Saturday July 7 & Sunday July 8, 2018

Show Notes for Saturday July 7 & Sunday July 8, 2018

"Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear." --George Addair

"We are all ordinary. We are all boring. We are all spectacular. We are all shy. We are all bold. We are all heroes. We are all helpless. It just depends on the day." --Brad Meltzer

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Tough week for Harvey Weinstein. The disgraced director has been hit with three more criminal charges and could now be facing life in prison. (

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Drunk and hankering for a pie, a 26-year-old New Zealand man became enraged and smashed up an ATM machine when it wouldn't give him the cash to buy one. Hayden Caskey was reportedly “heavily intoxicated” when he put his card into the ATM machine. When the ATM “ate” his card and requested he contact the bank, Caskey became enraged and began punching the machine with his fists. He then smashed a glass bottle against it. Caskey completely destroyed the perspex used to house the ATM computer and also damaged the ATM itself, leaving it inoperable. He then left the scene. When he was located later by police he told them he damaged the machine because it ate his bankcard and he needed the card to buy a pie. (
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The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Jurassic World has powered Hollywood
to its biggest Box Office Quarter ever. (
ABC’s Chief Investigative Correspondent, Brian Ross, has left the network after being suspended last year for filing a false report about the President’s National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn. (
The NEON Film Distributing Company has acquired the rights to a 1986 documentary about Tanya Harding competing at the National Figure Skating Championships. (
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The FBI arrested a Cleveland man who was planning a terrorist attack during Wednesday's 4th of July Celebration.

Oprah Winfrey is now saying she will not run for President in 2020 because she could never put up with all of the B.S.

The FBI, the SEC, and the FTC have now joined the Federal Investigation into Facebook’s Data Sharing Practices.

A study by the U.S. National Cancer Institute found that drinking coffee will help you live longer. (

NASA announced plans to release the very first pictures of the Dwarf Planet, Ceres Thursday. (

Coney Island Hot dog eating Champion Joey Chestnut is now selling his own line of condiments. (

The FBI arrested a Kentucky man for threatening to kill Senator Rand Paul and his family with an ax. (

An expert on the British Royals claims that Meghan Markle has worn over $1 million worth of clothing since she married Prince Harry. (

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Rowan is
the alternative name for a Mountain Ash tree.
bulbs were once exchanged as a form of currency
The jersey worn by the winners of each stage of the Tour De France are
The Grandiloquent Word of the Day

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Gilly-gaupus (GILL-ee-GAW-pus),
-An awkward, foolish, or silly person.
-A Scotch term for a tall awkward fellow.
(The 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, originally by Francis Grose.)

From Scottish Gaelic "gille" & Irish "giolla" - youth + Middle English “gawp” to yawn, gape, to stare at someone or something in a rude or stupid way from obsolete "galp".

Used in a sentence:
“Gerald will never entice Ms. Penistone into courtship so long as he remains such a cack-handed gilly-gaupus.”

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Reports of a man buying upwards of $1 million of toys from the now-defunct Toys 'R' Us stores across North Carolina have been verified. An employee at a Cary store, who was not authorized to speak on behalf of the company said the buyer visited the Cary location to purchase toys. That employee went on to say, "It didn't happen all at this location. We don't have that much inventory. It happened at various stores. They likely went through the Raleigh liquidator." Tuesday, the only items remaining at the Cary location were a small selection of assorted baby clothes and a few small aisles of toys. In a phone call to the Raleigh store, an employee declined to comment when asked about further information about the anonymous shopper or what their immediate plans were following the large purchase.$1-million-worth-of-toys-r-us-inventory/3676387/?__twitter_impression=true

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There's customer service, and then there's Jimmy John's customer service. Twitter user Kayla Speer shared a story on Twitter Wednesday night about how she found out her long-distance boyfriend was cheating on her. It started out innocently enough with her wanting to surprise her boyfriend of 3 months with a Jimmy John's sandwich while he was studying for finals. Kayla said her boyfriend told her he was going to take a nap, and she let him know that food was on the way. When she didn't hear back, she assumed he was asleep, but then things started to get a little weird. The delivery driver double checked that the order was for her boyfriend and that she was not in town. She confirmed their long-distance relationship, saying she was not in town with her boyfriend. The delivery driver came clean, according to Kayla. Kayla continued by saying she had some follow up questions for the delivery driver, who she said "graciously answered" all of them. She was able to confirm that it was indeed her boyfriend. In the end though, Kayla sounded grateful for Jimmy John's honesty about the situation and thanked them for going above and beyond. "Not many would do what that delivery driver did, and I’m very grateful he called me and was honest about the situation. #WWJJD (What Would Jimmy Johns Do?)" Here's what Jimmy John's did: they offered to cater Kayla's "breakup" party!
Is this story "Fake News" or something that actually happened in Florida.

A woman was arrested for driving 70 mph with her boyfriend clinging to the 
hood of the car and talking on the phone
A defense attorney’s pants caught on fire while he was delivering the 
closing arguments in an arson case

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