Show Notes for Friday, June 21, 2024

Today we visit with Gene Pope and Mel Harris about their funny and touching new film Queen of Knives. The film stars Mel Harris – who starred in the acclaimed, Emmy Award-winning series Thirtysomething – and Gene Pope (who also wrote and produced the film). Gene plays Frank Benetto, a former ad man enduring a mid-life crisis, while Mel plays his long-suffering wife, Kathy, who wants out of their marriage. Meanwhile, their adult children are on their own trying to forge their own paths. Eventually the Brooklyn-based family reunites for a fateful dinner at their former home, with surprise visitors and unintended consequences, that leads to a new chapter in their lives.

See the trailer:

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June 21st

Atheist Solidarity Day

FĂȘte De La Musique

Go Skateboarding Day

International Yoga Day

Make Music Day

National Aboriginal Day

National Cookie Dough Day

National Day Of The Gong

National Dog Party Day

National Peaches ‘N Cream Day

National Selfie Day

National Smoothie Day

World Giraffe Day

World Humanist Day

World Hydrography Day

World Motorcycle Day

World Peace And Prayer Day

National Day Of Prayer For Law Enforcement Officers

National Flip Flop Day

National Take Back The Lunch Break Day

National Take Your Dog To Work Day

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A new report has concluded that going cashless leads to spending more. With the popularity of credit cards, mobile wallets, and Buy-Now-Pay-Later schemes, more and more consumers are ditching physical money for the convenience of cashless payments. University of Adelaide researchers said they were surprised to find that “cashless payments do not necessarily lead to greater tips or donations, in comparison to cash”, but consumers do indeed spend more when using digital payment methods compared to cash. The researchers said that knowing this can help empower us to make more informed purchasing decisions.

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The small indents in the bottom of frozen pizzas are there to prevent air bubbles from forming inside the dough.


Jon Stewart is doing some overtime. The comedian, who hosts “The Daily Show” on Mondays, will host 2 live episodes following the Presidential debates. He’ll host on Thursday, June 27 and Tuesday, September 10 after the debates between President Biden and former President Trump. Those will be part of The Daily Show’s “Indecision 2024” election coverage, which also includes the show’s visits to both the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee from July 15-18 and the Democratic National Convention in Chicago August 19-22, where full weeks of shows will be taped.

In celebration of today’s release of Disney and Pixar’s “Inside Out 2”, Airbnb is offering fans a cool opportunity to stay at Riley’s Headquarters. The rental service is offering up the chance to stay at a Vegas residence which replicates Riley’s “emotional control center” from the animated movie. The pad boasts unparalleled views of Vegas, and the chance for fans to ponder their emotions with a tour of Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, Fear, Anxiety, Ennui, Envy, and Embarrassment’s headquarters. There’s also a scavenger hunt to unlock new emotions. Booking opens on Tuesday. LINK:

Don’t be afraid to catch feelings. Disney and Pixar’s “Inside Out 2” scored the biggest box office opening day of the year so far, earning a spectacular $62 million domestically. It also had no trouble blasting past the $82.5 million debut weekend earned by “Dune: Part Two”, to become the biggest domestic opening of 2024. With a projected weekend take of $155 million, it’ll also be the first release to open above $100 million in North America since “Barbie” last summer.

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Scientists say strawberries and blueberries slow memory decline.

When traveling on an airplane, there are some behaviors that are definitely unacceptable, such as cutting one’s toenails, and others that are up for debate, such as reclining the seat. Perhaps in an effort at settling the debate on some of these, the polling site YouGov recently asked people about what airplane behaviors they consider OK…and which ones are simply rude. The results:

The absolute worst thing you can do while aboard a plane is to let your kids play in the aisle. 86% agreed this is unacceptable.

82% also said it is unacceptable to get drunk.

74% consider it unacceptable to use both armrests when someone is sitting next to you.

65% feel it is unacceptable to exit the plane before those in the row in front of you.

72% said it is perfectly acceptable to wake up a seatmate to use the bathroom.

51% feel it is acceptable to ask to switch seats with another passenger.

• …and if you can believe it, 52% said they think it is OK to put small items like a purse or jacket in the overhead compartment on a full flight!

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Germany’s twist on Father’s Day is called MĂ€nnertag. Instead of breakfast in bed, in some parts of the country, men pile wagons high with beer and set off on long, boozy jaunts through town.

There are more stars in space than there are grains of sand on every beach in the world.

Beeping alarm clocks have been known to cause heart attacks.

Shopping releases endorphins that temporarily reduce stress, boost self-esteem, and moderate pain.


According to a survey, burgers and sausage are the 2 most popular barbecue dishes. What is third?

Answer: Kabobs

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Despite hiring more than 100 new workers, the Pittsburgh Department of Public Works still has not turned on the public water fountains – and may not get to most of them all summer. The city has more than 200 water fountains, which are normally turned on in late April, but none of those 100 new city workers are capable of activating the waterworks. The Public Works Director told a TV station that currently, just one plumber works for the city. Because the city hasn’t been able to fill the other 2 vacant plumber positions, the fountains remain dry, while that worker works on filling pools and other duties. When those jobs are complete, he’ll start turning on fountains, until the time comes to begin turning them off for fall.

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And why bosses don’t like them…

☞ “Think outside the box”: It is so overused that it hardly carries meaning anymore. Try explaining exactly what type of innovative approach you’re suggesting…or just say “be creative”.

☞ “Synergy”: It’s short on specifics regarding what is being “synergized”, and how people are supposed to create synergy. Try using more specific language, like “collaboration,” or “team effort”.

☞ “Leverage”: It originated as a way to describe strategic use of resources to maximize outcomes, but now it has become an unspecific catch-all term. Try “utilize” or “capitalize on”.

☞ “Circle back”: It is so common that now it can sound dismissive, insincere, or unclear. Consider: “follow up,” “revisit,” or “check back in”.

☞ “Low-hanging fruit”: It’s an awkward metaphor that can sound glib. Also, it’s overused. Maybe go with “easy wins”, or “readily attainable goals.” (I cringe every time this phrase is used. Which means I cringe at every meeting!)

☞ “Move the needle”: Another vague and overused term. Try “make an impact,” “drive progress,” or “advance our goals.”

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My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what I start. So far I’ve finished two bags of M&Ms and a chocolate cake. I feel better already.” —Dave Barry

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Miracle Birth: Rare Elephant Twins Thriving