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This #MovieStarMonday we visit with Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor (King Richard, Ray, & much more) an American producer, stage and screen actress, best known for her film roles in "Ray", "Undercover Brother", and on the television series "The Mentalist”. Also seen in King Richard, Men of Honor, The Help, The Color Purple (2023), Ray, The Taking of Pelham, etc. She has received several awards including nominations for an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, two Primetime Emmy Awards and three Screen Actors Guild Awards.

We will talk about her NEW film by Ava DuVernay. Origin has been in theaters


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February 12th

Darwin Day

Lost Penny Day


National Freedom To Marry Day

National Plum Pudding Day

Red Hand Day

Safety Pup Day

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New research has revealed what I’ve been trying to tell the boss for years: Unplugging from work has become virtually impossible for many employees. A group of university professors observed nearly 200 full-time employees for 2 weeks to see how they managed their time away from the job — and how burnout rears its ugly head. What they found is this, according to their report in the Journal of Applied Psychology: “The more employees detached in the evening, the more shame they felt at work the next morning.” The team pointed out that “detaching” in the evening is “the very experience that’s supposed to rejuvenate employees”, but by doing so, they begin to feel as though they are “problematic employees.” Making matters worse, this shame led to employees being “more likely to cut corners” from 9 to 5 by making themselves appear to be busier and doing more than they actually were. It is recommended that companies that are serious about their workers’ well-being consider “requiring employees to take a certain number of days off or setting mandatory vacation days that clearly signal that detachment is part of the job.”

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More than a third of us don’t get enough sleep, and part of the problem might be what we eat before bed. According to sleep experts in the UK, (and you probably know this part), you should avoid alcohol and caffeine in the hours before sleeping. But when it comes to snacking, you should stick with healthy options. At the top of the list of sensible options? Nuts, with almonds, pistachios, walnuts and cashews in the lead. That’s thanks to their high levels of zinc and magnesium — both of which are known to combat sleep issues. You might also consider kiwis, cherries, malted milk, and oily fish like sardines and tuna. And if you don’t feel like eating, chamomile tea or magnesium supplements may also help, and so can the scent of lavender in your bed.

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Yada, yada, yada, Larry David is so over “Seinfeld.” His show about nothing lasted for 9 seasons until 1998 — and that’s where he’d like to leave it. He opened up about the sitcom — and denied reunion rumors — while attending the Season 12 premiere of his hit show “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. He joked to ET: “What do I have to do [to convince people]?…I’m tired of people thinking I’m lying…We’re done, it’s over.” Co-creator Jerry Seinfeld hinted at a possible Seinfeld reunion last October. The final season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” drops Sunday on HBO.

Adam Sandler will be honored with the People’s Icon Award at 2024 People’s Choice Awards, NBC, E! and Peacock have announced. A statement reads: “Adam Sandler has been a fixture in the industry for decades, entertaining us since he got his start on Saturday Night Live more than 30 years ago. From Billy Madison to Mr. Deeds, his unforgettable characters have endured the test of time and left their mark on audiences for generations.” The 2024 People’s Choice Awards, hosted by Simu Liu, will air live on Feb. 18.

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Did you know? The hormone that makes you grow is only produced when you sleep.

A California bride-to-be called off her entire non-refundable wedding reception worth $15,000, after learning something about her fiancĂ©. Wait – that’s not the “good news” part. This is: She took the disaster and turned it on its head, donating the reception party complete with dinner, dessert, drinks, DJ, dancing, and photo booth to a non-profit called Parents Helping Parents, which provides support to parents with children who have special needs. Organizers at PHP sent out invitations for the “Ball for All” and had all the seats reserved 48 hours before the event. The bride had specified that the party was to be for all special needs people, aged “0 to 100”.

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In the 1700s, people added butter to their coffee.

Some species of mosquitos are such skilled fliers that they can dodge raindrops.

New bacteria grows on a kitchen sponge every 20 minutes.

It’s rare, but it is possible to get goose bumps on your face.


Question: Instead of police dogs, cops in China prefer to use THIS animal.

Answer: Geese. (They’re more territorial and have better eyesight.)

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It’s a leap year, so you may be wondering: With Feb. 29 falling on a regular workday (a Thursday), does that mean I’m going to be making a little more money this year? Or am I working for free that day? The answer, like so many other things, is this: It depends. The leap year is good news for you if you’re paid hourly. By working on Feb. 29, you should be paid for the extra day this month, meaning if you’re paid for all actual hours worked, you’ll come out ahead. Salaried employees who are paid on a weekly or bi-weekly basis should also be paid for the extra day. However, some salaried employees are paid monthly or semi-monthly – once on the 15th and once on the last day. They might be out of luck, according to experts, unless their employment contract specifically says otherwise. And further rubbing salt in the wound is this: Salaried employees who make minimum wage could actually make less than minimum wage over the course of the year if they have to work on the leap day.

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Hey, Valentine’s Day is coming…

Wear red: Think passion, roses, heat, and…sex. For this very reason, science has shown that wearing red is one way how to look more attractive.

Speak in a higher-pitched voice for women, lower for men: Feminine qualities such as a higher voice have been shown to increase men’s sexual attraction to women. The opposite holds true for women, who evolutionarily seek out male mates who are larger in size — and probably have a deeper voice.

Have a sense of humor: Studies have found that both women and men list a sense of humor as a highly desirable trait in a potential romantic partner.

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Cats are smarter than dogs. You can’t get eight cats to pull a sled through snow.” —Jeff Valdez

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Aldi Worker's Generosity Brings Tears Of Gratitude To Struggling Shopper