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It’s too late for me (and probably you) to do anything about it, but this is great encouragement to make sure your kids get lots of exercise. Researchers in Sweden have determined that having an active childhood could save your life 40 years later. A team from Link√∂ping University decided to investigate how fit middle-aged men were — back when they were kids, and any connection to their heart health today. And sure enough, in delving into the health data of over 9,000 people since the 1970s, they found that men who were in shape as adolescents showed a much lower risk of atherosclerosis close to 40 years later. Atherosclerosis is the thickening of arteries, usually due to the buildup of plaque. Not a good thing, obviously. The researchers say their study shows that physical fitness is linked to health outcomes much later in life. And the findings are worrying because there is a clear global trend showing that young people are less fit today, they were in the 1970s and 80s.

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Of all the tasks and chores that we “must” look after as part of our routine, which one does the average person forget to do a total of FIVE times each week? Brushing our teeth. I’ll pause in order to let you say “Ewwwww”. OK? Now I’ll continue. A survey of 2,000 adults in the US also found that it’s not only the toothbrush that’s being forgotten. It seems we tend to skip using floss and mouthwash about 4 days each week. And despite the fact that we tend to forget sometimes, 92% of survey respondents agreed that their oral care routine is important to their overall health. The survey, conducted by OnePoll, also found a few unusual ways that they’ve witnessed people “caring for their teeth”. Those included “using a washcloth to clean their teeth,” and “using fishing line to floss.”


Euphoria” star Sydney Sweeney has shut down reports that she’ll star in an upcoming supernatural thriller opposite Johnny Depp. The story originated from film critic Jeff Sneider, who wrote in his newsletter “The InSneider” that Sweeney and Depp would appear in director Marc Webb’s movie “Day Drinker”. But she responded in a tweet, writing: “Woke up to rumors. Anyways go see @ImmaculateMovie in theaters this weekend!” a reference to her latest film. A rep for Sweeney confirmed that she is not involved in Day Drinker, even though the story was, at last check, still up on Sneider’s website and X account. LINK:

Now, Courteney Cox may be heading back to the “Scream” franchise. Sources say she’s in talks to reprise her role as ‘Gale Weathers’ in the 7th movie of the slasher series, to be directed by “Scream” creator and writer Kevin Williamson. The news comes about 2 weeks after Neve Campbell announced she is returning as ‘Sidney Prescott’ after sitting out of “Scream 6” due to a salary dispute.

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A report says that men today are 3 times more likely to cry in public than their fathers were.

A medical team is expressing concern that some temporary henna tattoos can leave permanent scars.

You know how it is…when you’re on a packed flight, and you’re constantly fighting for elbow room with the person sitting beside you, you can’t stretch out, and you don’t have room for your device…for your book…or for your food…and you just feel like you could just SCREAM! What? Just me? Anyway, the elbow-room problem has to be a thing for everyone. So you should be interested in this: Ultra-low-cost American carrier Frontier Airlines has introduced a new seating option that guarantees an empty middle seat if you’re in a window or aisle seat. This, of course, results in some much-appreciated personal space. Plus, there’s extra legroom for added comfort. This seating option, called “UpFront Plus”, only applies to the first 2 rows of the plane, which means you’d also be among the first to be able to get off the plane. And what’s the cost for this kind of luxury? The introductory price is US$49 per passenger.

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There are more possible arrangements in shuffling a deck of cards than there are stars in the sky.

Adult cats very rarely meow at other cats.

The verb “unfriend” first appeared in 1659.

The word “dude” originated in the 1800s as an insult to men overly concerned with the latest fashion trends.

The word “bi-weekly” can mean either every 2 weeks — or twice a week.


A survey found that for 10% of people who have been fired, it was because of THIS. What is it?

Answer: They accidentally sent an inappropriate joke or picture to their boss

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DoorDash has announced that it is testing a new method of fast food delivery, in partnership with Alphabet’s Wing drone delivery company. So, if you’re lucky enough to live near the Wendy’s on Franklin Street in Christianburg, Virginia, you should be able to have your square beef burgers delivered by drone. According to DoorDash, the drone delivery area covers “most homes within about 2.5 miles” of the restaurant. Drone delivery requires a roughly 2-meter-in-diameter clearing, such as a driveway, that isn’t blocked by “trees, buildings, or any other protrusive object.” Deliveries should arrive within 10-20 minutes after ordering, carried by drones that travel at around 65mph.

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Can you imagine if these teams wound up with the names that were being considered for them?

Orlando Juice: In 1987, naming of the new team was put to a vote in the local newspaper. Of 4,300 entries, the field was narrowed to 4 names by owners: Heat, Tropics, Juice and Magic. They were all set to go with Juice, thanks to the area’s orange groves, until a team executive’s 7-year-old daughter visited Orlando, and remarked: This place is like magic.”

Chicago Matadors: Original owner Dick Klein wanted the NBA team to have a name related to its meatpacking district, so the idea was to call it the Matadors. But research showed there was only one pro sports team with a 3-syllable (or longer) name. So, he picked a one-syllable name: The Bulls. The lone successful 3-syllable franchise? Montreal Canadiens.

New Orleans Rougarou: In 2012, the N.O. Hornets announced a coming name change, and filed trademarks for 5 possibilities: Mosquitos, Bull Sharks, Swamp Dogs, Pelicans, and Rougarou. A what-now? A Rougarou is a mythical werewolf said to live in the swamps of New Orleans. In the end, they went with the Pelicans. (Although I bet the Rougarou logo would have been AWESOME!)

Oklahoma City Wind: With just 4 months to come up with a new name after moving from Seattle, owners considered Marshalls and Bison, but ultimately decided they wanted a weather word. End result: They rejected Wind, and went with Thunder.

Miami Vice: When the NBA expanded to Miami in 1987, names suggested in a fan vote included the Sharks, Barracudas, Beaches, Flamingos and the Heat, which was eventually selected. But owners almost went with another finalist, a reference to something else that Miami is known for: Vice, as in “Miami Vice”, the 1980s NBC crime drama.

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New Jersey Firefighters Save Dog Trapped In Tire