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Today we visit with David Shoffner, an advertising expert behind

America’s Super Bowl commercial poll since 2004 . SpotBowl, now in its 21st year, is an online commercial poll and the creation of Pavone Group.

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It may not come as a surprise to hear this, especially if you’re not much of a football fan, but according to a new survey, the best part of the Super Bowl is NOT the actual game. In fact, almost 2 in 5 people plan to watch 20 minutes or less of the actual game this Sunday. The poll of 2,000 Americans who watch the Super Bowl found that 40% look forward to attending or hosting a party for the big game, but barely spend any time in front of the TV. So, what are they going to be doing? 29% said they spend more time in front of the snacks and food than anywhere else. When asked what’s the best part of the whole occasion, 55% said the half-time show. That was followed, in order, by the commercials (45%), and drinks (40%). And by the way, 9% admit they are unlikely to know which teams are playing before they turn it on this Sunday.

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A sleep expert says the winner of Sunday’s Super Bowl LVIII between K.C. and San Fran might be determined by the team that has had the best quality sleep recently. Dr. Joanna Fong-Isariyawongse, a neurologist specializing in sleep medicine at the University of Pittsburgh, says that getting adequate sleep is essential for optimal health and performance of athletes. Not only does it help prevent injuries, it benefits an athlete in the flowing ways…

Speed, strength and endurance

Accuracy and reaction time

Cognitive skills and decision making, and

Pain tolerance

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Reba McEntire is planning her sitcom return. Over 15 years after starring in “Reba” on the CW, McEntire is set to star in, and executive produce a pilot ordered by NBC for a new comedy, which will reunite the country music legend with Reba executive producers and writers. The official logline reads: “Reba inherits her father’s restaurant and is less than thrilled to discover that she has a new business partner in the half-sister she never knew she had.”

Netflix has unveiled its first look at “Squid Game” Season 2 as part of its series and film preview for 2024. After teasing 27 other upcoming movies, shows and live events, the 3-minute video ends with short clip from the South Korean mega-hit. In it, an unknown voice says over the phone: “You’re going to regret the choice you made.” Now spoting bright-red hair, ‘Seong Gi-hum’ replies: “I will find you no matter what it takes.” Netflix has yet to announce a release date for Squid Game Season 2, but has confirmed that it’ll be this year. LINK:

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The “Big Game” is on TV screens across the country... and according to a recent survey conducted by (TopCashback), the USA’s most generous cash back site, over two-fifths of Americans (42%) treat the Big Game like a holiday, either every year or when their team is playing.

The survey polled a cross-section of 2,519 US-based adults, aged 18 and over.

Meanwhile, one-third of Americans (33%) say that the “Big Game” is the only football game they watch all year.

Below, please find a selection of potential story angles found in the survey. You’re more than welcome to attribute us and relay these results to your audience.

Ads versus the Big Game? America is split!

The survey found exactly half of Americans (50%) prefer watching commercials over watching the Big Game. And on top of that, just over two-thirds (70%) of Americans typically watch the halftime show.

Party Dynamics

About a quarter of Americans (23%) are hosting parties this year for the Big Game. Almost one in six Americans (14%) hosting will be spending over $500, with 2% spending over $1,000.

Game Day Grub: Top Picks for Big Game Snacks

The survey found chips and dip / nachos in first place as the top snack at 60%, with pizza (56%) and chicken wings (52%) rounding out the top three favorite foods.

As you get ready for kickoff, here are three ways to save money on Big Game expenses from Samantha Landau (she/her), consumer expert at TopCashback:

Make it a potluck or BYO. “To cut down on your party costs, consider implementing a potluck or ‘bring your own’ food/drink element to the game day festivities. This not only trims your expenses but also provides added flexibility for attendees with specific dietary preferences or restrictions. Make sure you inform your guests ahead of time so you can arrange what each person is bringing to avoid overlap.”

Buy in bulk. “When it comes to party-planning, it’s important to make sure you have enough food for all of your guests. Steer clear of pre-made platters and opt for a budget-friendly approach by stocking up on appetizers and snacks in bulk from wholesale clubs, such as BJ’s or Sam’s Club. You can find a variety of popular ‘Big Game’ food items at these retailers, such as pigs-in-a-blanket, fries, burger buns and more.

Pro-tip: “Before buying food items in bulk, consider whether you’ll use or freeze the items by their expiration date. This ensures you won’t be wasting any money in the long run.”

Stack your savings. “Treat your wallet to a ‘W’ on game day with a strategic savings game plan. Start by using the right credit card when you shop. Look into your credit card’s rewards program, if applicable, to see if you can score increased cash back, points or miles on certain purchase categories, and be sure to use that card for those items. And when shopping at the grocery store, ask about any loyalty programs they may offer so you can start receiving special coupons or promotions. In addition to these discounts, be sure to use a cash back site when shopping online, like TopCashback, which guarantees the highest percentage of your money back at over 7,000 stores nationwide, including Paramount+, DirecTV and Best Buy.

Pro-tip: “When in doubt, check for savings on TopCashback Gift Cards. You’ll score cash back on digital gift card purchases for over 300 retailers including Target, Domino’s and Sling TV.”


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If you’re over 100 years old, there’s an 80% chance you’re a woman.

Cucumber, pressed to the roof of your mouth for 30 seconds, can cure bad breath.

With each breath, you only exchange about 17% of the air in your lungs.

In the 12th century, many Europeans believed that trees gave birth to birds.


Question: The average woman owns 3 of THESE by the time she turns 35.

Answer: Bridesmaid dresses.

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With some of Taylor Swift’s fanbase watching the Super Bowl for the first time this year, leading sportsbook Bovada announces an industry-first: a Taylor Swift-themed Super Bowl party prop sheet, designed to elevate the Big Game experience for Swifties and football fans alike. The party prop sheet, which can be found here to print out and play with friends, hosts prop bets for Super Bowl LVIII that exclusively relate to everything Taylor Swift. Props include:

How Many Times Will Taylor Swift Be Shown?

Will Taylor Swift Make It In Time For Kick-Off?

Will Travis Kelce Propose To Taylor Swift On The Field?

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While some of us are in front of the screen to watch the big game, others tune in just for the commercials. The best Super Bowl ads are discussed, shared, and remembered long after the game has ended. Here are the best of all-time, according to a panel of “experts” (which sounds like a pretty good gig to me…):

1. Coca-Cola: “Hey Kid, Catch” (1979): It went viral long before that was a thing. In it, ‘Mean’ Joe Greene has a coke and a smile, and the kid is happy to be gifted the Greene’s sweaty towel. LINK:

2. Apple’s Macintosh Commercial (1984): Directed by Ridley Scott to introduce the Mac, it only aired once during the game, but the next day people rushed to Apple stores and the struggling company had a huge spike in sales. LINK:

3. Wendy’s: “Where’s the Beef?” (1984): It’s a perfect example of an oddball tagline, stylized production, and the inexplicable presence of 3 old ladies. And the tagline is still commonly used today! LINK:

4. McDonald’s: “The Showdown” (1993): Rivals Larry Bird and Michael Jordan were paid tons of money to team up in this ad which became an instant hit – and coined the phrase “nothing but net”. LINK:

5. Snickers: “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” (2010): Everyone loves Betty White, and this spot featuring her getting sacked during a game of pickup football made the line “You’re not you when you’re hungry” synonymous with Snickers. The ad was so popular it continued with other stars like Robin Williams. LINK:

6. Pepsi: Cindy Crawford (1992): You can’t go wrong with a supermodel selling Pepsi’s newly redesigned can. The company even brought her back for the Super Bowl in 2018, and she slipped into the same outfit in 2021 to raise money for cancer research. LINK:

7. Old Spice: “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” (2010): OK, finally one you youngsters will remember…and women too! Although it never actually aired during the game, actor Isaiah Mustafa looked great shirtless, and his “tongue in cheek” yet “oh, so cool” delivery resulted in a 60% sales spike for the company’s Red Zone Body Wash. It spawned several follow-up spots. “I’m on a horse”. LINK:

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