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John & Heidi share funny stories of people doing weird things... plus it's a Tuesday... so we have everyone's favorite segment... TUESDAYS with Charlie!!!

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October 16th
National Liqueur Day
National Dictionary Day
Global Cat Day
Department Store Day
Boss’s Day (or National Boss’s Day)
Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity

National Pharmacy Technician Day 

"Wonder rather than doubt is the root of all knowledge." --Abraham Joshua Heschel

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Hominy Hill in Colts Neck, New Jersey ….. GOLF COURSE

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Police in Colorado are on the hunt for four teenagers who smashed a stolen van into a pot shop and stole what they thought was marijuana. Officers responding to Native Roots in Colorado Springs early Wednesday morning found a van smashed into the front of the store. An investigation revealed that four teenagers stole T-shirts and pre-rolled joints that did not contain marijuana. A store manager stated, “We have pre-rolled joints on display in our packaging in our display cases. We do not put actual medicated product in them, so we use oregano to simulate the cannabis.” Brent Wrathbone witnessed the teens alleged actions and called the police. He said, “With the damage that people have done just to you know, just to get high, it’s not worth it.” Last month, thieves drove a stolen car through the front of Canna Meds in Colorado Springs. Police have not said if the teens are also linked to that incident. (

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Liam Neeson claims that a horse he worked with in his new movie remembered him from a film they worked on several years back. (
Game of Thrones stars Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams told Vulture Magazine that they like to unwind after their morning workouts by getting high in the bathtub. (
The Miss America pageant is getting ugly. A former board member is trying to set up a legal fund to oust two of the pageant’s top executives. Also, Tennessee might not send anybody from their state to the pageant next year. (
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Federal Authorities arrested an upstate New York man who was planning to bomb the National Mall on Election Day.

A survey by the Treasury Department found that mortgage rates have hit an eight year high. (
A new study found that rising levels of obesity are now threatening our national security because a growing number of soldiers are overweight. (

A Louisiana post office worker is charged with stealing $600,000 worth of stamps to pay off his gambling debt.

A new report found that Hurricane Florence created ten thousand extra frogs in the Carolinas because it led to “explosive breeding.” (

A New Jersey high school teacher has been arrested for sending nude pictures to a 17-year-old student.

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If someone gives opinions on topics they know nothing about, they're an ultracrepidarian.
The Grandiloquent Word of the Day

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Pertinacious (PER-tih-NAY-shuhs)
-Persistent, chronic, continuing without letup.
-Persistently, unrelentingly stubborn, clinging fanatically to a cause or belief, adamantly refusing to surrender.
-Holding tenaciously to a purpose, course of action, or opinion; resolute.
-Stubborn or obstinate.
-Extremely or objectionably persistent:

From Latin pertinac-, pertinax, from per- thoroughly + tenac-, tenax tenacious, from ten─ôre. First Known Use: 1583

Used in a sentence:
“It finally got to the point that I had to terminate his employment; he was just so pertinacious about the old rules that he wouldn’t follow the revised protocols!”

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Police allege that a South Carolina man shot his cousin after the victim ignored the gunman’s warning not to eat his potato chips. 19-year-old Ryan Langdale was charged with attempted murder, weapons possession, and obstruction of justice in connection with the September 29th shooting of his 17-year-old relative at a Charleston-area home. Langdale told responding officers that the victim accidentally shot himself while cleaning a hunting rifle. That claim was not initially refuted by the victim since he required emergency surgery after being rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. But when the victim’s health improved enough for a police interview, he told investigators Langdale shot him after warning him not to consume his potato chips. During a search Monday of Langdale’s home, police seized what they believe was the weapon used in the shooting. He is locked up in lieu of $55,000 on the felony counts. (

A man from western Washington is among seven people indicted for running a telemarketing scheme that tricked people into handing over their money in exchange for bogus prizes. The indictment was unsealed in North Carolina Wednesday. Several of the defendants are Americans who now live in Costa Rica. Also charged is 33-year old Mark Raymond Oman of Long Beach, Washington. According to the Department of Justice, the men ran a telemarketing call center in Costa Rica “that duped victims - including senior citizens - into sending money to claim bogus sweepstakes prizes.” The indictment says workers at the call center called people in the U.S. and told them they won a substantial prize. To claim the prize, they needed to send funds, such as insurance or customs fees or taxes. If the victims sent money, telemarketers called back seeking more money, claiming there was a clerical error or that there was a possibility of winning bigger prizes. The indictment says the money went either directly to Costa Rica or to the defendants in the United States. (
Is this story "Fake News" or something that actually happened in Florida.

Florida police arrested an 81 year old man who tried to buy an eight-year-old girl 
from her Mom at Wal Mart. He allegedly tried to buy the kid for $200,000. 

An airline passenger was escorted from a plane by Florida cops after 
refusing to leave the aircraft upon learning that she would not be allowed 
to fly with her “emotional support squirrel.” 
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