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Today we visit with best selling author Michael Azerrad. In 1993, a young rock journalist named Michael Azerrad published Come as You Are: The Story of Nirvana, an era-defining deep dive into Nirvana at their peak. Invited to write the book by Courtney Love, and with Kurt Cobain's blessing and the front man's promise he wouldn't make him change a word, Azerrad set out to tell the true story of the revolutionary band. Thirty years on, Azerrad has revisited the book he wrote back then, re-examining and illuminating what he originally reported, and providing essential glosses on the band's musical, cultural and historical contexts. The result is a thoroughly original book: THE AMPLIFIED COME AS YOU ARE (Harper One; October 24, 2023), a deluxe hardcover edition that fascinatingly "amplifies" the iconic bestseller.

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January 6th

Apple Tree Day

Día De Los Reyes

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National Bean Day

National Cuddle Up Day

National Shortbread Day

National Smith Day

National Take A Poet To Lunch Day

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World Day For War Orphans

January 7th

Distaff Day

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I Am A Mentor Day

I’m Not Going Take It Anymore Day

International Programmers’ Day

Mahayana New Year

National Bobblehead Day

National Pass Gas Day

National Tempura Day

Old Rock Day

Orthodox Christmas Day

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How long should a shower last? According to a dermatologist, if you want what’s best for your skin, you should be taking maximum 5-minute showers, using lukewarm water. Dr. Alia Ahmed has a list of 10 showering practices which she says will enhance skin health and appearance. Among them: using your hands rather than a cloth. She also stresses warm showers over hot ones. Why? According to her, “Using hot water causes dilation of blood vessels, as the skin wants to cool down, which promotes inflammation and itch.” The 5-minute rule, she says, is especially important to the skin of people who have hard water, as that can lead to dryness and irritation of the skin. As for her other showering tips, they include:

Aim for once per day

Remember to wash extremities like ears, toes and legs

Wash all products off properly

Not only should the water not be too hot, don’t force yourself to have a freezing shower

No need to double cleanse if you’re using a suitably moisturising body wash

Use a quarter-size squirt of product

Wash your face at the sink after your shower with lukewarm water as it’s easier on the skin

Pick products that nourish the skin, rather than strip it, like alcohol-based ones do

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The average “pet parent” spends about $4,800 a year on their furry friends, according to a new poll. A survey of 2,000 dog and cat owners in the US found that last year, pet parents spent about $633 on food for their pets — but even more on treats ($645). They also spent money on fun items such as toys ($585) and clothes ($598). But vet bills were the biggest expense, averaging $1,242. On average, people with pets budgeted for about half the $4,800 in total expenditures.


George R. R. Martin says he has 3 “Game of Thrones’ animated series in the works. In a new blog post, the Game of Thrones creator praised Netflix’s animated series “Blue Eye Samurai, and advised readers: “Even if you don’t normally watch animation, give it a try. It’s terrific.” He then dropped this little nugget: “As it happens, HBO and I have our own animated projects, set in the world of “A Song Of Ice & Fire.” None of them have been greenlit yet, but I think we are getting close to taking the next step with a couple of them.”

Elijah Blue Allman’s estranged wife is going after Cher for throwing her son “into a lockdown facility” in Mexico a few months before filing for a conservatorship. Marieangela King said that Cher and her family “historically excluded” her from making decisions regarding Allman’s care, and claims Cher “kidnapped” her son to get him into rehab and placed him in a “locked cage” instead of a “legitimate, ethically operated” facility. King says she hoped to settle Allman’s substance abuse issues privately before Cher filed to be sole conservator.

George Clooney and Brad Pitt’s reunion movie “Wolfs” has confirmed a release date for this year. The Apple Original Films project will land in theaters on September 20. While plot details are yet to be revealed, the film is said to follow 2 fixers, presumably played by Pitt and Clooney, who are assigned to the same job.

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If you’re really feeling the cold these days, then this is for you: Soon, you might be able to dress like a polar bear. Researchers in China have created a new type of fiber for clothing that takes inspiration from polar bear fur, and could revolutionize how we make winter clothing, like sweaters and jackets. What makes polar bear fur unique is the fact that each hair has a porous core and a dense outer shell, allowing them to stay warm and dry in freezing conditions. Mimicking this, the researchers created a strong aerogel fiber that can stretch up to 10 times its original length without breaking – something that wasn’t possible before. Aerogels are incredibly lightweight materials known for their exceptional ability to insulate against heat. In a demonstration, the team knitted a thin sweater from these fibers. Although it is about 5 times thinner than a typical down jacket, it was shown to offer similar warmth.

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The distance from your wrist to your elbow is the same length as your foot.

A study found that Instagramming your food before eating it may make it taste better.

Researchers found that having too many friends on Facebook causes people to have a negative perception of you.


Question: A survey says that 1 in 4 of us can’t name a single one of THESE. What are they?

Answer: Neighbors

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Neuroscience expert and founder of Brain Tap Dr. Patrick Porter has explained exactly what is going on in the brains of people who use TikTok a lot. According to him, “TikTok Brain” is a term used to describe the cognitive and neurological changes observed in individuals who have used the platform a lot. He says: “It is characterized by a notably reduced attention span, often compared by neuroscientists to the…approximately 5-second attention span of a goldfish. This phenomenon manifests as an increased need for instant gratification and a diminished patience for tasks that are longer and more complex.”

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Michigan’s Lake Superior State University has released its 2024 “List of Words Banished From the Queen’s English for Misuse, Overuse & General Uselessness”. Here is this year’s crop — and why they are no longer to be used, effective immediately…

Hack: Used to impart an aura of innovation or sophistication to various subjects. But the frequency with which it is used, beyond its tech roots, lessens its significance.

Impact: Especially when used as a verb. We have a perfectly good word that makes more sense: “affect”?

At the end of the day: A rhetorical device that attempts to explain the complexities of a situation, it is so overused, it has become meaningless. This phrase has been banished in the past, and it was time to do it again.

Rizz: A short form for “charisma,” it has become popular on social media. But it is used so often, one must wonder whether it retains its relevance.

Slay: While perfectly acceptable in specific contexts, it is now used in situations where it was not intended to be used, particularly to describe routine or mundane actions.

Iconic: Also banished in 2009, it’s time for a reminder. Its repeated use in contexts that don’t merit such acclaim challenges its “iconic status”.

Cringe-worthy: Let’s just say it: “Use of this term is cringe-worthy.”

Obsessed: The casual use of “obsessed” to describe routine interests or preferences shows misappropriation of the term. Should anyone be “obsessed” with a new kitchen gadget or a new shade of paint?

Side hustle: The term has gained widespread use, but some feel, in actual fact, the only hustle is the one needed to get TO their second job.

Wait for it: If used in a viral video, then we’re already waiting for it, right? Does this phrase add extra sparkle – or is it just stating the obvious?

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Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.” ~ Mark Twain

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Owner Standing By Door Hoping For Customers Gets Sudden Influx After Facebook Post