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This #MovieStarMonday we visit with Barry Corbin (Urban Cowboy, War Games, Northern Exposure, Yellowstone, The Ranch and Tulsa King)

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Who know? Art is good for you. In response to a growing body of evidence that art, in whatever form, can radically improve both physical and mental health, more health care practitioners are prescribing arts engagement as part of treating a wide array of conditions, including: obesity, heart disease, chronic pain, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, loneliness and depression. New research shows that art experiences, whether as a creator or a beholder, can actually rewire our brains and trigger the release of neurochemicals, hormones and endorphins.

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Your nose is always visible to you. Your mind ignores it through a process called Unconscious Selective Attention.


A sequel to Mel Brooks’ 1987 comedy “Spaceballs” is in development. Josh Gad, best known for his work on Broadway in “The Book of Mormon” is set to star, and will produce alongside Brooks. Plot details are being kept under wraps. The original film starred Bill Pullman, John Candy and Rick Moranis in a parody of both the “Star Wars” franchise and other popular sci-fi franchises like “Star Trek” and “Alien.”

Will Smith has an awards show gig lined up — but it’s definitely not at the Oscars. The rapper and actor is set to perform a new song during the 2024 BET Awards. In making the announcement, the network said: “From his start as a rapper to the Fresh Prince to being a box office king as one of the Bad Boys, Will Smith is truly a global icon, and we are honored to welcome him back to grace the BET Awards stage”. The BET Awards will air live on Sunday, and will be hosted once again by Taraji P. Henson.

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I’m not saying this is what YOUR kid wants to be doing this summer, but just so you know, a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Hammond, Louisiana, is offering its own spin on a “summer camp” where kids between the ages of 5-12 can learn the chicken sandwich business – for just $35 each. Sounds exciting, huh? Now, before you get all concerned about the thought of a 9-year-old working a deep-fryer, note that the kids won’t be doing any of the cooking. Chick-fil-A says their 3-hour program involves teaching children customer service skills. Employees will act as counselors, giving a kitchen tour and showing the kids how to bag an order. And of course, they’ll have a chance to meet the Chick-fil-A cow. Interest in the program is so high that the first 3 sessions of the service-industry fantasy camp in July were expanded to 6. And this isn’t the first program of its sort. A Chick-fil-A in Houston started the program 6 years ago, and still runs it annually. LINK:

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Coral can be found around the tops of some Alaskan mountains.

The word ‘idiot’ comes from a Greek legal term meaning “one who doesn’t vote”.

There is an 84% chance that if you’re 16 or older, you’ve already met the person you’ll marry.

Women find men more attractive when they get attention from other women.


Relative to the internet, what does “URL” stand for?

A: Uniform resource locator

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With Christmas behind us, we are now seeing stores stocked with items for upcoming holidays, and that ultimately led to the arrest of our bozo for today from Tarpon Springs, Florida. Apparently bozo John Richardson was in line to check out at the local Circle K when he suddenly became irate. As the cashier tried to complete the transaction, our bozo switched checkout lines and handed his money to another clerk. He then picked up a chocolate Easter egg and hurled it at the first cashier. But he wasn’t done, as he then jumped over the counter and continued to pummel the poor employee with the chocolate confection. Cops were called and Peter Cottontail was tracked down and arrested, charged with battery, and booked into the county jail.

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Perry officially exited the show after last month’s Season 22 finale. Here are the top pop star candidates to replace her, according to entertainment site The Wrap . . .

Meghan Trainor: The ‘All About That Bass’ singer has been practically begging for the opportunity to work on her “favorite show” and have “her dream job”. She guest-judged on “Australian Idol” in 2023.

Fantasia: She’s back in the public eye following her Oscar-nominated performance in the 2023 musical adaptation of “The Color Purple. The “Idol” Season 3 winner came back to the show last season to speak to the finalists.

Carrie Underwood: The Season 4 winner is another “Idol” success story who could take a seat at the judge’s table.

Maren Morris: The Grammy Award winner was rejected from “American Idol” after auditioning as a teen, but has since said she sees it as “poetic justice” when people audition using her songs on the show.

Pink: She’d probably be great, but is admittedly hesitant about joining the judging table. She said to ET: “I don’t like hurting people’s feelings. I like my day job.”

Miley Cyrus: The Grammy winner has said that tour life is not for her. So why not the judging panel? Served as a guest judge in 2010.

Jennifer Hudson: Though not an “Idol” winner, the “Dreamgirls” star is one of the biggest names to come out of the show. She placed 7th in 2004, but 20 years later, she’s an EGOT winner, and hosts her own talk show.

Jennifer Lopez: She was a judge on Seasons 10, 11, and 13-15. Although she said recently that she “feels like she did it” already, it seems her schedule has opened up a bit lately…

Jordin Sparks: The youngest winner in “Idol” history, at age 17, has already put her “name in the hat” to fill Perry’s seat. The ‘No Air’ singer does not have any upcoming projects announced.

Bishop Briggs: The ‘River’ artist sang with season 22 winner Abi Carter on the grand finale. The frequent “Idol” guest also competed in Season 9 of “The Masked Singer”.

Bebe Rexha: The ‘Meant to Be’ singer came back to “Idol” after auditioning (and being rejected) years prior. She served as mentor on Seasons 16 and 20.

Alicia Keys: After producing a Tony Award-nominated musical inspired by her life story, she might be ready to get back in the judging seat. She was a coach on “The Voice” for Seasons 11, 12 and 14.

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She Bought A Vase At A Thrift Store For $4—Turns Out It's An Ancient Mayan Ceremonial Urn