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Today we visit with author Mark Greene about his new book “Unsealed: A Navy Seal's Guide to Mastering Life's Transitions”


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April 6th

Army Day

California Poppy Day

Drowsy Drivers Awareness Day

Fresh Tomato Day

International Day Of Sport For Development And Peace

Jump Over Things Day

National Acai Bowl Day

National Burrito Day

National Caramel Popcorn Day

National Carbonara Day

National Employee Benefits Day

National Food Faces Day

National Siamese Cat Day

National Sorry Charlie Day

National Student-Athlete Day

National Tartan Day

National Teflon Day

National Twinkie Day

New Beer’s Eve

Plan Your Epitaph Day

April 7th

Beaver Day

Empowered Women Entrepreneurs Day

International Snailpapers Day

Metric System Day Also On 10/10

Motherhood And Beauty Day

National Beer Day

National Coffee Cake Day

National Girl Me Too Day

National Making The First Move Day

National No Housework Day

National Pet Health Insurance Day

Public Television Day

International Day Of Reflection On The 1994 Rwanda Genocide

World Health Day

World Marbles Day

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At first, I thought I was just turning into a grumpy old dude. So, you can imagine how relieved I was when I saw THIS. Song lyrics are getting dumber over time, according to a new study. A team of researchers from Europe went over the words to roughly 12,000 songs across a variety of genres from rap to rock to R&B, written between 1980-2020. They determined that, exactly as your anyone over the age of about 40 has been telling you, the words to songs have become simpler, more repetitive, angrier, and more self-obsessed over time. The University of Innsbruck researchers declined to name and shame any newer artists, but pointed out how song lyrics can be a “mirror of society,” reflecting people’s shifting values. They also pointed out that rap music has become even “more angry” than other genres of music.

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Have you ever wondered where the term “Wi-Fi” came from? The term Wi-Fi isn’t an abbreviated version of ‘wireless fidelity’, as many people believe. Wi-Fi is a pun on “Hi-Fi”, which was coined in the 1950s by audio equipment manufacturers as a shortened version of “high fidelity.” But really, there’s no such thing as wireless fidelity. It’s just a snappy name invented by marketers.


Joker 2”, aka “Joker: Folie à Deux”, has been given an R-rating — and a trailer premiere date – and Warner Bros. has released a brand-new poster. The first footage from the ‘Batman’-adjacent sequel will drop on April 9. And it might also give us our first glimpse of a selection of musical numbers, given the movie’s unusual direction. The poster showcases Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Arthur Fleck’/’Joker’ character holding Lady Gaga’s ‘Harley Quinn’ in a dance, while still in their clown make-up. Joker: Folie á Deux hits theaters on October 4.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are on vacation this week, so old interviews have been airing on “Live with Kelly and Mark.” But it seems someone wasn’t paying attention when they picked out which ones, because on Tuesday an episode from June 2023 aired, in which Ripa fawningly begs for an invitation to Sean “Diddy” Combs’ yacht. The problem? The rap mogul’s homes were raided last week as part of what appears to be a sex-trafficking investigation. In the rerun, the couple compliments guest Mary J. Blige on a photo of her posing on a yacht, which Blige refers to as her “big brother Puff’s boat.” Blige said. Ripa replies: “Next time you go on Puff’s boat, we’d like to!” The clip has since been pulled from YouTube.

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There’s a dating site for people who believe in the supernatural.

It’s definitely a bad idea to stare at the sun during the upcoming solar eclipse. But what about our pets? Fortunately, according to a specialist in animal eye disorders, your pets are unlikely to bother looking up. Dr. Marnie Ford, professor of veterinary ophthalmology at Ontario Veterinary College says that there is a slim chance that a pet cat might look up “if a crow flies in front of their face,” but “they’re not looking at the sun.” Dogs? They are only likely to look if their owners point “and make a big deal about it”. And while protective solar viewers for humans are easy to find, you’ll have trouble locating eclipse glasses designed for our furry, feathered or scaly friends. And don’t even think of giving a set of made-for-people eclipse glasses to a dog – Dr. Ford says they’re more likely to eat them then wear them.

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Humans invented booze before we invented the wheel.
✓ The first bathroom stall is usually the cleanest because most people, seeking privacy, skip it.

The average caterpillar has 2,000 muscles in its body. The average human: fewer than 700.

Inside your belly button, there are thousands of bacteria that form an ecosystem as complex as a rainforest.

In the first year of their life, puppies grow 10 times faster than human infants do.


The average person will try 126 of THESE during their lifetime. What are they?

Answer: Diets

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Six jailbirds in New York are suing the state corrections department because they aren’t going to be allowed to watch the solar eclipse. The suit argues that the planned April 8 lockdown violates inmates’ constitutional rights to practice their faiths by preventing them from taking part in a religiously significant event. The plaintiffs, men with varying religious backgrounds, are incarcerated at the Woodbourne Correctional Facility in upstate New York. Their complaint states: “A solar eclipse is a rare, natural phenomenon with great religious significance to many”, and notes that the Bible describes an eclipse-like phenomenon during Jesus’ crucifixion, while sacred Islamic works describes a similar event when the Prophet Muhammad’s son died. All state correctional facilities are scheduled to operate on a holiday schedule on Monday.

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It maybe already be too late to save your Monday, but keep these tips from experts in mind for tomorrow…

Pick a wellness habit, and link it to one of your morning rituals: It could be meditation, deep breathing, reading, or exercise. Perhaps add the deep-breathing thing to the time you spend making the bed after your shower.

Get your phone out of your room: You’ve heard this before. No screen time in your room. If you reach for the phone or other device first thing, you’re letting the outside world dictate your mood for the day.

Talk to yourself: Self-talk can be very conducive to helping you overcome whatever obstacles you face in the coming day. It’s even better if you use your own name out loud.

Talk to someone else: Make a social contact with somebody you like. This could be a spouse or child, a friend, an extended family member, almost anyone. A call or a text will work, but meeting for coffee will give you a big boost to start your day.

Incorporate gratitude: People who journal about the things they’re thankful for have been shown to score much higher happiness scores those who kept track of things that irritate them.

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The only time some fellows are ever seen with their wives is after they’ve been indicted.” —Kin Hubbard

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Teenagers Are Transforming Trash Into Lifesaving Mats For The Homeless