Show Notes for Thursday February 21, 2019

Show Notes for Thursday February 21, 2019


Another special edition of Dear John Letters! We will have DeVon Franklin, an award-winning Film & TV producer, best-selling author, renowned preacher and spiritual success coach. Franklin has quickly become a force in the media as well as a leading authority on faith, spiritual wellness and personal development. We will visit with him about his new book TRUTH ABOUT MEN (Available now -

Franklin speaks out frankly and openly about why men behave the way they do and what everyone—men and women alike—need to know about it.

We hear it all the time. Men cheat. Men love power. Men love sex. Men are greedy. Men are dogs. But is this the truth about men?
I'd like to get a man's opinion on how I may be able to get my boyfriend to pop the question. We've dated a long time. I thought maybe he was going to ask me on Valentine's Day, but that didn't happen. What can I do to encourage him to ask me to marry him?


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SURVEYS, STUDIES & SUCH: Brought to you by

A Treasury Survey found that Amazon is going to pay ZERO DOLLARS in federal income taxes for a second year in a row. (

Brought to you by! Each day we talk about people doing dumb things under the influence, but addiction is no laughing matter… if you or someone you know needs help, we're here to help! You can learn more at

A Pasco County, Florida man who danced through his field sobriety tests after being found sleeping in his running truck is facing a DUI charge. Deputies driving on Grand Boulevard in Holiday say they spotted a running truck with its brake lights on in front of a closed business. When they went to check on it, they say they found 33-year-old Christopher Larson asleep in the driver's seat with his foot on the brake. According to an arrest report, when Larson woke up her forgot to put the truck in park when he unlocked the door and started to get out. Deputies say the truck started rolling forward and one of them had to jump in and hit the brakes so it wouldn't hit a gate. Once Larson was out of the truck, deputies asked him to perform field sobriety tests. Body camera footage shows Larson lose his balance and start dancing during the “walk and turn” test. A breath sample showed Larson had a .28 BAC at the time, deputies say - more than three times the legal limit. He was arrested for driving under the influence and taken to the Pasco County Jail. (

Orlando Bloom gave new fiancé Katie Perry a similar engagement ring as ex-wife Miranda Kerr. (

The Real Housewives of New York’s Ramona Singer and Jill Zarin supported friend Luann de Lesseps’ show in Miami. (

SCOOP OF THE DAY: Brought to you by
Parody news publisher “The Onion” is reportedly losing massive amounts of money. (

Two back-country skiers were killed in an avalanche over the weekend in an area of Colorado known as “Death Pass.”(

Southern California firefighters say that they rescued a cougar from a tree over the weekend. (

Veteran Art Dealer Mary Boone was sentenced in Manhattan to thirty months in prison for tax evasion. (

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A Chicken Can Live With Its Head (Mostly) Chopped Off.
For 18 months in the early 1940s, Mike the Headless Chicken lived with most of his head cut off. As it happens, his owner, farmer Frank Lloyd, was looking to cook some chicken the night of his half-decapitation. Lloyd ended up missing the jugular vein and brain stem, allowing the bird to survive. The death-defying chicken is still the pride and joy of his hometown, Fruita, Colorado, where they hold an annual festival in his honor.


Hylophobia- fear of trees

WEIRD NEWS: Brought to you by
While most people hate going to the Department of Revenue, one man repeatedly visited the workers at a local office—and crossed the line. Employees with the Driver’s License and Vehicle Registration Office in Troy, Missouri, said Timothy Howe repeatedly stopped by the office. He frequently asked for duplicate titles, forms, and other vehicle registration items. Over the course of several months, the requests evolved into acts. He anonymously bought them pizzas and used a fake name to contact them on social media. They reportedly saw his car in the parking lot at all times of the day. One victim said she asked Howe to stop buying her pizzas. So, he bought them for everyone in the office, except for her. Another time, Howe plopped down a wad of cash on the counter and said, “Go get yourself a manicure or pedicure,” and walked out. The Compliance Investigation Bureau told Howe he couldn’t go to the Troy office anymore, but his unwanted contact continued. He was charged with stalking and harassment and is now in the Lincoln County Jail on a $20,000 cash-only bond.

MOMENT OF DUH: Brought to you by

According to Orange County sheriff’s records, an elderly man allegedly pointed a handgun at a Lake Mary couple during a dispute over a parking space for the disabled at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The Sheriff’s Office has forwarded the case to the state attorney’s office to decide whether to file charges. The man, whose name was not released, wasn’t arrested because there were conflicting stories about what happened. The 62-year-old woman and her 60-year-old husband, both Disney annual pass holders, were visiting the theme park Sunday when the altercation happened. The woman, who was driving, waited for a car to back out so she could take the spot in the parking lot. The woman told deputies that a man driving a gray SUV from the opposite direction sped up and tried to cut them off to get the space. The driver, described as in his 70s with a full, gray beard, almost crashed into them. Her husband raised his right fist at the SUV driver who responded by allegedly lifting a semi-automatic handgun above the steering wheel and pointing it at them. The SUV driver’s passenger, however, disputes their account. (

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GOOD NEWS: Brought to you by
New Harvard Study Says That Men Can Avoid Heart Problems By Doing a Certain Amount of Pushups

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