I'm John Small. My wife Heidi and I do the radio show & podcast called “The John And Heidi Show”! Our program is designed to be very family friendly, so when stories like these come along, we don't read them on the radio. Every once-in-a-while something may slip past me, but I try to keep the show pretty G RATED so you can listen with your whole family. Here are the stories we DIDN'T read on the radio! Our BONUS SHOW NOTES are brought to you by BetterCreditCards.net

An Oregon man was arrested for having sexual relations with a horse.

A prominent gay conversion therapist who was married to a woman for thirty-four years has come out as a gay man. (https://nbcnews.to/2UcEJDE)

Mexican Authorities now believe that the notorious drug kingpin “El Chapo” had sex with underage girls. (https://bit.ly/2DQfRfE)

A Florida man fired two shots at his wife after she was caught performing a sex act on his best friend in their hot tub. He’s going to jail. (https://bit.ly/2GcQuar)

According to Florida cops, an accused thief hid four stolen Rolexes in her vagina. Investigators allege that 29-year-old Delajurea Brookens swiped five watches--valued at $108,000--from a man she had met at a Miami Beach club. Brookens and the victim later went from the nightspot to a Clarion Suites hotel room, where the January 8th theft allegedly occurred. When the victim, Orlando businessman Ramon Diaz, used the bathroom around 5:00 a.m., Brookens took the watches, which were inside a velour Crown Royal whisky bag.
Brookens then fled the room, with the 46-year-old Diaz in pursuit. When the businessman confronted Brookens as she was trying to hail a taxi, she allegedly began striking him in the head. In the meantime, hotel employees called cops, who subsequently collared Brookens in the vicinity of the hotel. During a strip search, jailers discovered that four missing watches had been stashed inside the Miami resident. Brookens was booked on a variety of charges, including grand theft, cocaine possession, and introducing contraband into a correctional facility.

According to arrest warrants, a man faces charges after thrusting his face into the buttocks of multiple women in Kernersville, North Carolina. Stefan Ryan Shuford was arrested on multiple counts of assault on a female and sexual battery. Police investigated three reports of a man inappropriately touching women. Police say all incidents happened in areas where people were shopping. One of the 9-1-1 callers said Shuford followed her in a parking lot and inside a store. Shuford is accused of sneaking up behind women and thrusting his face into their buttocks. In some of the cases, he’s also accused of licking them. A victim spoke to FOX8 off-camera on Monday. She said she was shopping inside Walmart when Shuford crawled up behind her and assaulted her. She started yelling and he ran off. (https://bit.ly/2FWyKju)

A man accused of stealing 70 pairs of shoes admitted in court that he didn’t do it for style, but for “sexual pleasure” by sniffing them. According to the Japan Times, Makoto Endo of Saitama, Japan, was arrested in September for looting more than $2,700 of footwear. Endo reportedly told police that it didn’t matter if the shoes he nabbed were from men or women. He also preferred “well-worn” shoes. At the time of his arrest, police said they found many boxes of used footwear in his home. It isn’t clear how Endo managed to steal so many shoes from his victims, or what sentence he faces if convicted.(https://nyp.st/2t6WSXY)

As the pole-dancing exercise trend of recent years taught the rest of us, exotic dancing takes some muscle. Police say a stripper in Florida showed her strength, and fearlessness, in a different way this week, by ripping an entire electrical meter off the wall of the club. According to local station WFLA, police say Christie Caratini-Mendoza, a stripper at Desire Gentleman’s Club in New Port Richey, Florida, got into a fight with a co-worker. She reportedly punched the other woman, knocked her down, and kicked her. Police say she then took her anger out on the Progress Energy meter bolted to the wall of the club, dismantling the meter, and hiding it. Body camera footage from Caratini-Mendoza’s arrest that night reportedly shows a police officer locating the meter tag tangled in a wig she had in her purse. She has been charged with battery and grand theft. Caratini-Mendoza has had past run-ins with the law and was in the news two years ago when she was suspected of stabbing a female victim outside another club. (https://yhoo.it/2UG2jJd)