Show Notes for Tuesday January 29, 2019

Show Notes for Tuesday January 29, 2019

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A survey by the U.S. Labor Department found that jobless claims have fallen to the lowest level since 1969. (

A study by CreditCards.Com found that one in five people in a long term relationship keeps a bank account secret from their partner.

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In Florida, Lee County deputies were called to a Bonita Springs shopping plaza after someone said a man wearing only shoes and underwear was rolling around the parking lot in an office chair. When deputies showed up to the plaza on Chamber of Commerce Drive, the man was hitting a windshield wiper blade against an SUV. Deputies initially suspected that the man was either drunk or on drugs because he could not answer why he wasn't wearing clothes, or how he got to the parking lot. One driver who had his Porsche parked in the lot told deputies the man dented his car and the man's clothing was on the ground next to it. A minivan nearby also had a cracked windshield. Deputies also think the man took furniture from a nearby Buffalo Wild Wings and scattered it around the parking lot. The man's car was found in the parking lot. A plastic bottle of alcohol was under one of the tires. Deputies could not locate anyone that witnessed the man damaging the cars. His wife and sister picked him up from the plaza and as of now he has not been arrested. (

Attendees at the Sundance Moon Festival were treated to “never before seen footage” of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. (

The M. Night Shyamalan movie “Glass” was number one at the box office.

Hollywood’s biggest stars are expected to be in Atlanta this week for Super Bowl LIII. (

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Buzzfeed announced plans to fire 15% of its workforce. (

A Sacramento Uber passenger was arrested for DUI after he attempted to grab the wheel from the driver several times. The man was banned for life from Uber.(

Nearly fifteen hundred private jets are expected to land at the climate change summit in Davos, Switzerland. (

The Chinese Government has blocked the use of the BING Search Engine.

A frustrated creep was arrested for threatening to kill as many women as possible, because he’s a 27-year-old virgin who’s never had a girlfriend. He wrote a post that read: “There’s nothing more dangerous than man ready to die.”
Several women called Denver police because they were concerned about the post. Authorities were concerned because there were several women’s marches planned over the weekend in Provo, Utah, where Cleary was staying at an Airbnb. Members of the Utah County Major Crime Task Force and the FBI cuffed Cleary at a McDonald’s in Provo on Saturday for allegedly making a threat of terrorism in the post. Cleary admitted to a detective he wrote the Facebook post “but claimed to be upset and not thinking clearly when he did so.” He said he deleted it after other people called and threatened him. At the time of his arrest, he was on probation for stalking and threats toward women.(

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Carrots will turn you orange
If you eat enough carrots—about three large carrots a day for several weeks—it increases the beta-carotene in your blood and could turn your skin orange.


Politicophobia… Fear or abnormal dislike of politicians.

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A Quakertown, Pennsylvania woman was arrested Wednesday for attempting to steal a kangaroo from a petting zoo. 52-year-old Loren McCutcheon faces misdemeanor charges of theft by unlawful taking and trespassing as well as a summary offense of damaging property. Bedminster police were called to the Peaceable Kingdom petting zoo for a reported theft of a kangaroo around 4:15 p.m. last Wednesday. When police arrived, they found McCutcheon stuffing the kangaroo into a Honda Pilot, and then planning on driving to Florida. When questioned by police at the scene, McCutcheon first provided a false name and identified herself as a Bucks County Humane Society officer. She showed officers a badge, although she was not working under the society’s authority at the time. McCutcheon told police she was the owner of the property and had rented it to the petting zoo owner. She claims that the kangaroo belongs to her. However, she was ordered by a court to surrender it and is not allowed to have possession of the kangaroo in Pennsylvania, which is why she wanted to take it to Florida. (

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The wannabe martyr arrested on Wednesday for scheming to attack several Washington, D.C. targets had never fired a gun, but assured his fellow plotters--both of whom were actually undercover FBI operatives--that he would use a shoulder-fired anti-tank weapon to “blow a hole in the White House.” Like many prior radicalized nitwits, 21-year-old Hasher Jallal Taheb appeared penniless and relied heavily on the undercover agents to move the plot forward, according to a complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Atlanta, Georgia. While acknowledging his lack of experience with weapons, Taheb assured his cohorts that he “had never shot a gun but could learn easily” and had “watched some videos...of how grenades explode.” Taheb was arrested after he met with other FBI undercover agents to swap his car for weapons and explosives to be used in the planned White House assault. Taheb was the only individual not affiliated with the FBI who was involved in any aspect of the alleged plot.

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After Days Spent Lost in Freezing Rain, Rescued 3-Year-old Thanks a Bear for Allegedly Keeping Him Safe