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February 20th

Clean Out Your Bookcase Day

Handcuff Day

National Cherry Pie Day

National Comfy Day

National Day Of Solidarity With Muslim, Arab And South Asian Immigrants

National Leadership Day

National Love Your Pet Day

National Muffin Day

National Student Volunteer Day

Northern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day

World Day Of Social Justice

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A body language expert says that “love at first sight” is real – and she knows the clues to watch for. Judi James says that what she calls “peek-a-boo” behavior” is one of the most obvious clues. That’s when we’re compelled to look away, but the impulse to look back at someone is too strong. Other clues include: lowering your chin, blushing, and giggling. Some other physical responses to look out for might include shallow breathing, and your mouth drying out. James teamed up with opticians and audiologists to decide: “Love at first sight happens when a hugely complex, computer-like process occurs in a matter of seconds, coming up with the emotional equivalent of a jackpot.” In a survey, 70% of respondents said they firmly believe in love at first sight. And 59% of relationships that began that way are still going strong.

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People climbing Mount Everest will now have to bag up their own poo and bring it back to base camp to be disposed of, authorities say. The chairman of the local municipality said: “Our mountains have begun to stink.” Because of the extreme temperatures on Everest, the stuff never fully degrades, and some climbers are complaining of “falling sick” due to what others have left behind. Those attempting Mount Everest will be ordered to buy so-called poo bags at base camp, which will be “checked upon their return”, the authority said.

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Jon Stewart has revealed why he decided to return to “The Daily Show” – sort of. Stewart, who began his weekly Monday night hosting duties this week, and will do so through the presidential election, said he “very much wanted to have some place to unload thoughts as we get into this election season”, because “Who better to comment on this election than someone who truly understands two aging men past their prime?”

Jon Stewart‘s return to “The Daily Show” on Monday brought in 1.9 million viewers, the show’s biggest audience in more than 5 years. Of those 1.9 million viewers, 930,000 tuned in via Comedy Central, while the rest watched simulcasts on CMT, Paramount, MTV, and others. It’s unsurprising that the episode would perform so well. “The Daily Show” has lacked a consistent presence since Trevor Noah exited as host at the end of 2022. Stewart will continue to host each Monday “through the Presidential election” in November. These figures come from Live + Same Day as reported by Nielsen.

Margot Robbie officially has a follow-up project to her record-breaking role in “Barbie”. She and Colin Farrell are tapped to star in “A Big Bold Beautiful Journey” from Farrell’s “After Yang” director Kogonada. Plot details are being kept under wraps, but it is described as “an imaginative tale of two strangers and the unbelievable journey that connects them.” Farrell is coming off of his Oscar-nominated turn in “The Banshees of Inisherin”.

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The board game “Monopoly” first went on sale on this week back in 1935.

Burger King is offering a lucky – and creative – fan a $1 million prize for creating a new Whopper. For the first time ever, the burger chain is putting the sandwich “in the hands (and creativity) of its guests.” The flame-grilled burger, which debuted in 1957, can currently be ordered in 200,000 different combinations of ingredients, according to the company, but “if you’ve ever wanted to top the flavorful burger with savory sensations or sweet and sour showstoppers, then your moment to shine has officially arrived.” Three finalists will be invited to Burger King’s headquarters in Miami, where they will “refine their concepts before they appear on menus nationwide for a limited time later this year.” Enter at the Burger King website before March 17.  LINK:

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Sniffing Crayola crayons has been found to lower blood pressure.

Knitting was initially a male-only occupation. In fact, when the very first knitting union was established in Paris in 1527, no women were allowed.

Martial artists who smile before the start of a match are more likely to lose.

You remember more dreams when you sleep badly.

85% of people tend to walk around in circles while talking on the phone.

Almost all varieties of breakfast cereals are made of grass.


Question: 77% of us have one of THESE that doesn’t work. What is it?

Answer: A flashlight

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Pizza Hut is offering to deliver “Goodbye Pies” to be delivered to your soon-to-be ex. The limited-edition pizza has hot honey on top, and is packaged in a custom box with a broken pizza heart illustration, plus a spot to write in the name of the dumpee. Would-be heartbreakers can submit for a chance to send a hot honey “Goodbye Pie” to their significant other at . The deal is available at locations in New York, Chicago and Miami. Elsewhere, those about to drop the bomb can request a link to a Pizza Hut gift card for their future-ex to redeem a hot honey pizza. (looks like this was for Valentine's Day only)

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Asterisk (AS-tuh-risk): The problem is that pesky metathesis. Metathesis? That’s when people accidentally rearrange sounds in a word, like a toddler saying spaghetti as “pasketti.” Here, it’s the final ‘S’ and the ‘K’, which often come out as “asteriks.”

Brewery (BROO-uh-ree): No, it’s not the booze talking. Saying this word while sober is hard enough, thanks to that tricky middle syllable.

Defibrillator (dee-FIB-ruh-ley-ter): Thanks to “dissimilation”, this word often comes out as “defibyulator.”

February: (FEB-roo-er-ee): Actually, so many people add a “y” sound after the ‘b’ that many dictionaries now accept that as correct.

Antarctic (ant-AHRK-tik): Those 2 Cs are trouble. Just like the similarly-named Arctic, the southern pole often gets renamed the Ant-ART-tic.

Library (LAHY-brer-ee): Please don’t say “liberry”. Merriam-Webster can cite cases where even college presidents and professors use the dissimilated form.

Often (AW-fuhn): If you’re saying it as “off-ten,” you’re technically wrong. Merriam-Webster prefers the T-less version since it better reflects the evolution from its Middle English roots.

Specific (spi-SIF-ik): Try to keep the name of the world’s largest ocean out of it.

Temperature (tem-PER-uh-cher): It’s pronounced just the way it looks. Just make sure you say that “R” in the middle.

Worcestershire (WOOS-ter-sheer): Pronunciations of the condiment vary based on where you’re from, but most people skip the first ‘R’ altogether. (For clarity, could someone tell me how they say this in Massachusetts?)

Antidisestablishmentarianism (an-tee-dis-uh-stab-lish-muhn-TAIR-ee-uh-niz-uh-m): It’s a tongue twister at 28 letters and 13 syllables. And BTW, even though most dictionaries don’t include it, it means being opposed to the withdrawal of state support from an established church.

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Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.”—Oscar Wilde

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'Was Totally Black From The Smoke': Firefighters Use Tiny CPR Mask, Save Dog From House Fire