registered dietician Jillian Kubala points out that butter is a natural product but is high in saturated fat, which can negatively impact heart health. On the other hand, margarine is lower in saturated fat and cholesterol, but may contain trans fats, which are also associated with heart disease. She advises that if you opt for margarine, buy one labeled as trans fat-free. But even better, consider plant-based butter substitutes — or using olive oil on bread. Olive oil is actually GOOD for your heart. Plant-based “butters” are typically made from vegetable oils such as coconut, soy or avocado.

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according to a ranking of 99 global tourist attractions, using Google reviews, quality of local accommodations, distance from the closest international airport, tourist safety, and, of course, TikTok popularity:

4. Busch Gardens, Florida (4.52 out of 10): Even though it welcomes around 4 million visitors a year to the animal-themed park, it was poorly-rated for its second-rate accommodations.

3. Taj Mahal, India (3.83): The massive mausoleum of white marble — built in the 1600s — is one of the most admired pieces of architecture in the world, but some argue it’s not be worth the trip. It is a whopping 219km (136miles) from the closest airport.

2. Grand Bazaar, Turkey (3.48): It may be one of the world’s oldest shopping malls, but just like other malls, it seems many shoppers aren’t interested. Concerns included a higher tourist safety score.

1. Hollywood Walk of Fame, California (3.42): The famous attraction, along 18 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, was called in one write-up: “grubby and slightly scary!” It also received the lowest Google Reviews score.

The rest of the top-10, in order: Lotte World, South Korea; Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong; Ocean Park, Hong Kong; Fushimi Inari Taisha, Japan; Great Wall of China; Everland, South Korea

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My mother always used to say: The older you get, the better you get, unless you’re a banana.” ~ Rose (Betty White)

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A Good Samaritan Saves Bride's Big Day