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Dear John,

My fiancé and I are about to get married and have discovered we have major issues between us. One issue is whether or not we should be able to hang out alone with friends of the opposite sex. One of my best friends is a female. My fiancé dislikes her because she thinks my friend likes me. One of my fiancé's good friends is a guy. We've never gotten along. My fiancé and I have been arguing over whether or not we should be allowed to go out alone with our friends. She is absolutely against it. I actually have no problem with it. Should a couple not go out alone with friends of the opposite sex after they get married? I would like to hear your stance on this.


Feisty Fiancé

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February 15th

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It’s “Snack Food Month”. In a survey, 90% of respondents admitted they are snackers. What’s the most unusual snack you’ve ever seen someone concoct? (Here are some odd combos that our friend “Google” let us know about: Pringles and Whipped Cream, Cereal and Orange Juice, Cheese Quesadilla and Bananas, Apples with Salt and Pepper, Vanilla Ice Cream and Soy Sauce – and Orange Juice and Oreos.)

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How would you like to have your favorite song all set to play any time that you need it? What’s known as a “Spotify tattoo” has made that possible. On Spotify, every piece of content has a series of unique sound bars known as a Spotify code, meant for sharing the content, using the camera function on Spotify’s app. Some people are having the code tattooed on their arm or another body part and, when scanned, the song immediately plays. Usually. A Wall Street Journal report says it works best when the tattoo has been done well, and especially when it’s fresh. LINK:

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Yellowstone” is reportedly getting a big spinoff starring Matthew McConaughey after the series comes to an end, and there’s talk that 3 of the show’s stars could reprise their roles. According to Puck, Cole Hauser, Kelly Reilly, and Scott Grimes could be involved in the new series, but they are said to be seeking big money, which might be stalling plans to get the new series into production. The same report also indicates that Michelle Pfeiffer is being eyed as the female lead for the untitled spinoff, but neither she nor McConaughey have signed the dotted line yet.

CBS has revealed the names and faces of “Survivor’s” upcoming contestants who will fight, scratch and claw their way to the $1 million check and the title of ‘Sole Survivor’. Included in the new cast are a Vegas slot machine salesman, a musician, an aerospace technician, a salon owner, a pair of teachers, a software engineer, and a law student. Season 46 premieres Feb. 28 with a two-hour episode.

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Whyzit the severity of an itch is proportional to your inability to reach it?

Whyzit people look up when they think?

Whyzit ‘medium’ is the only size that doesn’t come in ‘extra’?

Whyzit the road signs that say ‘SLOW CHILDREN’ have a picture of a running child?

Whyzit women marry men hoping they will change, but men marry women hoping they won’t?

Whyzit when you stand on your head, your face turns red, but when you stand on your feet your legs don’t?

Whyzit when a lawyer writes a 10,000-word document, it’s called a ‘brief’?

Whyzit biker gangs chain their wallets to their pants? Is anyone really stupid enough to try and pickpocket a biker?

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When you become really close to someone, you can hear their voice in your head when you read their texts.

The use of CAPITAL LETTERS to denote shouting dates back to the 19th century.

Compared to how it looks in the Northern Hemisphere, the Moon appears upside down in the Southern Hemisphere. This means that the ‘Man in the Moon’ looks more like a rabbit.

At any one time, about 0.7% of the world’s population is drunk.


Question: According to a poll, the biggest pet peeve at the gym is people taking selfies, followed by THIS.

Answer: Naked people in the locker room talking to you.

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A man claims to have eaten nothing but servings of the famous $1.50 hot dog deal at Costco for a week – and he lost 4 pounds! Content creator “Sir Yacht” charted his entire journey to eat his way through 29 hot dogs in a 7-day period. In his video, the 30-year-old claims he spent just over $43 for his week of hot dog meals, compared to the $164.82 the average millennial spends on food each week. The $1.50 deal has been a favorite at the chain for years, and Costco has pledged to hold the price, despite the rising tide of inflation. Plus, it comes with a drink. (And a ton of free samples, if you walk around a bit!) LINK:

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New data highlights the 10 Most Anticipated Concert Tours of 2024, based on median ticket price. Leading the way is Taylor Swift, with a median ticket price of over $3,525 for her 2024 North American dates. Adele is second at $2,079 per ticket and U2 round out the top three at $1,182 per ticket. The full list is below and I have also pasted the information at the bottom of the email.

All concert tickets on Gametime can be seen at: Concert Tickets on Gametime

If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks!

Rank  Performer         Median Ticket Price     Number of Events

1     Taylor Swift       $3,525.42             18

2     Adele             $2,079.42             32

3     U2                $1,182.16             15

4     Olivia Rodrigo      $734.17               46

5     The Eagles         $731.59               22

6     Bad Bunny         $661.01               47

7     Morgan Wallen     $619.58               26

8     Billy Joel           $560.07               10

9     Garth Brooks       $545.70               36

10    Andrea Bocelli     $519.67               14

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The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four Americans is suffering from some form of mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they’re okay, then it’s you.” —Rita Mae Brown

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Grandma Shares 20 Years Of Voice Messages From Her Granddaughter And You'll Be Sobbing