Show Notes for Wednesday, November 08, 2023

Today we visit with James S. Murray is a writer, executive producer, and comedian, best known as “Murr” on the hit TV show Impractical Jokers on truTV and The Misery Index on TBS.

We'll talk about his latest book "Area 51 Interns: Time Chasers #3”

From the mind of Murr from the Impractical Jokers and comedian Carsen Smith comes the third book in the hilarious and action-packed series about a world of bizarre creatures, wacky gadgets, and four kid interns at the most interesting place on Earth: Area 51! AVAILABLE NOW:

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November 8th

Abet And Aid Punsters Day

Cook Something Bold And Pungent Day

International Day Of Radiology

Intersex Day Of Remembrance

National Ample Time Day

National Camp T-Shirt Day

National Cappuccino Day

National Country Girls Day

National Dunce Day

National Harvey Wallbanger Day

National Parents As Teachers Day

National STEM/STEAM Day

National X-Ray Day

Talk Money Day

Tongue Twister Day

World Pianist Day

World Town Planning Day Aka World Urbanism Day

Save The World Day

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You’ve heard of ‘Grammar Nazis”, those who feel it’s their duty in life to point out the incorrect usage of their, they’re and there…or two, to and too. Well, new research shows that these people might actually be taking it easy on us – because it affects them more deeply than perhaps we realized. Researchers at the University of Birmingham say that when people are subjected to poor grammar, it actually causes them stress — and even initiates a “fight or flight” response. At least among some of us, that is. In their test, the more grammatical errors a person heard coincided with the strict regularity of their heartbeat, an indication of stress. The scientists say that the ‘fight or flight’ response is a result of the body’s response to a threat or perceived danger, which is what those people tend to perceive when exposed to a grammatical error.

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Scientists have created the most water-repellent surface in the world – and they say it could get you out of some household tasks and revolutionize industry. Finnish researchers developed a mechanism to make water droplets slip off surfaces with unprecedented efficacy. We won’t go too deeply into the science here (you’re welcome), but the team from Aalto University say they took a deep dive into the slipperiness of water molecules, ultimately resulting in the creation of the world’s “slipperiest liquid surface.” What does that mean to you and I? Well, the tech could one day be used to get you out of a lot of household chores, through the creation of self-cleaning surfaces. In addition, it has great potential to be used for de-icing and anti-fogging of various materials.

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Nick Cannon is set to introduce new talent discovered during his “Future Superstars Tour 2023”. VH1 and Cannon’s Ncredible Entertainment have teamed up on the new docuseries “Nick Cannon Presents: Future Superstars”. Hosted by Cannon, it will take viewers on a coast-to-coast journey during the 2023 tour, showcasing the talents of 9 emerging artists: Big Boss Vette, DW Flame, Hitman Holla, JD McCrary, Jilly, Klondike Blonde, Pop Money, Symba and Trae Two Three. Described as artists who are on the cusp of making their mark in the music industry, each half-hour episode delves into their unique musical gifts and personal journeys. It’ll premiere on Nov. 21.

Rumor has it that John Travolta and Kurt Russell will star in Quentin Tarantino’s final movie. The potential plans were unearthed by Hollywood insider Jeff Sneider on his Hot Mic podcast with John Rocha. Sneider revealed that Russell is among the names being tossed around for “The Movie Critic”, said to be Tarantino’s final film. Also rumored to star in the movie are Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta. In March, it was reported that Tarantino has set up his next film, which will be his 10th. In the past, the director has implied that he was retiring after making his 10th movie, so speculation has been swirling ever since.

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A report found that close friends and family are the most important source of a person’s happiness.

A man drove 1,600 miles (2575km) to thank the guy who found his wedding ring. After Stephane Seguin lost the ring while swimming on a trip to St Augustine, Florida, he spotted metal detectorist Joseph Cook searching the sands — and asked him to keep an eye-out for his ring. Little did he know that after returning home to Quebec with his wife, Joseph returned to the spot every day for over a month—and eventually his detector started beeping. As soon as he gets a beep, he starts recording video and uploads his finds to his social media pages. He had told the couple to follow him on his socials, and if he found the keepsake, he’d return it. They spotted his video, sent a pic of Stephane wearing the ring to prove it was theirs, then traveled 1,600 miles to collect the ring and thank Joseph in person. Although Joseph wouldn’t accept a reward, the thrilled couple brought him some gift baskets, took him out for dinner, and gifted him with a ring of his own. LINK:

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Spam email got its name from the canned meat after a Monty Python skit that referred to Spam as tasting “horrible and being ubiquitous and inescapable.”

Compared to the way it appears to those in the Northern Hemisphere, the Moon look upside down to those in the Southern Hemisphere. As a result, the ‘Man in the Moon’ looks more like a rabbit to those in the south.

LEGO bricks withstand compression better than concrete.

Platypuses sweat milk.


Question: 46% of men find THIS attractive on a woman. What is it?

Answer: A tattoo

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It’s the Olympics – Florida-style! A unique competition set to begin next year will pit beer-loving and gator-wrestling-types against one another in what is being called “the most insane athletic showdown on Earth.” “The Florida Man Games” (it’s trademarked!) will feature 9 ‘down home’ competitions – inspired by all those “Florida Man” headlines we’ve seen from the Sunshine State involving guns, crime, drugs, booze and reptiles — or all of the above. For instance: The “evading arrest obstacle course” in which players jump over fences, through backyards, and try to escape from actual police officers. Or the “Category 5 Cash Grab” where participants try to grab as much money as possible in a wind-booth. Of course, anything called The Florida Games is going to have a mullet contest – and beer belly “Sumo” wrestling. The evening will finish off with police and firefighters battling it out in a “911 Fight Night, Brawl of the Badges.” And attendees will be able to take selfies with alligators, take part in a barbeque contest, and experience other “cultural demonstrations.” LINK:

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Please go back and wash your hands.

Do you really think whining will get you what you want?

I don’t have any more money. Please stop asking.

I am not going to ask you to sit down again. SIT DOWN.

I need you to use nice words.

Why are you holding yourself? Do you need to pee?

I told you to sit here. Why did you leave? You have to tell me when you’re going somewhere.

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Trying is the first step toward failure.” ~ Homer Simpson

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Man With Down Syndrome, Missing For 6 Days, Found In Locked Subway Corridor