Show Notes for Friday, March 01, 2024

Today we visit with Abbott Elementary’s William Stanford Davis. William is best known for his role as school custodian Mr. Johnson on the ABC sitcom Abbott Elementary, for which he earned a nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor. 

A new season of Abbott Elementary hit the airwaves on ABC TV a few weeks ago! You can also watch full episodes on Hulu.

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March 1st

Asiatic Fleet Memorial Day

Baby Sleep Day

Endometriosis Awareness Day

International Women Of Color Day

National Barista Day

National Black Women In Jazz And The Arts Day

National Dadgum That’s Good Day

National Fruit Compote Day

National Horse Protection Day

National Hotel Slipper Day

National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day

National Pig Day

National Wedding Planning Day

National Welsh Corgi Day

Peace Corps Day

Plan A Solo Vacation Day

Public Risk Management Awareness Day

Refired,Not Retired Day

Self-Injury Awareness Day

Share A Smile Day

Shred Your Guitar Day

World Civil Defense Day

World Compliment Day

World Compliment Day

World Music Therapy Day

World Seagrass Day

Zero Discrimination Day

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Deep down, we always knew it – and now scientists are backing us up: Men’s and Women’s brains DO work differently. Researchers at Stanford University demonstrated the differences between the brains of men and women by using artificial intelligence, which was more than 90% accurate in differentiating between sexes based on “hotspots” shown in brain scans. The AI was able to detect differences in the areas of the brain which are responsible for self-focus and introspection; for forming habits and rewards; and the area that regulates emotions. The study author says this research reveals that “sex plays a crucial role” in cognitive development and aging.

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A Washington schoolgirl broke a Guinness World Record by putting on 45 sweaters at her local library. Sophia Hayden pulled on each sweater individually, in order of size, and had to pull each garment down to her waist before moving on to the next one, to comply with Guinness World Records rules. She broke the record for the most sweaters worn at once. The previous title-holder was an 11-year-old in France, who managed to do 40 sweaters in 2022. The sweaters used by young Sophia were donated to charity. LINK:


An iconic fur bikini worn by Raquel Welch is going up for sale along with hundreds of other items once owned by the late actress, who died last February at age 82. Julien’s Auctions has announced Bombshell: The Raquel Welch Collection, set for April 12 in Los Angeles and online at Among the items up for bid are a faux fur bikini Welch wore in her 1974 TV special “Really Raquel”, a replica of the iconic costume from her 1966 breakout film “One Million Years B.C”. Also up for grabs is her 1974 Golden Globe Award, and a Bob Mackie halter dress she wore on “The Muppet Show” in 1978.

Stephen King recently took to X to question why Warner Bros. is holding back its new film adaptation of “Salem’s Lot,” based on King’s 1975 horror novel about a writer who returns to his hometown in Maine and discovers its residents are becoming vampires. The movie went into development in 2019 and was filmed in 2021. A theatrical release was planned for September 2022, but it has yet to see the light of day. King wrote: “I’ve seen the new SALEM’S LOT and it’s quite good. Old-school horror filmmaking: slow build, big payoff. Not sure why WB is holding it back…Who knows. I just write the [BLEEP] things.”

Greta Gerwig is “just happy” to celebrate ‘Barbie’ at the Oscars. The filmmaker was a notable omission from the Best Director shortlist at the upcoming Academy Awards, and while she is disappointed Margot Robbie missed out on a nomination for Best Actress, she insisted she isn’t sad about being snubbed herself, because the film is up for a total of 8 accolades, including a Best Adapted Screenplay nod for herself and husband, co-writer Noah Baumbach. Gerwig told Time magazine: “Of course I wanted it for Margot. “But I’m just happy we all get to be there together.” The Oscars are set for March 10.

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A New York City man who attempted to smuggle Burmese pythons in his pants across the Canadian Border has been arrested.

Major League Baseball spring training is now well underway in Florida and Arizona – but there’s a new wrinkle that players hope to get sorted out – pronto. It would seem that the new unforms being sported by players contain the unfortunate flaw of being…see-through! Several teams have white pants that have made for some less-than-ideal photos. The MLB Players Association has confirmed that it is relaying concerns about the new pants to the league. The complaints that pants are “somewhat see-through” are part of broader concern about the uniforms, which supposedly are designed to improve mobility by providing 25% more stretch, and with “more breathable” lettering, emblems and numbering. Some players have also gone on record as saying the new style uniforms appear “cheaper” and “faded”.

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The first use of “Google” as a verb in pop culture was on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.

Elvis Presley’s manager sold “I Hate Elvis” buttons as a way to make money off of people who weren’t buying his merchandise.

Spiders recycle webs by eating them.

Lobster’s bladders are in their heads.

At one point, “Jay” was slang for “foolish person.” So, when a pedestrian ignored street signs, he was a “jaywalker.”


Question: 7% of people say they have done THIS in the bathroom. What is it?

Answer: Drink a beer!

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He’s the ‘Borat’ of the equestrian world! Australian Shane Rose saw his plans to compete in the Paris Olympics this summer thrown into doubt — after he wore a mankini at a showjumping event this month. The outfit — as made famous by the movie character Borat – led to an investigation by Equestrian Australia, which could have blocked him from competing. He was eventually cleared of wrongdoing. Rose wore a bright orange G-string at a costumed non-professional event called the Wallaby Hill Extravaganza. Complaints were filed over the appropriateness of his (ahem!) uniform, although it remains unclear whether he actually violated any part of the no-nonsense sport’s code of conduct.

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Five ways to jumpstart your day by…

Prepping your breakfast: Taking 5 minutes the night before for meal prep can save you a lot of stress and time the next morning.

Do your workout in the morning: A little exercise in the morning can brighten your mood. Plus, it wakes you up.

Work out with friends: There are lots of benefits to working out with friends, including the fact that you’re less likely to skip when you know someone else is waiting for you.

Stop hitting the snooze button: Instead of hitting that thing, get up and use the extra 10 minutes for you. Enjoy the pleasure of drinking a cup of coffee or tea. Relax and think of everything you would like to achieve today.

Use a smart alarm to wake up peacefully: A smart alarm, available on some apps, recognizes the best time to wake you up and will do so during your lightest sleep phase, within a set window.

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Doing nothing is very hard to do. You never know when you’re finished.” —Leslie Nielsen

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8-Year-Old Chess Prodigy Becomes Youngest Ever To Beat A Grandmaster