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Today we visit with the husband-and-wife team behind SHOGUN! Justin Marks (who recently co-wrote the Academy Award-nominated Top Gun: Maverick) and Rachel Kendo. With rave reviews and record-setting views, Shogun is TV’s most buzzed about new series. Time Magazine called it “a genuine masterpiece”; Variety said “it’s the most transportive TV epic since ‘Game of Thrones’”; and the series has a 99% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Viewers, meanwhile, made the premiere the most-streamed program of any title on any platform. The ten-part series, now streaming on Hulu, is based on James Clavell’s 1975 historical novel about warring factions during Japan’s samurai era at the dawn of a century-defining civil war.



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May 24th

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A study once found that when it comes to listening to and enjoying new music, the average person hits “taste freeze” at age 33. That’s when most people stop listening to top 40 hits. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy music beyond that age. Nor does it necessarily mean that you only enjoy the “oldies”. What happens, according to data assembled by Spotify, is that musical tastes diversify around age 33. Some discover alternative music, classical music, world music, or jazz. They also tend to follow new songs by the aging pop stars of their youth, but when it comes to younger artists…not so much. While ‘taste freeze’ has probably always existed, music streaming seems to have enhanced it…and Spotify gave it a name.

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The world record for the longest human chain (holding hands) is 652.4 miles, and it consisted of 5 million people in Bangladesh as part of a campaign.


Avengers” star Chris Hemsworth will be honored with the 2,781st star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this Thursday. Hemsworth, who plays ‘Thor’ in the Marcel Cinematic Universe, will receive his star in the category of Motion Pictures. Speakers on hand for the presentation will include Robert Downey, Jr. and filmmaker George Miller. Hemsworth stars in Miller’s highly anticipated “Mad Max” prequel “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga”, which opens this Friday.

Yellowstone” will be happy to hear some concrete news about the show’s final episodes. On Instagram, Forrie J. Smith, who plays ranch hand ‘Lloyd’, confirmed that shooting has begun on the much-anticipated second half of Season 5 of the Western. In a video clip, Smith said: “Hey, y’all, you know I’m back in Montana, finishing up Yellowstone here. I’m blessed with that.” The second and final installment, which will consist of 6 episodes, is slated to debut on Paramount Network in November. It was delayed in 2023 due to the writers’ and actors’ strikes.

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A report claims that coffee loses 70% of its flavor within 2 minutes of being brewed.

Another reason to sound the alarm bells regarding Artificial Intelligence: AI systems these days are becoming increasingly sophisticated. How sophisticated? A report by the Center for AI Safety in San Francisco warns that with engineers and developers working to make AI as “human” as possible, some systems are now capable of telling lies. The research team wrote in its report that “Large language models and other AI systems have already learned, from their training, the ability to deceive via techniques such as manipulation, sycophancy, and cheating the safety test.” This poses short-term “risks such as fraud and election tampering, to long-term risks, such as losing control of AI systems.” In one example, the AI system CICERO, developed by Meta to play the strategy game Diplomacy, turned out to be an expert liar — despite its creators’ efforts to make it honest and helpful. It was found to “make alliances with human players, only to betray them later, in pursuit of victory.” Another system learned to cheat on tests designed to prevent it from engaging in harmful financial behaviors. Even more scary, just like a student might only behave when the teacher is watching, it learned to “play dead” during evaluation, only to pursue its own goals once it was no longer under scrutiny.

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A pound of houseflies contains more protein than a pound of beef.

People born in May have the lowest risk of illness and disease, while those born in October have the highest, according to a study.

An average adult’s stomach can hold about 2 quarts (1.9 liters) of food.

NASA invented the “Dust-Buster”.

Your dog can get a sense of when you’re supposed to be home from work based on how much of your scent is left in the house.


On average you’ll get around 10 of THESE per year. What are they?

Answer: Headaches

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Soon, you may be able to simply look at a restaurant checkout screen to pay. The novel, biometric technology is becoming increasingly widespread, and one facial ID payment company, PopID, is signing more and more deals across the US to introduce this state-of-the-art tech into eateries. Users simply take a selfie to register, then look at a camera to verify their identity for each transaction. The fast-food chain Steak ‘N Shake is installing the system in 300 locations. Customers take about 3 seconds to check in through PopID – much faster than opening the restaurant’s app and scanning a QR code.

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According to a consultation of 8 safety guides…

First Aid Kit: Accidents happen, and having basic medical supplies on hand can help you address minor injuries or provide temporary relief until professional help arrives.

Phone Charger and Battery Charger: A working cell phone is vital during emergencies. A phone charger ensures your device stays powered up, and a portable charger could recharge your phone if you’re unable to access a power outlet.

Flashlight: A reliable flashlight can be a lifesaver during nighttime emergencies, or when you need to inspect your car in low light conditions.

Jumper Cables: Whether your own battery is drained, or you need to come to the aid of another driver in need, jumper cables can help you get back on the road quickly.

Spare Tire: A flat tire can happen anytime, anywhere, so it’s essential to have a spare — and the necessary tools to change it. Regularly check your spare tire’s condition and inflation.

Blanket: In cold weather or emergency situations, a blanket can provide warmth and comfort until help arrives.

Water and Non-Perishable Snacks: Staying hydrated and nourished is essential during unexpected delays or emergencies. Keep a supply of bottled water and snacks, such as granola bars or nuts, in your car.

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Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.” —Katharine Whitehorn

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Stranger Covers $112 Tab For Unclaimed Pizza Order At Local Shop