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#MovieStarMonday with Dave Thomas! We'll chat with this SCTV & Saturday Night Live alum about how he got his start... and visit about his hit movie "Strange Brew"... and the iconic characters "The McKenzie Brothers"

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A man found something a little fishy while out on the ocean off the Florida coast. No, it wasn't fish. Photographer Jorge Bustamante posted a photo to Instagram showing his unique discovery -- a floating brick of marijuana. "Got an early birthday gift from Pablo Escobar..." he joked. Bustamante said he found the pot floating in the weed line along with some mahi and kingfish Monday morning while out fishing near Pompano Beach, which is located north of Fort Lauderdale. According to the Sun Sentinel,  Bustamante notified the Coast Guard and said personnel arrived on scene, confirmed it was indeed marijuana, and it was then turned over to the agency. It's unknown at this time where the estimated kilogram of pot came from or how long it had been in the ocean. He called it "a trip we won't forget for a long time."

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Police in Bow and Concord, two separate towns located in New Hampshire, said they arrested the same man hours apart on charges of driving under the influence. 33-year-old Benjamin Benoit was arrested last Thursday afternoon after police received a report of a person at a Bow gas station falling asleep in the driver's seat of a car. Benoit was arrested again early Friday morning in Concord after another report was made about a person passed out in a vehicle at a gas station. Concord police said the car Benoit was in was stolen from the owner's place of employment in Pembroke. Benoit is facing multiple charges, including driving under the influence, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of stolen property. He is scheduled to appear in Merrimack County Superior Court on the Bow charges on July 5 and on the Concord charges on July 12.
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The iconic pooch that portrayed "Duke" the golden retriever in Bush's Baked Beans commercials has died. The dog actor's whose real name is "Sam" died last week. Knoxville-based Bush's Beans confirmed the passing of the "spokesdog" in a post on Facebook: “The relationship between Jay and his beloved dog Duke is the embodiment of the Bush's brand and has been part of our family story for more than 20 years. During that time, we've worked closely with several dogs who portrayed Duke in our commercials, including Sam. While Sam was not featured in our latest advertisements, we are saddened by the news of his passing and are grateful to have had him depict Duke.” duke
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Knoxville firefighters say distracted drivers force them to move slower while responding to calls and it puts first responders in danger. They say people driving while on their phones or listening to music too loud do not see fire trucks coming. "It’s not only dangerous for us, it’s dangerous for the people texting because if we can’t get stopped and we do have an accident, our truck is a lot bigger, heavier, we’re going to cause some damage to their vehicle," said Patricia Perrin, a firefighter and paramedic with the Knoxville Fire Department. The firefighters experience the close calls every day, even with their lights and sirens on. "We’re trying to get to help other people and, in turn, if people are not paying attention to us or what they’re doing and we get in an accident, then we could hurt somebody on the way." 10 News tagged along with the team at Knoxville Fire Station 20. Within the first five minutes responding to a fire alarm, we had a close call with a driver who seemed to not even notice the truck, the lights, or the siren. "You have to watch the intersection before you get to it. You can tell from a hundred yards away that they’re not going to stop," said John Stoehr a firefighter with the Knoxville Fire Department. "I pay close attention to people who aren't paying attention." The trucks are equipped with sirens, lights, and horns to help warn drivers they are coming. A new system sends low frequency waves that vibrate cars and may help get the attention of distracted drivers. All of KFD’s new trucks have that system on board. "Every car in an intersection will notice that we’re coming and there’ll be this one car that doesn't. They’re just distracted," said Stoehr. As they race to fires, overdoses, and everything in between, every second counts. Safety, for everyone, is the number one priority. "If we’re going to a house fire, those grow and double with every second that we’re not there," said Perrin.

Police officers often say there's no such thing as a routine traffic stop.
While officers often encounter unexpected dangers when they approach a driver on the side of the road, they sometimes encounter unexpected humor, as well. That's what happened to Greene County Sheriff's Deputy Tommy Connell on a recent episode of the A&E television series "Live PD." 
Connell stopped a man for not using a turn signal and having expired tags on the June 16 episode of the show that embeds cameramen with police departments across the country during nighttime patrol. After Connell approached the man and searched him for weapons, the deputy noticed a string attached to the man's windshield wipers that ran inside the vehicle. "What is that?" Connell asked. The man, whose face was blurred on the broadcast, said his windshield wiper motor was not working, so he tied a string to the wiper blades and was able to pull them back and forth as he drove. Connell asked for a demonstration, and the man happily climbed back into the car and showed off his technique.
"Very innovative," Connell remarked. The deputy, evidently impressed with the man's ingenuity, let the man go with a warning and instructions to fix his wipers and get his vehicle registered. Afterward, Connell told the camera he liked the man's style but it was not a long-term solution. "I was pretty impressed how he MacGyvered it up," Connell said.
"We let him go with a warning on it, but it's not proper for him to be doing it that way."

A weird metal object that washed up on a beach in North Carolina has left both residents and officials stumped. The odd debris first appeared along the shore of the town of Corolla at the start of the year following a series of winter storms. It subsequently sat in the sand for the next six months or so, seemingly without anyone really paying much attention to it.
However with summer now in full bloom and the popular tourist destination welcoming a number of visitors to the area, the strange object has captured the attention and imagination of the community. The enigmatic piece sports a solar-powered light, which amazingly still works, extending from a pole near the center of the object. Aside from that detail, there is little about the object that indicates where it came for or what it purpose may have been.
As one can imagine, speculation about the nature of the object has run the gamut of possibilities. Some have proposed a prosaic explanation, such as that it is simply a mundane piece of equipment from a ship or perhaps a buoy, while others have offered more fantastic suggestions, including that it came from Russia or even outer space. There are even a few who have noted that what we are seeing could merely be a glimpse of something much larger that is buried on the beach. According to one local website, a spokesperson for the National Park Service has conceded that they "don't know what the object is." Meanwhile, a different media outlet determined that neither the Navy nor the Army Corp of Engineers have taken ownership of the orphaned object. And its position in the sand has made removing the object, should someone step up to do so, a particularly difficult task. To that end, with tourists expected to swarm the area over the next few months, the community may, at this point, be less concerned about the mystery surrounding the object and more worried about getting rid of it. Alas, until someone steps forward to claim the object, they just may be stuck with it. Do you have a guess as to what the piece may be?

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Rocky Marciano is th
e only heavyweight boxing champion to finish his career of 49 fights without ever having been defeated.
ou would find the Cresta Run in Switzerland.
Bjorn Borg has won the Men's Tennis Singles at Wimbledon f
ive times!
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Churlish (CHUR-lish)
-Rude, vulgar or boorish.

The word used to mean, simply, a peasant. And before that, (in Old Norse, as 'karl') it just meant 'a man.' Interestingly, this is the root word from which we derive the name Carl, Charles and Caroline.

Used in a sentence:
“If you don’t stop acting so churlish, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” 

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Kevin Louis rides his bike all of the time. What happened to him around 4 a.m. last Tuesday morning near Gentilly Boulevard and Elysian Fields last Tuesday caught him by surprise. "I see the police officer in the Rite Aid parking lot, so I pass him and I come to this side right here on Gentilly and I'm biking this way going there," Louis said. The officers threw on their lights and told him he was riding down the wrong way. According to Louis, they asked him why he didn't have any lights and for his bike registration. When Louis told him he didn't have any, they gave him a ticket. "He said if you get you some lights and registration, when you go to court, the ticket should be reduced or dropped," Louis said.
Louis says the next day, he looked at the cost of the ticket and was shocked to see that we have given four offenses totaling nearly $1,000. "Once I saw that it was $920, I was like whoa," Louis said. NOPD charged him with "improper lane usage, traffic laws apply to person riding bicycles, bicycle equipment, and bicycle registration required." "That's more than my rent. That's more than a number of different things," Louis said. "I think the police has a lot of discretion in terms of issuing a citation," Charlie Thomas, Louis' attorney said. Thomas works with the firm Huber, Thomas and Marcelle. They are statewide attorneys for bike law. He is calling the prices for these citations outrageous and believes there is no use registration ordinance in the city. "Even though NOPD might have your bicycle information on file, we're unaware of any circumstance where this has led to the recovery of a stolen bike or really any sort of benefit," Thomas said. Eyewitness News reached out to the NOPD, which says it is their role to enforce existing laws. A spokesperson also says bicyclists can and will be cited if they're found violating any laws. Louis says he did get a phone call from the NOPD and an email from Mayor LaToya Cantrell.  Louis says he realizes he was going the wrong way. "I'm willing to pay a fine for that. But $300!? Twice too! It feels like I'm being extorted. I thought that was super excessive." The NOPD also says the City council unanimously passed the biking ordinance last year. The NOPD arguing they are merely enforcing the laws that are currently on the books. The NOPD also says there are several places you can properly register your bikes across the city.

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A woman in Ellis County is seeking $1 million in damages from a Waxahachie buffet, claiming she got ‘Fried Rice Syndrome’ after eating there. The woman, 62-year-old Germaine Mobley, says she went to eat at Asian King Buffet with a friend in 2016. A repeat customer, Mobley says that after her meal—she didn’t notice anything wrong. Court documents say that she, “purchased and consumed fried rice.” Everything tasted fine,” she said. “After we ate, I started not feeling well on the drive home.” Mobley lives in Corsicana and says when she got back to the house—her health worsened. I just started vomiting, “she said. “The next morning, I was having problems breathing, so my husband called an ambulance.”
Court documents say that “as a result of consuming the fried rice in question, Mobley ingested Bacillus cereus.” Bacillus cereus is a type of bacteria that produces toxins and can be found on foods that have sat out too long at room temperature. The Food and Drug Administration says Bacillus cereus is commonly found in fried rice and is the cause of ‘Fried Rice Syndrome.’ Fried Rice Syndrome’ is a term commonly used to describe the illness people get after eating fried rice dishes containing Bacillus cereus. Symptoms include cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea.Those symptoms should only last about 24 hours according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. But Mobley says she was in the ICU for 8 days and was on a ventilator for 2 of those days because she choked on her own vomit while wearing an oxygen mask.
Fried Rice Syndrome sounds like a joke, but it’s very serious,” Mobley’s attorney Kathryn Knotts said. They (Asian King) didn’t maintain the food at the proper temperature or kept it out for a long period of time.” Mobley said that she couldn’t walk for a week after she left the hospital, and had to go through rehab for three months after the ordeal. She admitted to having health complications before eating the rice, however. Knotts said that likely made her condition worse in the hospital. “You just never dream that you would go out to eat and get that ill,” Mobley said. Now, I would not eat rice off a buffet…anywhere.” Asian King Buffet denied any responsibility in a court filing and is demanding proof. Its lawyers declined to comment to WFAA. Mobley said she just wants people to know about Bacillus cereus before they eat out. “You’re taking the chance at getting very ill when you’re eating at a rice buffet,” Mobley said. “You could be the next person.”

Is this story "Fake News" or something that actually happened in Florida.
A Florida teen is behind bars for putting his teacher in the intensive care unit 
after beating her up for giving him summer school. - FAKE NEWS 

A Florida grandmother is being investigated for bringing drug-laced cookies to 
a church function fundraiser for the homeless. - FAKE NEWS  

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