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This #MovieStarMonday we visit with Thomas Haden Church! (Spiderman, Peanut Butter Falcon, Wings and MUCH MORE)

We will visit about his NEW FILM “Accidental Texan”

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It turns out there are worse things you can do while dining out than double-dipping. A survey has found that the absolute worst thing you can do while at a restaurant if you’re looking to impress someone — is to be rude to the wait staff. When asked about the biggest dining turn-offs, 60% of adults said they can’t stand people who are rude to restaurant workers. Next on the list is when someone spits something back onto their plate (49%), so that gives you an idea of how reprehensible it is to be rude to waiters. Other “icks” include licking fingers when eating, eating with your mouth open, and – yes – double dipping. Want more: Here they come: playing with food, criticizing someone’s cooking, and putting ketchup on every meal. The OnePoll survey also found that just 28% of people would speak out about a “dining don’t” while on a first date.

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It turns having big, well-developed abs could be bad for a man’s health. Researchers from the University of California-San Diego are challenging the commonly-held belief that body composition (the amount of fat, bone, and muscle in the body) is an indicator of heart health. The new research found that that men with a larger abdominal muscle area have a 6-times greater risk of heart disease. They did not find the same co-relation in women.


Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey” won all 5 categories for which it was nominated at the 2024 Golden Raspberry Awards on Saturday. “The Razzies” honor the worst of Hollywood, and are handed out on the day before the Academy Awards. Blood and Honey practically swept the Razzies, winning worst picture, director and screenplay, screen couple (‘Pooh’ and ‘Piglet’) and remake/rip-off/sequel. Sylvester Stallone and Megan Fox won the supporting actor categories for “Expend4bles,” and Fox also took home the lead actress honors for “Johnny & Clyde.” Jon Voight won worst actor for “Mercy.”

The box office saw more good news after the strong opening of “Dune: Part Two” last weekend, as “Kung Fu Panda 4” brought families back to the tune of an estimated $58 million opening domestically. While not at the level of the $60 million start the first “Kung Fu Panda” earned in 2008 before inflation adjustment, it tops the $41.2 million opening that the animated series’ third installment earned in 2016. In second place was “Dune: Part Two,” which earned a projected $46 million in its second weekend.

Pierce Brosnan thinks Cillian Murphy would be a good 007. The former ‘James Bond’ star named the “Oppenheimer” actor as a candidate to play the suave spy in an interview with BBC at the Oscar Wilde Awards, saying: “Cillian would do a magnificent job as James Bond on His Majesty’s Secret Service”. Murphy has been among those rumored to play the iconic character for years, although he has previously gone on record as saying that the next 007 “should be a woman,” and that he’s “a bit old” for the role.

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A JetBlue passenger is suing the airline after being assaulted, battered and bruised by a stewardess over a cup of tea.

21% of flight attendants say they’ve had sexual relations with a colleague during a flight, says a report.

A company has released a new AI-driven scent-release device, which it says will revolutionize the gaming experience by incorporating real-world scents into gameplay. The technology, called “Gamescent”, is compatible across consoles, PCs, TVs, and VR headsets, and offers gamers a “fully immersive sensory journey”. Developed in collaboration with “world-class perfumists”, the device uses easy-to-swap scent cartridges, which it says “ensures a continuous and varied sensory experience…from the exhilarating aroma of a sports arena to the tranquil scent of the ocean.” It’s available now for about US$180. LINK:

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Research shows that people who laugh at dark jokes have higher IQs and fewer aggressive tendencies.

Sailors consider black cats good luck.

If you commit any crime at sea, you are considered a pirate.

The fedora hat was originally made for women.

Not only does hot water make a different sound than cold water when poured, 96% of people can correctly guess which it is, based on sound alone.


Question: According to a report, “Check the Answering Machine” is the #2 phrase that went extinct thanks to modern technology. What is #1?

Answer: “Be Kind Rewind!”

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Fast food giant McDonald’s has partnered with Nails.Inc for its first-ever beauty collaboration, including press-on nails, nail polishes, and nail stickers inspired by the restaurant’s signature colors: bright red and gold, and legendary menu items. The ode to the Big Mac is a set of 2 mini polishes: the deep red “Gotta Ketchup” and a brown shade named “Big Mac Please.” It includes 80 nail stickers, packaged in what looks like a Big Mac. Prices start at $7. The collection is now available at Amazon. LINK:

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An analysis of Google search data by Spin Genie uncovered the nostalgic snacks that people (in the US) are searching for the most. Some are still available, some are just fond memories…

1. Dunkaroos: Wat there any doubt this would be #1? What’s better than cookies dunked in sugary frosting? While they disappeared for a while, they came back in 2020, with new flavors!

2. Oreo Cakesters: They are basically an Oreo cookie, but with cake-like cookies – and frosting in the middle. They also made a comeback, in 2022.

3. Bagel Bites: The perfect after-school snack. Really, it’s a mini pizza. Except smaller.

4. Tab soda: Released in the 1960s, the cola remained a popular diet beverage until 2020, when it was discontinued.

5. Fruitopia: When it debuted in the ‘90s, it was advertised as a healthy alternative to soda. The fruity drink featured flavors like Tangerine Wavelength, Strawberry Passion Awareness, Fruit Integration and Blueberry Watermelon Wisdom. A few of those have been revamped under the brand Minute Maid.
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If you can’t be kind, at least be vague.” —Judith Martin

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Police Officers Save Choking 4-Year-Old Using A Special Device