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February 13th

Black Love Day

Clean Out Your Computer Day

Desperation Day

Dream Your Sweet Day

Galentine’s Day

Get A Different Name Day

International Condom Day

International Natural Day

Legal Awareness Day

Madly In Love With Me Day

National Apology Day (Sorry Day)

National Break Up With Your Carrier Day

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National Internet Friends Day

National Poop Day

National Wingman Day

Self-Love Day


World Radio Day

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You know all those “horror stories” you hear where they tell you about the germs that start flying around your bathroom if you flush without putting to toilet seat cover down? Yeah, you can forget about them. It turns out those germs are a-flyin’ whether you cover the seat or not. Scientists at the University of Arizona decided to investigate whether closing the toilet lid before flushing reduces cross-contamination of bathroom surfaces by airborne bacterial and viral particles via “toilet plumes.” They determined that putting a lid on it doesn’t result in any substantial reduction in contamination. The good news: Adding a disinfectant to the toilet bowl before flushing, and using disinfectant dispensers in the tank significantly reduce cross-contamination.

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Researchers from the University of Maryland say the Moon has been gradually shrinking. Apparently, much like a grape turning into a raisin, its surface has been wrinkling and forming faults over the past few hundred million years. The scientists figure the Moon has lost more than 150 feet (46m) in circumference as its core has cooled.

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J-Lo knows: The show must go on. Jennifer Lopez experienced an on-air mishap during her performance on “Saturday Night Live”, and was seen yanking a hair extension from her head. She was singing her new song ‘Can’t Get Enough’ with Latto and REDMAN. Amid the high-energy choreography, one of her extensions seemingly came loose — and she pulled it out on live TV. In true Lopez fashion, she didn’t miss a beat and continued performing as if nothing had happened. LINK:

Catherine O’Hara has joined the cast of “The Last of Us” Season 2. HBO is staying tight lipped about things for now, saying only that O’Hara will be guest starring in an “undisclosed role.” She’s the first guest star to be announced after HBO made several major additions for the upcoming season, recently casting Kaitlyn Dever as ‘Abby’, Isabela Merced as ‘Dina’, and Young Mazino as ‘Jesse’.

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If you stay up all night, your body will burn an extra 161 calories.

A pair of newlyweds decided to adopt a tiny kitten after it interrupted their marriage vows by meowing repeatedly. As the groom was reading his personally written vows to his teary-eyed bride, faint meows could be heard coming from a wooded area behind their wedding arch. A TikTok video shows the bridesmaids and groomsmen turn and look behind them while trying to stifle laughs. After the groom, named Matt, tells the crowd: “I have to stop this because of the cat,” the little stray peeks out of her hiding spot, and the bridal party points her out to the couple. Bride Cara said: “There she was sitting on a tree stump right behind us demanding to be heard.” The cat-loving newlyweds felt like the feline wedding crasher was a sign, were able to adopt Daisy after staff and guests at the wedding finally tracked the kitty down again after several days of searching. Cara says that little Daisy has been a “perfect addition.: LINK:

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2-4% of people can hear “The World Hum”; a humming in the background which never ceases.

Apple seeds are poisonous.

A 2016 study found that for males, a larger signature correlates with higher social bravado and, among women, it correlates with narcissistic traits.

Deaf people are known to use sign language in their sleep.


Question: 42% of women say they’d rather not ask a man to do THIS but will if they have to.

Answer: Zip up a dress.

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For Valentine’s Day this year, a cookie company is offering up a chance to be single. Insomnia Cookies has made available custom cookie delivery boxes, which will help you break up with your Valentine in a “low-key” way, ahead of the lover’s holiday. Upon arrival of the “It’s Not Me, It’s You” pack, recipients of the box of warm cookies will open the lid to find a special message from the sender. Options for the message include, “It’s not me, it’s you,” “You’re sweet, but not my taste,” “Have the hots for your roommate,” and “We’re done. Have a nice life.” The company said its cookie delivery messaging is an “unserious way of ending things, since warm cookies [are] better than a cold heart.”

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Hey, Valentine’s Day is coming…

Don’t play hard to get: A recent study found that people are more likely to rate others as attractive if they can easily understand the emotions they’re displaying.

Be kind: Go figure! It’s simple. Good people often seem more attractive.

Smile more: Alas, this only works if you’re female, according to a University of British Columbia study.

Get a dog: Researchers from France found that women are 3 times more likely to give their number to a dude with a dog, as one without.

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In order to maintain a well-balanced perspective, the person who has a dog to worship him should also have a cat to ignore him.” —Peterborough Examiner, Canada

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Coast Guard Rescues Dog Trapped In Shipping Container For Eight Days