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Today we visit with Brian Quinn, also known as “Q” from Impractical Jokers. Three comedians and lifelong friends compete to embarrass each other while out in the general public with a series of hilarious and outrageous dares. When Sal, Q, and Murr challenge each other to say or do something, they have to do it… if they refuse, they lose! At the end of every episode - with the help of a celebrity guest - the episode's loser must endure a punishment of epic proportions.

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February 21st

Card Reading Day

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The old saying is “Money can’t buy happiness”, and as it turns out, it might be absolutely correct. A team of researchers in Spain conducted a study on numerous indigenous peoples and local communities worldwide who lead fulfilling lives, despite the fact that they possess minimal financial resources. Here’s an idea of what they found: Many societies with low incomes still experience levels of life satisfaction that rival those in affluent nations. This, of course, flies in the face of our western concept of connecting wealth and happiness. Results show that in societies where monetary transactions are infrequent, contentment may originate from factors other than financial wealth. In fact, in their study of 19 communities, 64% had ZERO cash income – yet the people reported an average life satisfaction of 6.8 out of 10. This is comparable to the happiness scores reported in the wealthy Scandinavian countries. The researchers say the results suggest that rather than money, the value of social and cultural factors are important in achieving life satisfaction.

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New treatments for depression could be on the way, thanks to a discovery by scientists at the University of California-San Francisco. They found that those with depression exhibit higher body temperatures than those without the condition. While it remains unclear whether depression causes an increase in body temperature or if the higher temperature contributes to depression, this new revelation suggests that managing body temperature could play a role in alleviating depressive symptoms.

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Have you ever wished Hallmark Channel‘s Christmas movies would go just a teensy bit further? Well, sorry, but a rated R (or even PG-13) film is likely never going to happen. When asked during the Television Critics Association press tour whether it would lean into more grown-up romance stories, like what Lifetime aired this past holiday season, the question was met with a resounding “no.” Hallmark Media’s EVP of programming Lisa Hamilton Daly responded: “In a Christmas movie? No. “Our movies are very much leading up to that final kiss. It’s all built up to that.” Lifetime aired its first-ever Christmas movie sex scene with “A Cowboy Christmas Romance”, which premiered in December.

Kevin Costner made headlines last year due to his standoff with the producers of “Yellowstone”, which resulted in his departure from the show before it wrapped. But a new report states that Costner wants back in for the show’s upcoming final episodes — but the show may not want him back. According to Puck News, Costner’s reps are trying to negotiate for him to return to wrap his character, but Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan is happy with the way he’s written the end of the show without Costner’s participation. Filming on the final episodes is set to begin in a few months, so there’s a very narrow window for any potential agreement.

The Golden Bachelorette” is officially in the works at ABC. The network has greenlit the new series, a spin-off the “The Bachelor” franchise’s latest hit “The Golden Bachelor,” this one spotlighting “a radiant woman’s second chance at love in her golden years.” The Golden Bachelorette will premiere this fall. Details on the cast — and its leading lady — have yet to be revealed.

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Facebook’s 20th Birthday was last Sunday.

As people continue to turn away from sodas in favor of water, Coca-Cola has introduced a number of wacky limited-time flavors to persuade customers to try Coke again. But its latest flavor, Coca-Cola Spiced, is supposedly going to be permanent. Announced last week, the company says it blends the traditional Coke taste with raspberry and spiced flavors. It’ll be available both in full sugar and zero-sugar varieties when it hits store shelves in the US and Canada in the coming weeks. Spiced joins the few other flavors it always sells, including its original flavor, cherry and vanilla.

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The longest anyone has held their breath underwater is over 24½ minutes.

Athletes spit so much because exercise increases the amount of protein in saliva.

People who can eat whatever they want and stay slim have a slow metabolism, not a fast one.

Beavers don’t actually live in dams. They live in a lodge built behind a dam.

Flamingoes aren’t born pink. Their grey/white feathers develop a pinkish hue after eating a diet of brine shrimp and algae.


Question: A survey found that 68% of people share secrets with THIS person? Who is it?

Answer: Their hair stylist

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A new dating app is exclusively for singles with…good credit scores. Applications are now being accepted to join “Score”, a limited-time dating app for people with credit scores of 675 or above, developed by the financial wellness platform Neon Money Club. Neon Money Club CEO Luke Bailey claims the Score dating app isn’t out there to compete with Tinder. He thinks of it as a social experiment aimed at making people a) feel more comfortable discussing money in their relationships and b) better understand personal finance. That’s why applicants who don’t make the cut receive resources on how to improve their credit scores. And although Score will only be around for 90 days, it isn’t just a publicity stunt. Stats show that people are more likely to start serious relationships if they have high credit scores. By the way, last year it was reported that some young singles went viral for adding their credit scores to their Hinge profiles – and watching the matches pour in. LINK:

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Asterisk (AS-tuh-risk): The problem is that pesky metathesis. Metathesis? That’s when people accidentally rearrange sounds in a word, like a toddler saying spaghetti as “pasketti.” Here, it’s the final ‘S’ and the ‘K’, which often come out as “asteriks.”

Brewery (BROO-uh-ree): No, it’s not the booze talking. Saying this word while sober is hard enough, thanks to that tricky middle syllable. (Try saying “rural brewery” 5 times fast!)

Defibrillator (dee-FIB-ruh-ley-ter): Thanks to “dissimilation”, this word often comes out as “defibyulator.”

February: (FEB-roo-er-ee): Actually, so many people add a “y” sound after the ‘b’ that many dictionaries now accept that as correct.

Antarctic (ant-AHRK-tik): Those 2 Cs are trouble. Just like the similarly-named Arctic, the southern pole often gets renamed the Ant-ART-tic.

Library (LAHY-brer-ee): Please don’t say “liberry”. Merriam-Webster can cite cases where even college presidents and professors use the dissimilated form.

Often (AW-fuhn): If you’re saying it as “off-ten,” you’re technically wrong. Merriam-Webster prefers the T-less version since it better reflects the evolution from its Middle English roots.

Specific (spi-SIF-ik): Try to keep the name of the world’s largest ocean out of it.

Temperature (tem-PER-uh-cher): It’s pronounced just the way it looks. Just make sure you say that “R” in the middle.

Worcestershire (WOOS-ter-sheer): Pronunciations of the condiment vary based on where you’re from, but most people skip the first ‘R’ altogether. (For clarity, could someone tell me how they say this in Massachusetts?)

Antidisestablishmentarianism (an-tee-dis-uh-stab-lish-muhn-TAIR-ee-uh-niz-uh-m): It’s a tongue twister at 28 letters and 13 syllables. And BTW, even though most dictionaries don’t include it, it means being opposed to the withdrawal of state support from an established church.

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The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because they are generally the same people.” —G.K. Chesterton

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Customer Leaves $10,000 Tip In Memory Of Friend At Benton Harbor Cafe