Show Notes for Saturday January 26 & Sunday January 27, 2019

Show Notes for Saturday January 26 & Sunday January 27, 2019

Today we chat with Jordan Goodman…. America’s Money Answers Man!

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January 26
National Green Juice Day
National Spouses Day
National Peanut Brittle Day
National Seed Swap Day

January 27
National Chocolate Cake Day

Six in ten Americans say 2019 is their year to get in shape. But as over two in five Americans feel “too old” to work out, with 41 officially being the age Americans feel too old to exercise. Age, it turns out, is only one of multiple barriers to exercise Americans face, according to the study (by OnePoll), and “not having time” took home the first-place crown with 42 percent saying that time is the biggest reason they fail to work out.

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Police say a man broke into the Stark County Fairgrounds in Ohio and released more than a dozen racehorses, including one that later died after falling through ice. The 28-year-old man is facing multiple charges, including breaking and entering, inducing panic, and drug possession. Police say the man released 15 horses about 5:30 a.m. Monday, telling responding officers the animals wanted or needed to be free. The horses ran along city streets and through a neighborhood for hours before they were rounded up. One horse fell through ice at Meyers Lake and drowned before it could be rescued. The president of the Stark County Agricultural Society, which operates the fairgrounds, says the remaining horses were returned to their barn and seen by a veterinarian.


“The Bachelor” has two contestants who already competed against each other in the Miss USA pageant, but they are no longer friends.(
Anne Hathaway says she’s giving up drinking for the next 18 years while her son is growing up. (

Supermodel Elle Macpherson revealed that she’s never gotten plastic surgery to preserve her figure because she stays on a plant based diet.

The Oscar nominations were announced Tuesday with “Roma” and “The Favourite” leading all films with ten Oscar Nominations each. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were both nominated for their acting in “A Star Is Born.”
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Oreos is selling a new cookie that has triple the amount of filling as a regular Oreo. They're currently for sale on Amazon

A major study of 16,000 people has led Doctors to believe that taking a daily aspirin is “not worth the risk.” The study found that people who take a daily aspirin increase their chances of major bleeding. (

Doctors have declared a measles emergency in a town that’s just outside of Portland, Oregon.

An Indiana Mayor named Pete Buttigieg has launched a long shot bid to become America’s first gay President. (

A Florida woman was arrested after she pulled a gun on a hair salon owner because her appointment started late. Witnesses say the woman was scheduled to get married this weekend. (

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Walt Disney World in Florida generates about 120,000 pounds of garbage every day!

Liticaphobia… Fear of lawsuits.

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It is being reported that a man was charged on Christmas Eve for attempting to smuggle a boa constrictor onto an airplane by hiding it in his pants. In a statement released on Monday, Potsdam Customs said the incident took place at Germany's Berlin-Schonefeld Airport. According to the statement, a 43-year-old man who attempted to catch a flight to Israel instead caught the attention of airport security workers when they noticed something in his pants “that did not belong there.” Upon further inspection, the man pulled out a small cloth bag from the waistband of his pants that contained a live boa constrictor, about 15.7 inches long. According to the Local, snakes are protected under the Washington Convention on the Protection of Cities (CITES) and their import and export to and from the European Union is regulated. Since the man was unable to furnish necessary documents proving that he had permission to travel with a snake, the boa constrictor was confiscated from him and taken to a reptile rescue in Brandenburg. Officials say the man will now be fined. (
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A Hyrum, Utah man faces multiple counts after police say he faked being hit by a truck at an intersection where he had “previously reported concerns about semi-trucks cutting the corner.” According to a probable cause statement, a large group — including seven Cache County Sheriff’s deputies, two Utah Highway Patrol troopers, a Cache County ambulance and Hyrum first responders — was called out on Saturday after 33-year-old Jeremy Sharp reported that he had been hit by a truck. Sharp told police “he had been hit by a tanker truck hauling milk” and that the previous night he “had been hit by a tanker truck hauling gasoline.” EMTs examined Sharp “from head to toe” but could find no sign of trauma, and Sharp did not indicate he was in any pain. Police officers carried Sharp to a patrol vehicle and told him he was under arrest for falsely reporting an accident to 9-1-1. Sharp reportedly “immediately began pulling away … despite being ordered to stop resisting.” Sharp has been charged in 1st District Court with falsely reporting an emergency, a third-degree felony. (


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Watch Golden Retriever Lead Ambulance Through a Maze of Alleyways to 
Save His Owner