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The age-old question for those about to pop the question is: How much “should” you spend on engagement and wedding rings? You’ve probably heard that 2-3 months’ salary is the rule of thumb. But according to new research, where you should really be careful is how much money you spend on the actual wedding. Why? The study, published in the journal Economic Inquiry, asked survey participants about their wedding expenses (and their engagement ring cost), as well as the length of their marriage. Here’s what the researchers found: engagement ring expenditures were largely unrelated to how long a marriage will last. But those who spent the least on the wedding itself (less than $1,000, specifically) actually had a lower risk of divorce. By contrast, the most expensive weddings (those costing more than $20,000) were linked to greater risk of divorce. The researchers suggested that it is possible that more expensive weddings may be linked to taking on more debt—and, in turn, more stress about how to pay it off.

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A bad night’s sleep could explain your potty mouth. New research from Oklahoma State University links sleep quality with the use of profanity. In a survey of 309 undergraduates, students who didn’t sleep well cursed more frequently and used significantly more self-defeating humor than their well-rested classmates. The researchers surmised that poorly rested people curse and make themselves the butt of jokes as a way of overcompensating for how they feel.


Film Critic Ryan Jay gives us a quick update from the red carpet on Sunday!

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Cornell University researchers discovered the best place in America to hide from a zombie apocalypse is the Rocky Mountains.

If you’re looking to travel somewhere to witness the first total eclipse in North America since 2017, your chance to do it on the cheap may already have…well…eclipsed. On Monday, April 8, the “zone of totality,” where you can see the sun vanish completely, goes from Mexico’s Pacific coast on a north-easterly path through Texas, and on up into Indiana, Ohio, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, also passing through Ontario and Canada’s eastern provinces. The whole thing takes 2½ hours, but the actual time when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun, turning day into darkness, lasts just under 4 minutes. But getting accommodation in any of the prime viewing areas will cost you. For example: In Killeen, Texas, Fairfield Inn by Marriott is offering rooms for $809 on April 8. A week later, the rooms go for $103. Cape Girardeau, Missouri, has a one-bedroom Airbnb available for $1,350. In Cleveland, all hotel rooms are booked, but a one-bedroom apartment is listed for $3,500 – for just one night. You get the idea. Airfares are also up as much as 80% for a chance to see the eclipse, and Delta is charging $749 for a flight from Austin, TX, to Detroit, that is designed for in-air eclipsing – but the airline claims no responsibility for weather or take-off delay.

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When awake, the human brain produces enough electricity to power a small light bulb.

An average person produces about 25,000 quarts of saliva in a lifetime, enough to fill two swimming pools.
✓ An average person will forget 80% of what they learned today.

Roses cut in the afternoon will last longer than ones cut in the morning.

Sign language has tongue twisters. They are referred to as “finger fumblers”.


Question: 93% of people can identify THIS smell in one second. What is it?

Answer: Peanut Butter

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A ride-share company is offering a 4-hour tour of Tokyo’s public toilets. The guided Tokyo Toilet Shuttle Tour takes “restroom enthusiasts” through what are referred to as the symbols of Japan’s world-renowned hospitality culture. In 2020, the city embarked on an initiative called Tokyo Toilet. They brought together some of the biggest names in architecture and design to renovate 17 public restrooms, all featured on the tour. LINK:

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While it’s true that Adam Sandler wasn’t up for Oscar consideration last night, we’re sure he was able to console himself by swimming in a pool filled with $1,000 bills, if he’s into that kind of thing. His Netflix rom-com thriller “Murder Mystery 2” made him the best-paid actor in Hollywood last year, according to the latest analysis by Forbes magazine. Sandler’s success on Netflix, appearing in and producing 3 films in 2023, contributed to his $73million in earnings. Here are 2023’s top-10 highest-paid Hollywood actors last year…

1. Adam Sandler: $73million (“Murder Mystery 2”, “Leo”, “You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah”)

2. Margot Robbie: $59million (actor-producer of “Barbie”, “Saltburn”)

3. Tom Cruise: $45million (“Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One”)

4. (tie) Ryan Gosling: $43million (“Barbie”) [I know he was good, but was he $43million worth of good?]

4. (tie) Matt Damon: $43million (“Oppenheimer”)

6. Jenifer Aniston: $42million (“Murder Mystery 2”, “The Morning Show”)

7. (tie) Leo DiCaprio: $41million (“Killers of the Flower Moon”)

7. (tie) Jason Statham: $41million (“The Beekeeper”, “Expend4bles”, “Fast X”…)

9. Ben Affleck: $38million (actor-director-producer of “Air”, “Hypnotic”)

10. Denzel Washington: $24million (“The Equalizer 3”)

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A gossip is a person who creates the smoke in which other people assume there’s fire.” —Dan Bennett

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Miniature Neck Brace Saves Peruvian Jumping Stick