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This #MovieStarMonday we visit with Tony Curran about his new program “Mary And George” streaming now!

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May 6th

Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day

International No Diet Day

Joseph Brackett Day

National Beverage Day

National Crepe Suzette Day

National Nurses Day

National Start Seeing Monarchs Day

National Tourist Appreciation Day

No Homework Day

Sauvingnon Blanc Day

Early May Bank Holiday

Melanoma Monday

National Meeting Planners Appreciation Day

National Melanoma Monday

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I’m not questioning the fact that cat owners love their pets, but it seems we still have a whole lot to learn about our feline friends. In a survey, 92% of those with cats said they believe they’re knowledgeable about their kitty, but it turns out that most don’t even know the basic facts about their feline – or its health needs. Here are some of the lowlights of the study of 2,000 cat parents in the US…

Just 17% of respondents knew that cats have 18 toes.

Almost half (46%) didn’t know that many cats are lactose intolerant – despite the popular image of a cat enjoying a bowl of milk.

56% were unaware that cats purr as a sign of both pleasure and distress.

Only 1 in 5 knew that cats share 96% of their DNA with tigers.

On average, owners said they forget to fill up their cat’s water twice per week, and forget to feed them 3 times per week.

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In 1862, the King of Siam offered Abraham Lincoln many elephants on the grounds that a “Country as great as the United States should not be without elephants.” Lincoln politely declined.


Elisabeth Moss really laid it all on the line while filming her new Hulu show “The Veil”. While filming one action sequence, she fractured a vertebra in her back, and wound up lying for 2 hours on a roof in Istanbul. In the show, which debuted on Tuesday, Moss plays an undercover MI6 agent. In Episode 2, her character tries to fend off an attack from an assailant on a rooftop above the Grand Bazaar. Moss said: “The [scene] you see in the show is actually the second time we shot it, about 6 weeks later. The first time we shot it, I hit a wall the wrong way…and ended up lying on the roof for a couple hours.”

Baby Reindeer” continues its surprise meteoric ascent. The limited series, which reached 2.6 million views in its debut weekend, which was impressive, given the show’s minimal marketing push, rose to 13.3 million views in its second week, then shot up by another 49%, landing at 22 million views last week. That made it the most-watched Netflix title for the second straight week, followed by “Rebel Moon — Part Two: The Scargiver,” which was the top movie with 18.8 million views. “Anyone but You” was the #2 movie of the week, in its first 6 days of availability, following a successful run at the box office earlier this year.

Chris Hemsworth says the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder” is one of his biggest career regrets. In a profile in Vanity Fair, he said that he “got caught up in the improv and the wackiness, and I became a parody of myself. I didn’t stick the landing.” For that reason, Hemsworth believes he owes the audience “another ‘Thor’ after what felt like a whiff with Thor: Love and Thunder.” The movie was criticized for its inconsistencies, but still took in over $760 at the box office.

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Clive Davis claims that Michael Jackson once tried to sabotage his brother Jermaine’s music career.

If you’ve ever found yourself calling one of your children by another’s name, this’ll be interesting to you. For starters, don’t worry about it. A psychologist says it’s perfectly normal to make this mix-up. Dr. Samantha Deffler, an associate professor of psychology at York College of Pennsylvania, says it can simply be a “cognitive glitch” that is “natural” and “very common.” She surveyed 1,700 people, and found that most respondents had experienced their name being confused by a relative, and 95% “were called the incorrect name by a family member.” So why does this happen? The Dr. says that the brain stores information similar to how a computer uses folders, so choosing the wrong name is something like opening up the wrong file within a folder. As a result, “Naming errors typically happen within a category, so the wrong name being used is in the same group.” On the other hand, “It would be weird for a mom to call her child by a name outside of that family category.” That’s also why you might slip-up and call your significant other the name of an ex. Which is never a good thing. Dr. Deffler also noted that the momentary mix-up of calling your child another child’s name isn’t usually a sign of cognitive decline or aging, but could be a result of stress, because it’s when you’re rushed or multi-tasking that you most rely on using automatic responses to come up with info such as your children’s names.


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King Charles & Prince William never travel in the same plane. That’s because if there is a crash, one needs to survive.

The artist who created ‘Scooby-Doo’ researched the desirable traits of a top-level show dog and drew the character to represent the opposite.

Ravens in captivity can learn to talk better than parrots can.

Teflon is the only known material to which geckos are unable to stick.

✓ “Dessert stomach” is a real thing. Your gut expands upon contact with sugar, making room for dessert, even after having the feeling of being full.


Among the most-often recurring dreams reported, #1 is falling, and #2 is being chased. What is #3?

Answer: Being back in school

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A Pennsylvania man says his emotional support alligator has gone missing. Joie Henney, who has thousands of social media users following his pages devoted to ‘Wally’, credits the gator for helping relieve his depression. He posted photos and videos of people petting the 5½ foot (1.7 meter) alligator like a dog – and hugging it like a teddy bear. Henney suspects Wally was stolen from an outdoor enclosure where Wally spent the night while on vacation in Georgia. Wally’s popularity soared to new heights last year when the gator was denied entry to a Philadelphia Phillies game.

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Delta Air Lines has released its annual list of the most-searched summer travel destinations for 2024. Here is the top 10…

1. London, England

2. Paris, France

3. Rome, Italy

4. Athens, Greece

5. Cancun, Mexico

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

7. Tokyo, Japan

8. Dublin, Ireland

9. Barcelona, Spain

10. Vancouver, Canada

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Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” —Albert Einstein

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Airlines Required To Offer Cash Refunds For Canceled And Delayed Flights Under New DOT Rules