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May 18th

Hot Wheels Day

I Love Reese’s Day

International Museum Day

Mother Whistler Day

National Cheese Soufflé Day

National HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

National No Dirty Dishes Day

National Speech Pathologist Day

National Visit Your Relatives Day

Send An Electronic Greeting Card Day

Theology Day

World AIDS Vaccine Day

Armed Forces Day

National Armed Forces Day

National Learn To Swim Day

Plant a Lemon Tree Day

Preakness Stakes

World Fiddle Day

World Whisky Day

May 19th

Celebrate Your Elected Officials Day

National Asian And Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

National Barber Mental Health Awareness Day

National Devil’s Food Cake Day

National Hepatitis Testing Day

National May Ray Day

National Mechanical Dry Eye Day

Plant Something Day

Walk Safely To School Day

World Family Doctor Day

World IBD Day

Emergency Medical Services Day

International AIDS Candlelight Memorial

National Take Your Parents To The Playground Day

Rural Life Sunday

World Baking Day

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If you were thinking that one benefit of the rise of AI is that you might have better access to medical advice, think again. A Washington State University study has found that visiting a doctor is still your best bet when it comes to diagnosing and treating cardiovascular issues. Researchers evaluated ChatGPT-4’s ability to assess the risk of a heart attack among simulated patients experiencing chest pain. It turns out that the AI system provided inconsistent conclusions and failed to use approved methods to assess a patient’s cardiac risk. In short, AI may be able to pass a medical exam, but it can’t replace your cardiologist yet – and the researchers believe these results could hold true for other afflictions as well.

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Marmite was one of the most confiscated items at airports from the U.K. – to overcome this issue, Marmite made smaller ones for traveling.


Sigourney Weaver might be traveling to a galaxy far, far away. The “Alien” and “Avatar” star is in discussions to join the cast of “The Mandalorian & Grogu,” the first “Star Wars” movie to hit theaters since 2019’s “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.” It is unclear if Pedro Pascal will resume his role as Mandalorian ‘Din Djarin’ for the new film, which will be directed by “The Mandalorian” creator Jon Favreau.

Some male Hollywood stars are taking it off for a good cause. Fox has announced its 2024-2025 programming slate, and it includes “The Real Full Monty”, a 2-hour special that will see “a daring group of male celebrities” strip down to raise awareness for prostate, testicular and colorectal cancer testing and research. The event, inspired by the 1997 film “The Full Monty”, will be executive produced by Anthony Anderson. He’ll bare all on the special too, leading a cast that includes James Van Der Beek, Taye Diggs, Tyler Posey, Kansas City Chiefs star Chris Jones, and “Dancing with the Stars” judge Bruno Tonioli. The logline says things will culminate with a strip-tease dance, choreographed by Mandy Moore, where they will “bare all in front of a live audience”. Look for it this fall.

Downton Abbey 3” is happening. The complete cast, including newcomers, was revealed on Monday. And to further entice fans, a video has been released showing the classic Downton Abbey cast reuniting for a table read for the third film. Dominic West (“The Crown”) will reprise his role as ‘Guy Dexter’ from “Downton Abbey: A New Era,” while Paul Giamatti will be back as ‘Cora Grantham’s’ brother ‘Harold Levinson’ from the TV series. Other new additions include Joely Richardson, Alessandro Nivola, Simon Russell Beale, and Arty Froushan. No word yet on a title for the upcoming film.

It’s the end of the line for the Conner family. ABC has announced that “The Conners” will end with Season 7. The network posted a YouTube video promoting the final season, and wrote: “You’ve been part of this family for years. After 6 seasons, be there to say goodbye.” The Conners premiered in October 2018, replacing the “Roseanne” revival that premiered in March of that year. Rosanne’s revival only aired 9 episodes before it was canceled amid star Roseanne Barr’s controversial social media posts. LINK:

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There is an app that allows drivers to turn their phone into a breathalyzer.

The classic can of Pringles chips is one of the most recognizable snack food packages out there. But if the thought of getting your hand stuck in one of them keeps you up at night, the mustachioed mascot has good news. Pringles is ditching its iconic can for the first time in over 15 years (since the introduction of Mini Pringles), to launch a new bagged snack. “Pringles Mingles” are Pringles’ first-ever puffed snacks (think Cheetos). The new corn-based puff still boasts the same flavors as Pringles chips, but each bag combines 2 popular flavors into one puffy snack: Dill Pickle & Ranch, Cheddar & Sour Cream, and Sharp White Cheddar & Ranch. And in keeping with the brand’s theme, each puff is shaped…like a bowtie.

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Mice can fit through a hole the size of a ballpoint pen.

A dragonfly has a lifespan of 24 hours.

Depending on who is sniffing, a man’s sweat can smell like urine, flowers, vanilla…or sweat.

The jugular vein is an artery, not a vein.

Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries do.


1 in 9 people say they have considered moving for THIS reason. What is it?

Answer: Bad cell or internet service

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The council of a county in England, has decided to remove apostrophes from street signs. Why? According to the North Yorkshire officials, punctuation marks have the potential of causing confusion in computer databases. Moving forward, the plan is for all new street signs to be produced without apostrophes, regardless of whether they were used in the past. As an example, picture “St. Mary’s” without the possessive punctuation. And some residents aren’t too happy about the change. Grammar purists say they see it as a ‘sign’ (pardon the pun!) of falling standards. What’s more, some locals have even gone as far as to “grammar-graffiti” the apostrophes back onto the signs.

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thank goodness it’s raining so my laziness is justified, my nap is encouraged, and my gluttony is applauded – Heauz Pro Boner

The secret to work life balance is generational wealth – Kay

therapist: you seem manic. me: well it is Monday — RiotGrlErin

Do you panic that you’re choosing the wrong answer during an eye exam or are you normal. – OneAwkwardMom

In my 20s I used to have a mustang and I never washed it so I called it the disgustang. – itssherifield

my problem is I reward myself for not wasting money on a little treat by getting a little treat – vision bored

The British really got it right with knackered. Just like yeah. That’s the feeling. – AB

grabbing dinner w ur friend is like: omg these fries r epic. also I cried myself to sleep last night. Can u pass the ketchup. You won’t believe who’s crawled back into my DMs. Are you down to try this new spot? tom? I hate him. The weather was so nice today – NourFarouk1

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Every day I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America. If I’m not there, I go to work.” —Robert Orben

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'It Was Nice To See Them Smile': 10-Year-Old Spreads Joy On Mother's Day