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Today we visit with author Daniel de Visé about his new book “The Blues Brothers: An Epic Friendship, the Rise of Improv, and the Making of an American Film Classic: AVAILABLE NOW:

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May 4th

45 Day

Bird Day

Firefighters Day

International Respect For Chickens Day

National Candied Orange Peel Day

National Kids Fitness Day

National Orange Juice Day

National Renewal Day

National Self-Employed Day

National Weather Observers Day

Password Day

Petite And Proud Day

Star Wars Day

World Give Day

Beer Pong Day

Childhood Stroke Awareness Day

Free Comic Book Day

Herb Day

International Drone Day

Join Hands Day

Naked Gardening Day

National Bombshells’ Day

National Explosive Ordinance Disposal Day

National Homebrew Day

National Scrapbook Day

National Start Seeing Monarchs Day

Pilates Day

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

World Labyrinth Day

World Naked Gardening Day

Rhode Island State Day

May 5th

African World Heritage Day

Cinco De Mayo

Hug A Shed And Take A Selfie Day

International Midwives Day

Museum Lover’s Day

Nail Day

National Astronaut Day

National Cartoonists Day

National Hoagie Day

National Silence The Shame Day

National Totally Chipotle Day

No Pants Day

Pesach Sheni

Revenge Of The Fifth

World Hand Hygiene Day

World Portuguese Language Day

Buddah Day

International Bereaved Mother’s Day

International Permaculture Day

Mayday for Mutts

Motorcycle Mass and Blessing of the Bikes Day

National Infertility Survival Day

National Lemonade Day

Stepmother’s Day

World Laughter Day

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Australian researchers say they have determined exactly how much of your day you should spend sitting, standing, walking and sleeping, to achieve optimal health. A team from Swinburne University of Technology analyzed the behavior of 2,000 people within a 24-hour period to determine the right mix of exertion and relaxation. According to them, the ideal breakdown goes like this: 8 hours of sleep, 5 hours of standing, 6 hours of sitting, and 4 hours split between light and moderate physical activity. They say that breakdown contributes to maintaining ideal glycemic control and promoting heart health.

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Mexico’s presidential palace is 14 times larger than the White House and started allowing visitors for the first time in 2018. From 1935 to 2018, the Los Pinos presidential palace was the official place of residence for Mexico’s presidents and was closed off to any who weren’t expressly invited. This changed in 2018 when Andres Manuel López Obrador was elected the Mexican President, winning his campaign on the back of promises to fight corruption. As a gesture of goodwill, he chose not to move into the palace, instead simply living in a small apartment in Mexico City’s central district. To give you an idea of what the Mexican president gave up, the presidential palace covers 603,000 square feet (56,000 square meters).


If the question is “Scooby-Doo, where are you?”, the answer will soon be: “Netflix!” The streamer has greenlit a live-action series, which will be written by 2 of the executive producers of MGM+ series “From,” Josh Appelbaum and Scott Rosenberg. The only other details we have so far are that it will be a one-hour drama based on the classic ’70s mystery cartoon, which featured talking dog ‘Scooby-Doo’ solving crimes with the Mystery Inc. team of snooping teens.

There’s no bad blood between Melissa McCarthy and Barbra Streisand. After Babs sparked backlash with a now-deleted Instagram comment asking if McCarthy was on Ozempic, the “This Is Us” star responded on Instagram, joking: “The takeaway, Barbra Streisand knows I exist. She reached out to me and she thought I looked good”. The video showed her reading a copy of “Barbra: Celebrating an Icon”, and concluding: “I win the day.” That came hours after After McCarthy shared photos of herself and director Adam Shankman attending a gala, and Streisand commented: “Give him my regards did you take Ozempic?” LINK:

Alec Baldwin has compared his former cocaine addiction to drinking coffee, revealing he had a “white-hot problem every day for 2 years”. During an appearance on the “Our Way with Paul Anka and Skip Bronson” podcast, Baldwin said that he only discusses his cocaine addiction “when it makes sense”, and that he is now “39 years sober.” He went on to joke that he snorted a line of powder long enough to stretch from the Earth to Saturn and back again. Today, the “30 Rock” star claims not to miss drugs at all, but said: “I do miss drinking.”

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Allergists warn this may be the worst allergy season ever.

Apparently, dull devices are now cool. The Boring Phone is a new, almost featureless flip phone that is perfect for younger people who are seeking to ditch their smartphones in favor of a “dumbphone”. The new collab between Heineken beer and fashion retailer Bodega caused a storm when it was unveiled at Milan design week. The Boring Phone is part of a new dumbphone boom, a result of the growing suspicion of Gen Z towards the data- and attention-harvesting tech they have grown up with. It really started last year, thanks to some TikTokers posting under the #bringbackflipphones hashtag. The move to offlining, or digital minimalism, is also seen in Gen Z’s declining use of social media. They are the only generation whose time on social media has fallen since 2021.

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A person burns essentially the same number of calories whether they run or walk a mile.

✓ ‘Tweety Pie’ won an Oscar in 1948.

Coyotes can outpace roadrunners by 23 mph (37km/h).

A can of cat food contains as much meat as 5 adult mice.

Raccoons, slugs and ants all like to get drunk.


Stats show the average woman spends about 40 minutes each day doing THIS. What is it?

Answer: Gossiping

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A 16-year-old used a firearm to pull off five separate carjackings. And he might have gotten away with it if had just hadn’t worn the same blue Rugrats sweatshirt with the picture of Chuckie on it on every crime. When he was picked out of a lineup by three of his victims, his fate was sealed when the cops found the sweatshirt inside his residence. Busted! Charged with five felony charges of first degree robbery.

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Napoleon was short: He was measured at 5 feet, 2 inches tall — but he was measured with French inches, which are longer than English inches. He actually stood 5 feet, 7 inches — taller than the average European man at the time.

Alcohol kills brain cells: Heavy drinking absolutely can damage the brain, but that damage isn’t the result of cell death. The amount of alcohol required to kill cells would kill the person first.

You’ll get tetanus from stepping on a rusty nail: Any puncture wound, including one from a rusty nail, can lead to a tetanus infection, but rust has no impact whatsoever.

Cracking your knuckles causes arthritis: There is no connection. The “cracking” is actually bubbles bursting in the fluid that surrounds the knuckles.

Touching toads gives you warts: The bumps that cover some frogs and toads aren’t warts at all, and even if they were, warts can only be caused by a human virus.

✗ ‘I’ before ‘E’ except after ‘C’: This “rule” is wrong at least 25% of the time. Need some proof? Science. Forfeit. Weird. Glacier. Albeit. Fancier.

Sugar makes kids hyperactive: Popularized by a flawed study in the 1970s, the connection between hyperactivity and sugar was debunked by a series of studies published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1995.

You’ll never walk around with a calculator: For years, teachers told students that they’d better commit their math lessons to memory, because there would be times they had to work out arithmetic questions with just a pen and paper.

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User: the word computer professionals use when they mean ‘idiot.'” —Dave Barry

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Cat Missing For 5 Years Found At Gas Station 1,200 Miles Away, Reunites With Owners