Show Notes for Saturday October 20 & Sunday October 21, 2018

Show Notes for Saturday October 20 & Sunday October 21, 2018

Today we chat with Bruce Nagy about his new book The Clean Energy Age


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October 20th
National Youth Confidence Day
National Brandied Fruit Day
National Sweetest Day

October 21st
National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
National Reptile Awareness Day

"You must do the things you think you cannot do." --Eleanor Roosevelt

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." --Aesop

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Two men in Brazil were arrested for allegedly trying to trade a car trunk full of drugs for a house. The men told an undercover investigator they were tired to being in the drug business and felt like the first step to a normal life was owning a home or apartment. 

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Police in Florida say they arrested an intoxicated bikini-clad woman who is accused of causing a crash while her three-month-old child rode in the back seat. Kayla Rose Beal, 21, is charged with DUI with property damage, DUI with a person under 18 in vehicle and threatening a public servant, WFTX reported. The crash happened Monday in Cape Coral, Florida. According to police, Beal’s car hit the back bumper of a car in front of her, causing the other vehicle to spin out. Another vehicle was also damaged. Police said Beal smelled of alcohol and had glassy eyes and slurred speech. She allegedly spontaneously said, “I’m drunk, OK?” Police also said Beal repeatedly asked if she could take off her pants as she was on the way to a patrol car, but she was already only wearing a bikini.
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ABC’s Roseanne Spinoff “The Connor’s” had higher than expected ratings during Tuesday premiere. There’s also talk they should bring back Roseanne. (
Nicole Kidman told “The Cut” that being married to Tom Cruise kept her from being sexually harassed. (
Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have officially called it quits. (
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A study in the Journal Natural Plants found that global warming could double the cost of beer. According to the study global warming could cut the amount of barley in the world by 17%, making it costlier to produce beer. (

Police in San Leandro, California are looking for a man who broke into a florist and stole $1,500 worth of teddy bears.

A South Carolina woman forced her husband to get her name tattooed on his crotch after she caught him cheating.

Police in San Bernardino, California were able to trap a runaway pig by luring it with Doritos. The female cop who caught the pig has since gotten a promotion.

The U.S. Embassy in Australia has apologized for accidentally sending out an invite that features a picture of a cat dressed as Cookie Monster. (

An Air India flight attendant was injured after falling from the door of a parked passenger jet at Mumbai airport. The 52-year-old flight attendant suffered a fracture and other injuries and was taken to a hospital.

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Most American movie villains have British accents because we associate them with having high intellect and low morals.
The Grandiloquent Word of the Day

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Twattle  (TWAH-tuhl)
-Trivial, feeble, silly, or tedious talk or writing.
-To talk in a digressive or long-winded way.
-To prate; to talk much and idly; to gabble; to chatter.

From 1540-50; variant of twattle, blend of twiddle (to do nothing; be idle) and tattle (to let out secrets - to chatter, prate, or gossip).

Used in a sentence:
"My sister twattles on all day about nothing."

An Iowa man who was being treated at a hospital after consuming a Tide Pod is accused of trashing more than $7,500 in medical equipment during a rampage earlier this month. As detailed in a court affidavit, 26-year-old Brandon McVay became “out of control” while being treated around 1:00 a.m. in the critical care unit of Mercy Hospital in Council Bluffs. When police arrived at the facility on October 4th, McVay was pinned to the ground by security. A nurse subsequently told police that “hospital staff were treating Brandon in Critical Care 102 for eating a Tide Pod.” At one point, McVay got out of his bed and “started throwing and breaking things in the room.” Yelling loudly, he then went into the hallway and began to “throw and break other items.” Investigators estimated that McVay damaged or destroyed four desktop computer systems, leaving broken glass “everywhere inside the Critical Care Unit.” McVay was charged with felony criminal mischief and booked into the local jail. (

A North Carolina man accused of impersonating firefighters on an emergency radio channel last year now faces a fine of nearly $40,000. The Federal Communications Commission issued a release recommending a $39,278 fine against Ocean Hinson for apparent intentional misuse of a local public safety radio communications network. The News & Observer reports Surry County dispatchers sought a Westfield Volunteer Fire Department unit in October 2017 for a house alarm. The then 23-year-old Hinson used a radio in his car to answer the call, identify himself as a unit, and report himself en route. The release says Hinson called the dispatcher four minutes later and canceled the call, although no fire trucks had arrived. The release says "fortunately" there was no fire. The report didn't include comment from Hinson. (
Is this story "Fake News" or something that actually happened in Florida.
A woman pulled a Florida building’s fire alarm to get someone’s attention 
because her cellphone battery died. FLORIDA - (

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Chelsea Soccer Club to Fight Antisemitism by Offering Education at Auschwitz
for Racist Fans, Rather Than Bans