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Dear John,

I have an odd letter. I'm 6' 6" and am always asked to get things that are too high for people who are shorter than me. It doesn't bother me. I'm always happy to help. I have knee problems... and it's hard to get down lower sometimes. So sometimes it's hard for me to get things from the lowest shelf in stores. So I was at a store yesterday and there was a shorter woman...probably 5' tall at the aisle. I asked her if she could get a box of cereal from the lowest shelf for me. She looked at me and said, "What's the matter with you? Is this some kind of short-shaming thing for you?" I said, "No, I just have a hard time reaching items on the lower shelves." That was the wrong thing to say. It didn't make things better. She said, "You're an a-hole" and left. Why is it okay for short people to ask me for help, but I'm a jerk when I ask for help from someone shorter?" Was it wrong of me to ask her that? I feel bad, but I didn't meant to cause an issue. Was I wrong somehow?


Jolly Giant

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Can you walk a kilometer pain-free? That’s about 0.6 miles. Because new research finds that 1 in 5 people struggle to walk that far – and that could indicate poor bone health. Scientists at Australia’s Garvan Institute of Medical Research say asking patients about walking limitations is an easy way for doctors to identify those in need of bone health screenings and interventions intended to stop fractures before they occur. Their research shows that women who reported “a lot” of limitations in walking one kilometer had a 60% higher fracture risk than women reporting no limitations. Among men, the increased risk was over 100%.

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As people continue to look for ways to minimize their use of single-use plastics, the question has come up: Can a Ziploc bag be reused? The company that makes them has chimed in, saying: “Because Ziploc brand bags are made with high-quality, recyclable material…our bags can be reused several times.” A spokesperson did caution, however, that the brand recommends cleaning the bags between uses by hand-washing them with soap and air drying them. And, as you might imagine, if the bag was used to hold raw meat, fish, eggs, or spoiled food, it should be tossed.


In a move that ought to make fans of The Beatles twist and shout, Sony Pictures and Oscar-winning filmmaker Sam Mendes have set plans to make 4 separate theatrical films, one on each of the members of music’s most famous and enduring band. Mendes will direct all 4, and this marks the first time Apple Corps Ltd. and The Beatles – Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and the families of John Lennon and George Harrison – have granted full life story and music rights for a scripted film. Each will follow a different band member’s perspective, but their stories will also naturally interconnect. Mendes will also produce the movies, expected to hit theaters in 2027.

Mark Wahlberg had to grin and bear it to film his new movie “Arthur the King”. The 52-year-old revealed he suffered a harrowing injury during the first day of shooting the adventure drama, which is inspired by the true story of an adventure racer who befriends a stray dog during a 400-mile race across the Dominican Republic. Wahlberg said he wanted to “pay attention to the small stuff” and “look the part,” meaning he had to undergo a lot of training similar to that of real-life athletes who take on that kind of challenge. Unfortunately, he tore his meniscus the first day, so all his training “went out the window”. A doctor warned him that not pausing production to heal could cause serious injury, but Wahlberg decided to work through it. As he put it: “So I got to understand the suffering a little bit more than I wanted to.” King Arthur is out March 15.

Vanessa Williams is bringing ‘Miranda Priestly’ to the stage! The producers of the upcoming London musical adaptation of “The Devil Wears Prada” have announced that the “Ugly Betty” star will play the iconic fictional Runway magazine editor-in-chief when the show begins performances in October. Both Williams and the production’s Instagram account shared videos of her in character as Miranda to make the announcement. Williams wrote: “Yes…it’s me.” LINK:

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A study claims you waste $75 in gas a year by accidentally going the wrong way

Gen Z definitely has a thing about early 2000s technology. People in that age group have been known to ditch iPhones for flip phones, bring back digital cameras, buy up used iPods, and even use iPod Minis as hair clips. The next target? The landline phone. In a time when landlines are almost obsolete, some say that Gen Z’s fascination with the supposedly retro tech could spark a resurgence. What’s the attraction? One 24-year-old New Yorker said: “Having a landline really bridges that gap between reality and my childhood fantasy. I feel like the main character in my favorite TV shows – ‘One Tree Hill’, ‘The OC’, ‘Gilmore Girls’ – when I use it.”

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Porsche’s first car, built in 1898, was electric.

The only difference between fog and mist is visibility: if you can’t see more than 100 metres ahead, it’s fog, not mist.

People with blue eyes are better able to see in the dark.

In the 1600s, Londoners were advised to keep jars of human bodily gas (“fart jars”) on hand to combat bubonic plague.

Between 1912 and 1948, the Olympics awarded medals in sculpture, music, painting, and architecture.


Question: Over 80% of us have at least one of THESE, but don’t fully appreciate it until the age of 28. What is it?

Answer: A sibling!

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Do you know the anti-aging guru, Brian Johnson? The Los Angeles “biohacker” who is spending $2 million per year to supposedly reverse the aging process? Yeah, that guy. Well, now this modern-day ‘Dorian Gray’ claims he has beaten both balding and graying hair. In a new YouTube video, the 46-year-old says that by now, “genetically, I should be bald”. He then takes viewers through his 3 tactics to keep his locks looking luscious, a part of his “Project Blueprint” initiative to stay forever young. Those tactics are:

1. Red light therapy: He puts on a red light therapy cap for 6 minutes each morning, to “increase blood flow and also stimulate hair follicle activity.

2. Topical treatment: Next, he applies a topical treatment. He points out that while topicals like Rogaine and Minoxidil 5% are both effective, he uses a special concoction.

3. Microneedling: To “enhance the effects of the topicals”, a healthcare provider uses a roller with small, fine needles on it, moving over areas of hair loss to create punctures in the skin. This is believed to promote hair growth.

In the video, he also provides tips on beating graying hair. LINK:

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A recent Reddit thread asked: “What industry “secret” do you know that most people don’t?” Here are some of the best answers…

Most—probably 80% or more—of the books on the nonfiction bestseller list (autobiographies, memoirs, political/business books, etc.) are ghostwritten. Source: I am a ghostwriter.

People who sell courses on how to make money make their own money selling you the course.

I’m an unarmed security guard. Every now & then I’ll get a comment from someone about how they’re glad I’m around in case there’s an active shooter or something. Yea; if that happens? We’re not doing anything aside from getting ourselves to safety and calling the cops.

Pack your freight like it’s going to get a pallet stacked on top of it because it most likely will.

If teachers did absolutely everything in their job description perfectly, they would never sleep, eat or socialize.

If you have already googled your (I.T.) problem, you have already exceeded the first 2 tiers of tech support.

I make wildlife films for big streamers and broadcasters. The sound is all either library or foley.

I’m an academic researcher and I can speak for a huge number in my field when I say: If you want access to our studies and they’re behind a paywall, you can email us and we will send you the study.

If you find an extra nugget in your order, it wasn’t a mistake. You got a cool employee.

If your baby goes to a nursery/daycare, chances are those weren’t their “first” steps/words etc that you witnessed. Industry standard is to not tell parents when these things happen as it makes them feel bad.

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