Monday May 14, 2018

Show Notes for Monday May 14, 2018
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"Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in." --Bill Bradley

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Former Sex and the City star turned Gubernatorial Candidate Cynthia 
Nixon says she wants to give marijuana licenses to black communities 
as a form of reparations. (

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27-year-old Tyler Jon Marrone of Columbus, Ohio has been arrested after flying 
out to Florida with the intention of smoking a joint with President Donald Trump. 
Marrone reportedly flew to Palm Springs International Airport hoping to meet up 
with the president at his Mar-a-Lago resort. Marrone had made the journey on 
the same day that Trump was hosting Japanese president Shinzo Abe in Palm 
Beach. According to a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office arrest affidavit, 
Marrone purchased his plane ticket after finding a credit card and “thought 
it was a gift from God.” He added that he wanted to smoke marijuana with 
the President and talk about “the static and frequency feedback that I 
constantly hear emanating from my basement.” He was arrested at the 
airport after being flagged up by the U.S. Secret Service following comments 
he made about Trump. After being stopped by authorities, he was also found 
to be in possession of a white substance which later proved to be 
methamphetamine. (

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Adele celebrated her 30th birthday by having a Titanic themed party.

Kristen Dunst gave birth to a baby boy with “Friday Night Lights” alum Jesse Plemons. Dunst said that she “has been working since she was 3. It is time to have babies and chill.” (
Disney lost over $100 million dollars on Oprah Winfrey’s recent movie, A Wrinkle In Time. 

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A Virginia company is being sued for selling $25,000 service dogs that were really just untrained puppies who didn’t even know how to walk on a leash. (
A stewardess on British Airlines claims that first class passengers often pay to have sex with flight attendants. (

A photogenic Gorilla named Richard who lives at the Prague Zoo is going viral because he poses for the camera just like a human. (
UBER has unveiled a new line of flying taxis that they claim will be affordable to normal people. (
A study by Lancaster University found that posting a selfie online everyday will improve your emotional wellbeing. (
A bride had her arm bitten off by a crocodile just days before her wedding in Zimbabwe but was still able to take part in the ceremony.(

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60.7 percent of eligible voters participated in the 2004 presidential election, the highest percentage in 36 years. However, more than 78 million did not vote. This means President Bush was re-elected by less than 31% of all eligible voters in the United States.

David Bowie used to think he was being stalked by someone who is dressed like a giant pink rabbit. Bowie noticed the fan at several recent concerts, but became alarmed when he got on a plane and the bunny was also on board.

The Grandiloquent Word of the Day

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Sirenize (SYI-ren-ize)
-To bewitch, allure or enchant.
-To allure, esp by melodious singing.
-To use the enticements of a siren; to act as a siren; to fascinate.

From Siren - “a sea nymph who by her singing lures sailors to their destruction," from Old French sereine (12c., Modern French sirène) and directly from Latin Siren (Late Latin Sirena), from Greek Seiren - one of the Seirenes, mythical sisters who enticed sailors to their deaths with their songs, also in Greek "a deceitful woman," perhaps literally "binder, entangler," from “seira" meaning cord or rope.

Used in a sentence:
“The lachrymogenic Lulubelle LeBelle, a rather melismatic busker, known locally as the subway sirenizer, would make more money if only she were more melodious than malodorous.”
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A Dorchester, Massachusetts man named Kevin Crowe who stopped his car in traffic and climbed onto the roof of a school bus on the Mass Pike in Newton claimed he just wanted to make sure everyone on board was okay. The bizarre incident, which was captured on the bus dash-cam, happened as other motorists were passing by. Crowe could be seen stopping in the middle travel lane, forcing the school bus traveling behind him to stop. He then proceeded to get out of his car and try to gain access to the bus, only to be denied entry by driver Joe Rizoli. When the bus driver attempted to drive away, Crowe walked in front of the bus, jumped up on the hood, and started yelling at the driver. Rizoli said Crowe yelled at him, “Why are your windows dark?!” Crowe said, “After confirming everyone on the bus was alright, I allowed the bus driver to proceed down the highway.” State police have submitted a request to the Registry of Motor Vehicles for an Immediate Threat License Suspension/Revocation. (

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Authorities say a man sent to state prison for bank robbery has robbed the same Cleveland bank branch the day after his release. Federal prosecutors in Cleveland say 40-year-old Markiko Sonnie Lewis was indicted this week on a single count of bank robbery for robbing a Cleveland Key Bank branch on April 12th. Prosecutors say he took just over $1,000. Lewis, of Maple Heights, was sentenced to 30 months in prison in April 2016, including time already served, after pleading guilty to robbing the same bank branch in November 2015. He was released on April 11th. (

Is this story "Fake News" or something that actually happened in Florida.

A mom was busted for shoplifting after she stuffed jewelry into her rectum at a Wal Mart FAKE NEWS - (Thank you Jamie) A man sat on a gun and accidentally shot himself in the genitals FLORIDA - ( A homeless Florida man was arrested for allegedly attempting to steal an airplane! FLORIDA - (
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Aging Chefs Find a Way to Serve, Instead of Slaving on Their Feet for Long Hours LINK TO STORY