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May 7th

Beaufort Scale Day

Bladder Cancer Awareness Day

International Dawn Chorus Day

Love’s Baby Soft Day

National Barrier Awareness Day

National Cosmopolitan Day

National Packaging Design Day

National Paste-Up Day

National Roast Leg Of Lamb Day

Childhood Depression Awareness Day

National Concert Day

National Foster Care Day

National Teacher Appreciation Day

National Tourism Day

Poem on Your Pillow Day

Teacher’s Day

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Norway’s ban on smartphone use in schools ban is working, according to a new report. An analysis by the Norwegian Institute of Health found that middle school students have been feeling mentally healthier and performing better academically since a public health initiative banned smartphones in schools. After 3 years of the policy, girls’ GPAs increased, and visits to mental health professionals decreased by 60%. Girls from lower-income families benefited the most. Boys? While there wasn’t much effect on boys’ academic achievement, both boys and girls experienced about 45% less bullying after the cell phones were put away.

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The first roller coaster was used to transport coal down a hill. After people found that it could reach speeds up to 50 miles per hour, tourists asked to ride on it for a few cents.


The “Sex and the City” revival is coming up Rosie. Rosie O’Donnell has joined the cast of “And Just Like That…” for the series’ upcoming third season. She’ll play the role of a new character named ‘Mary’. On Instagram, O’Donnell posted a photo of her script and a selfie, writing: “Here comes mary #andjustlikethat @hbo”. Her character will appear in the season premiere, titled “Outlook Good.” LINK:

Jerry Seinfeld says he’s tickled with how “Curb Your Enthusiasm” ended. The show riffed on the divisive series finale of “Seinfeld” by putting Larry David in prison, but in the final moments, David, joined by Seinfeld, walked out of jail and mentioned this is how Seinfeld should have ended. It was a nod to that show’s series finale, which put all the main characters in prison and kept them there. Seinfeld revealed that he and David hatched the “Curb” ending “very late on a Friday”, and felt like it was the “perfect joke.” Quote: “It’s not vindication. It’s more executing a joke with a 25-year lag between the setup and the punchline. That’s just a comedic glory.”

For the ageless wonder that is Cher, the beat goes on at 77. And she has some very simple reasons for dating younger men, like her current boyfriend, music producer Alexander “AE” Edwards — who, at 38, is 39 years her junior. She explained on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” that, quote: “The reason I go out with young men is because men my age or older — well, now they’re all dead.” She also said that men have always been “terrified to approach” her, but younger men were the only ones that [did].”

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A company has developed a bracelet that reminds you to drink water.

There’s a new wedding trend happening these days, and it’ll cost you even more than having an open bar. And I’m pretty sure it’s even tackier than sending guests home with seed packets bearing a saying about your love growing. It involves hiring a guy to dress up like a robot and blast drunken guests with cold air from a giant, futuristic gun. For $500-$1,200 an hour, you could hire “Party Robot”, a hulking Terminator-style robot with built-in party lights, who claims to keep the energy high on the wedding dance floor, making it feel like a Vegas nightclub. Party Robot also blasts a carbon-dioxide cannon of cold fog at guests, and lets the bride and groom take a few turns with it. Made by a Chinese robotics company and piloted by a human on stilts, the Party Robot has become popular at weddings among a certain…um…demographic on Long Island, NY, and in other cities. A report in the Washington Post mentions that the Party Robot also requires a “human bodyguard”, because it sometimes falls, hurting the human inside. Oh, and “Drunk people love Party Robot”. LINK:

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Cocktails became popular during prohibition when juices were added to bootleg liquor to disguise the taste of ingredients such as dead rat and wood tar.

15 minutes of shivering from cold temperatures can be the metabolic equivalent of 1 hour of exercise.

Right-handed people chew most of their food on the right side of their mouth, whereas left-handed people do so on the left.

Having a sarcastic friend can boost your creativity.


65% of women don’t trust their man to do THIS. What is it?

Answer: Repair their car

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The California Highway Patrol has shared an Instagram post showing a driver trying to use a dummy resembling rapper Snoop Dogg as a passenger, in order to drive in the carpool lane. Alongside a pic of the dummy, who wore a black hoodie and black sunglasses, the post reads: “We’ve gotta give it to them, the appearance is next level modeling but at the end of the day … plastic is plastic.” It goes on to say that an officer stopped the vehicle for crossing solid double lines, “only to realize the driver was the only occupant in the vehicle, with their plastic friend. The goatee was sharp … just a little too sharp.” The driver was given a citation for “multiple carpool violations”. LINK:

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I’ll totally explain this hairstyle at the reunion.

Do they have more accommodating trash bins to be stuffed in, in college?

If at first you don’t succeed, transfer to Mr. Wilson’s 5th Period class. He’ll give anyone a C.

Best 6 years of my life!

If you’re still single, look me up in 10 years.

I never seem to finish what I sta…

I’ve had a great year. But it sure wasn’t this one.

See everyone next fall in the school of hard knocks!

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I’m not allowed within 300 feet of a school, yet here I am!

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Hospital Security Guard Gives Shoes Straight Off His Feet To Patient In Need