Show Notes for Thursday October 18, 2018

Show Notes for Thursday October 18, 2018


Dear John,

This is a question for both of you. My wife and I are having a disagreement, so I want to ask you two about it since you're also married to one another. We both use facebook, but we use it differently. My page is always pretty positive and my wife likes to share things that are a little off color. I even had a pastor message me about it a while back, but she continues to do things her own way. I'm OK with that since it is her page and she has the right to say whatever she wants on her page and on her own behalf. Last week someone was being rude to me on facebok. I did my normal thing and used humor to laugh it off. I thought it was over. The next day I saw that my wife had gone on my page and engaged in an argument with this guy. They know each other, but they're not friends. I know his sense of humor, he was just being silly. Now it looks like there's a problem between us, but there's really not. I told my wife I didn't want her doing that anymore and now she's mad at me. Is it wrong of me to ask her to keep her arguments and negativity off my page? Should I apologize to my wife for this?
Should I just unplug from facebook all together?

Signed – HusbandWithQuestions

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October 18th
National Chocolate Cupcake Day
National No Beard Day
National Get Smart About Credit Day

Get to Know Your Customers Day 

"Opportunities don't happen. You create them." --Chris Grosser

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Country Oaks in Buffalo, Iowa ….. REHAB

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The Kentucky elementary school teacher arrested earlier this year for allegedly snorting drugs in class landed back in the slammer again. 42-year-old Cherish Rednour was taken into custody Sunday in Clark County after she skipped out on a court appearance for wanton child endangerment. The former Menifee Elementary School teacher, who is accused of doing drugs in front of students, was scheduled to be in court Thursday for a pre-trial hearing. Officials issued a warrant for her arrest when she failed to appear. Rednour was initially arrested in February after two students reported witnessing her crush a pill with a credit card in a classroom. The young children then allegedly saw her make a line with a substance, which she snorted before slumping over her desk. Officers investigating the case found a white residue on Rednour’s desk and a tampon applicator in her bra that “resembled a very small, cut straw.” Rednour was booked at Clark County Detention Center, but wasn’t listed in custody Tuesday in online court records. (
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Channing Tatum is reportedly dating British Singer Jessie J. The two were spotted playing mini golf last week.

Ryan Gosling’s astronaut film, “First Man,” tanked at the Box Office, bringing in just $16 million in its box office debut.

A former American Idol Contestant named Antonella Barba has been arrested for selling heroin. (

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A 129-year-old Chechen woman who is the world’s oldest person told the Daily Mail that her longevity is a punishment from God and she’s only had one happy day in her life.  (

Nepal has blocked 25,000 websites in a country-wide ban on pornography. The government says they’re doing it to crack down on sexual assault. (

Vladimir Putin has launched a criminal investigation of a rocket that failed on the way to the International Space Station.

A Slovakian woman has amassed a world record-breaking collection of over 80,000 napkins. Antonia Kozakova has collected 80,000 individual designs, which she keeps piled up in her office. One of the eldest designs dates back to the 1940s.
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Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt once ditched a White House dinner party to go on a joyride flight to Baltimore.
The Grandiloquent Word of the Day

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Réchauffé   (ray-show-FAY)
-A dish of warmed-up food left over from a previous meal.

French, from réchauffé warmed-over, from past participle of réchauffer to warm over, from ré- re- + chauffer to warm, from Middle French chaufer.
First Known Use: 1805

Used in a sentence:
“Mom’s making something called Réchauffé à micro-ondes, fancy!"

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A North Dakota man tweaking on meth stripped off his clothes and went into a church’s baptismal font before emerging to walk toward the altar while masturbating, an affront witnessed by seventy-five individuals attending mass. The 9:00 a.m. mass at Spirit of Life Church was interrupted when 21-year-old Zachary Burdick appeared in the entryway of the Roman Catholic church in Mandan, a city about five miles from Bismarck. A female church employee called police after Burdick disrobed and entered the font, where he was “masturbating facing the altar.” She added that Burdick then “began walking down the aisle toward the altar while still masturbating.” When confronted by police, Burdick reportedly said that he was “tweaking” on meth and admitted to using hashish oil. Burdick was charged with felony indecent exposure and disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor. He made his initial appearance last week in Morton County District Court. (

A man suspected of robbing a Wichita bank earlier this week spent time in federal prison after pleading guilty to robbing the same bank seven years ago. Federal prosecutors say 50-year-old Brent Allen Drees, of Wichita, is charged with one count of bank robbery. They allege Drees walked into the Conway Bank on Tuesday and gave the teller a note saying, “Give me $3,000 and you won’t get hurt.” The Wichita Eagle reports Drees was released from federal prison in July 2017 after serving a 46-month sentence for bank robbery. Federal court records show Drees previously pleaded guilty to two Wichita bank robberies, including the Conway Bank in September 2011 and the Emprise Bank later that month. Similar notes were used in all three bank robberies. (
Is this story "Fake News" or something that actually happened in Florida.
A West Palm Beach woman was busted for grand larceny after stealing 
a pony at a child’s birthday party

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