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Today we visit with comedian/actress/writer Ilana Glazer.
She co-created and co-starred, with Abbi Jacobson, in the Comedy Central series Broad City, which is based on the web series of the same name. She was twice nominated for the Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Actress in a Comedy Series for the series. Her new film BABES is about her character being pregnant from a one-night-stand, Eden leans on her best friend and mother of two, Dawn, to guide her through gestation and beyond.



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June 19th

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International Day For The Elimination Of Sexual Violence In Conflict

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A University of Toronto study of the medical records of more than 700,000 patients found that hospitals with a higher proportion of female anesthesiologists and surgeons had slightly better surgery outcomes. Patients treated at hospitals with more than 35% women in those roles had a 3% lower chance of experiencing a major complication. Three percent might not sound like a lot, but when the sheer volume of surgeries performed each year is considered, that adds up to a significant number of patients who could potentially be spared from complications if health facilities had more gender-diverse operating staff.

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Rowan Atkinson – also known as Mr. Bean – is the voice of Zazu in The Lion King.


The 8G Band has been a staple at “Late Night” since Seth Meyers took the show over from Jimmy Fallon in 2014 — but budget cuts at NBC mean that when the show comes back for its 12th season in September, the band will be out. The group is led by former “SNL” star Fred Armisen. Keyboardist Eli Janney who’s also the show’s associate musical director, said in an interview that “Late Night With Seth Meyers” is set to undergo a “revamp”, that will include saying farewell to the 8G Band, named for the studio the show films in New York.

Survivor” is counting down to its 50th season. CBS just finished airing Season 46, but the network is already planning a celebration for Season 50, which will start shooting next spring. CBS Entertainment President Amy Reisenbach said: “I would consider it kind of a year-long celebration…it’d be the first time in the new era that will have returning players.” She also said that she feels the show can go on “for a really long time.”

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The Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, is now on at the Convention Center in Los Angeles.

Nothing ruins a nice meal out more than having to YELL to talk to the person sitting across from you. And now, there is scientific evidence that loud noises at restaurants don’t just ruin conversations – they also influence what you order. SoundPrint, a smartphone app that tracks decibel levels in public places, used its data collected in 2023 to determine that 63% of restaurants were too loud for conversation. And not only can loud restaurants (and other public places) cause long-term hearing loss for customers and staff, it has an effect on how you eat. Research says that people tend to drink more in louder environments – and in a shorter period of time. This can speed up table turnover, and increase profits overall. Also, one researcher noted: “If it’s very loud, it’s almost the opposite of mindful eating.” That means louder music may distract diners from how full they are feeling — and cause them to consume more than they intended. In addition, overeating may be a way of dealing with the awkwardness of not being able to talk to your companion.

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Relative to their bodies, Chihuahuas have the biggest brains in the dog world.

China owns all of the pandas in the world.

From the Middle Ages until the 18th century, a barber’s duties also included dentistry, blood letting, minor operations and bone-setting.

Avocados never ripen on the tree.


The average man will do THIS 2340 times in their lifetime. What is it?

Answer: Mow the lawn

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I hate to say I told you so, but… An experiment to see if palm trees could survive the fickle and often-wintery weather of Halifax, Nova Scotia has come to an end – just the way you’re probably thinking it did. In 2018, the city planted 9 palm trees near Halifax Harbour, choosing varieties grown in more northerly areas of Japan and China, or in high-altitude areas such as northern India. But alas, the Maritime winters proved to be too much for the trees. Five died by 2022, despite efforts to protect them, including insulating the trunks, and repotting leaves inside during the cold months. Two trees died early on in the experiment, and the last 2 trees failed to bloom this spring. And before you wonder what kind of plants the powers-that-be must have been smoking when they decided to grow palm trees in Canada, note that Halifax has had success in the past with cultivating coffee, pineapple and agave plants.

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It seems like certain actors were simply destined to play certain roles. But these stars came oh-so-close to signing on for famous films…

Tom Selleck in Indiana Jones: Initially, Selleck was eyed to play the fedora-wearing hero, and had even completed a screen test for the part. Ultimately, he was unable to commit due to his work on “Magnum P.I.”. George Lucas eventually allowed his “Star Wars” colleague Harrison Ford to audition for the part…and the rest is history.

Christina Applegate in Legally Blonde: Reese Witherspoon is renowned for playing socialite ‘Elle Woods’, but Applegate had turned down the role because she felt it was too similar to her role in TV’s “Married … With Children”.

Harry Styles in The Little Mermaid: The One Direction singer decided against playing ‘Prince Eric’ in the 2023 remake because he wanted to work on “darker” projects. Jonah Hauer-King was later cast in the role to star alongside Halle Bailey.

Halle Berry in Speed: She was almost cast in the 1994 action thriller that eventually starred Sandra Bullock alongside Keanu Reeves – about a bus that will explode if it drops below 50mph. But as she later put it: “I stupidly said no. But in my defence, when I read the script, the bus didn’t leave the parking lot.”

Michelle Pfeiffer in The Silence of the Lambs: After working with director Jonathan Demme on 1988’s “Married to the Mob”, Pfeiffer was offered the role of ‘Clarice Starling’, but decided the movie was too “evil” for her. The part went to Jodie Foster…and so did the ‘Best Actress’ Oscar.

John Krasinski in Captain America: The First Avenger: Before Chris Evans landed the part, Krasinski auditioned to play the star-spangled hero. He ultimately decided his physique wouldn’t look very good next to superhero counterpart Chris Hemsworth, who played ‘Thor’.

Britney Spears in The Notebook: After being chosen ahead of Scarlett Johansson, Claire Danes and Jessica Biel, Spears and Rachel McAdams were the final 2 in contention for the ‘Allie Hamilton’ role. Despite a “phenomenal” audition, Britney didn’t land it, but she was OK with that, because it gave her more time to work on her “In the Zone” album.

Leonardo DiCaprio in Boogie Nights: Before Mark Wahlberg landed his break-out role as ‘Dirk Diggler’, the part was offered to Leo. But he turned it down because a “Titanic” opportunity presented itself, courtesy of James Cameron. Still, he later reflected: “Boogie Nights is a movie I loved and I wish I would’ve done.” (This one actually might have worked!)

Madonna in The Matrix: She was offered the chance appear in the sci-fi classic alongside Keanu Reeves, but rejected the role, presumably the part of ‘Trinity’ taken by Carrie-Anne Moss. Madonna quote: “Can you believe that? That’s, like, one of the best movies ever made.”

Jake Gyllenhaal in Spider-Man 2: He nearly replaced Tobey Maguire as the web-slinger, after the latter suffered a back injury and was advised not to do the project. However, Maguire made a quick recovery and was able to do it. But Gyllenhaal isn’t disappointed. Quote: “The truth of the matter is, in the end, [Tobey Maguire is] Spider-Man.”

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Life is hard. After all, it kills you.” —Katharine Hepburn

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Two Strangers Save Family Of Three In 'Miracle' Rescue On Colorado River