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January 9th

Balloon Ascension Day

International Choreographers Day

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Play God Day

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So – when does it hit you? New research says that the “afternoon slump” strikes at 3 o’clock on the dot for most people. You know the feeling: a loss of motivation, lack of energy, the feeling like you could put your head down and drift off at any . . . ZZZZZZZZZ. Uh…yeah…the new survey of 2,000 people in the US found that the average afternoon slump lasts for 29 minutes. Of those who experience one, half (49% agreed that Tuesdays are the day when it is most likely to happen. And what causes them? 56% said the top cause is a lack of caffeine, followed by boredom (53%), and a lack of energy (53%). The top remedies to get over the afternoon slump include taking a walk, used by 58% of respondents, followed by eating a meal (55%), and exercising (49%). Others said they take a nap (47%) or eat a snack (45%).

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With the “Steamboat Willie” version of Mickey Mouse having entered public domain at the beginning of 2024, there has already been a Mickey horror film announced, a meme coin — and an explosion of AI-generated art, some G-rated, some definitely not. But save your Disney-themed tears. Mickey is one of the big reasons the company has been able to grow into a company worth $171 billion over the last 100 years – and according to Forbes’ estimates, the big-eared one has directly earned more than $5.8 billion a year in box office sales, TV series, merchandise, theme parks, partnerships and promotion of the Disney brand, in recent years.

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Amber Heard has officially addressed “Aquaman” fans after her controversial appearance in the movie’s sequel. On Instagram, Heard shared 3 pics of herself, and in each, she is sporting the bright red hair color of her character, ‘Mera’. In the caption, she wrote: “After all this time, Aquaman 2 made its splash (sorry, it’s too easy). Thank you to all of my fans for the overwhelming support and love in Mera’s AQ return.” While many expected Heard to reprise her role in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”, others called for her to be removed from the film over allegations brought against her by Johnny Depp during their messy defamation trial. LINK:

Four decades have passed since Rob Lowe’s biggest Hollywood rejection – and he’s still not over it. He told USA Today that in the early 80s, he was in the running to play the lead in the big-screen musical “Footloose”, only to lose out to Kevin Bacon. Lowe said: “I was the guy. I was going to get this part, I just had to do the dance, which was to a Styx song, by the way. Not helpful”. The problem was the dance ended with a “drop-to-your-knees slide across the floor”, and when he did it, his “knee just exploded.” Lowe said that as he was being wheeled out on a stretcher, he heard producers saying: ‘We’re going have to get a real professional dancer’. A week later he read that they had hired Kevin Bacon.

Willem Dafoe will be honored with the 2,768th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday. The 4-time Oscar nominee and star of “The Last Temptation of Christ” and 3 ‘Spider-Man’ movies will receive his star in the category of Motion Pictures. Guest speakers at the ceremony will include Patricia Arquette and Pedro Pascal.

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A psychologist is advising dog owners to talk to their pets more often. In her column for Psychology Today, Dr. Jen Golbeck points out a few benefits from human-to-canine conversation, and some of them are for people. For one, dogs like it when you talk to them – especially if you use that sing-songy ‘baby-talk’ voice that so many of us do. Researchers call this “dog-directed” speech, and it turns out that dogs actually prefer it. What’s more, studies show that the reward center of a dog’s brain is more responsive to their owner’s voice than to another person’s. Simply hearing your voice makes your dog happy. Talking to your dog makes you happy, too. If you’re speaking to your dog face to face and looking into their eyes, you’re both likely to experience a surge of oxytocin (often called the “love hormone”), which makes you both feel good. Studies have also showed that some people are more comfortable confiding in their dogs about unpleasant emotions, such as depression, anxiety, and fear, than they are with their partners or friends. Researchers speculate that this may be because dogs are nonjudgmental listeners, and putting your feelings into words allows you to feel “heard”, which can be good for you, emotionally.

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People whose names start with ‘A’ have the longest life expectancy.

The only muscle that never tires is the heart.

Your earlobes line up with your nipples.

Cats can hear ultrasound.

A slang word used by bankers for those who pay off their credit cards in full each month is “deadbeats”.

✓ If you ran (literally) at a snail’s pace, it would take you 18 months to finish a marathon.


Question: Men are more likely to have THESE hidden away than women. What are they?

Answer: Love letters from an ex

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A group of passengers trying to celebrate New Year’s twice are furious after flight delays ruined their “Time machine” flight. The 3,000-mile United Airlines flight was scheduled to depart Guam at 7:35am on January 1, 2024, and land in Honolulu at 6:50 p.m. on December 31, 2023, thanks to the 20-hour time difference between the locations. This meant that passengers would effectively travel back in time, to ring in the New Year twice. But unfortunately, the 7-hour flight was delayed by . . .6½ hours. As a result, they landed in Hawaii at 12:35am, missing the New Year’s Eve countdown. United had advertised the “Back to the Future-esque” flight with the words: “You only live once, but you can celebrate New Year’s Eve twice!”

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According to Keith Broni, the editor-in-chief of the reference site Emojipedia

1. Tears-of-joy or crying-with-laughter face

2. Rolling-on-the-floor laughing face

3. Red heart

4. Prayer sign (to express thanks)

5. Loudly crying emoji (used for hysterical laughter)

6. Heart eyes

7. Sparkles

8. Fire

9. Smiling face with smiling eyes

10. Smiling face with hearts

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When the waitress asked if I wanted my pizza cut into four or eight slices, I said, ‘Four. I don’t think I can eat eight.’” ~ Yogi Berra

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Twin Babies Born Minutes Apart Not Only Have Different Birthdays, They Have Different Birth Years.