Show Notes for Tuesday February 26, 2019

Show Notes for Tuesday February 26, 2019

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A new study claims to have discovered why more women die of heart attacks.

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A New Jersey man did the state proud while skiing in Vermont. He bit a Vermont State Trooper. The Boston Herald reports that police were called to the Jay Peak Ski Resort for an “unruly intoxicated man” who police say was being aggressive toward guests as well as being really drunk. That man was Daniel Szydek of Union Township and police said that he did not go quietly into protective custody -- he allegedly bit one trooper while being placed into custody and reportedly kicked another after being taken to the police barracks. Szydek was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and assault on law enforcement. (

Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod are back following their extreme diet of no sugar or carbs for ten days. (

Harvey Weinstein has reportedly “come out of hiding.” (

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Anybody who’s ever had a roommate or spouse that eats your Ben & Jerry’s without asking knows how infuriating it can be. Stop the thief in his tracks with Pint Lock. At only $10 bucks, it’ll save you a ton compared to replacing a pint every weekend. -

Doctors in India say a man nearly died after eating two nails every day over several weeks. They surgically removed 99 two- to three-inch nails from his stomach.

A Tennessee Dunkin Donuts employee saved a man's life when she performed CPR on him after he collapsed in the parking lot. (

A new report says that your phone and TV are tracking you, and political campaigns are listening in. (

A woman wanted in Chile on kidnapping charges is expected to appear in a Sydney, Australia court on Wednesday for an extradition hearing.

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Microscopic Mites Live on Your Face.
Don’t freak out, but your face is crawling with eight-legged, spider-like creatures. Fortunately, they are microscopic and impossible to see—but they’re mites with long, worm-like bodies residing in hair follicles and pores or sebaceous glands.


Hagiophobia… Fear of saints or holy things.

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A German court has ruled that a dog owner isn’t fit to carry a firearms license after his dog shot him with a rifle. The Munich administrative court on Tuesday dismissed the man’s appeal against an earlier decision by Bavarian authorities to withdraw his license to own a rifle, as well as his hunting permit. The decision followed a 2016 incident in which the man, a passionate hunter, was shot in the arm after his dog managed to release the trigger on a loaded rifle that was lying in his car. The court ruled the hunter couldn’t be relied upon “because it must be assumed that he will handle firearms and ammunition carelessly in the future as well.” The man, whose name wasn’t released, can appeal the verdict.

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UFC fighter Polyana Viana robbed at ‘gunpoint’, fights back and beats up man carrying cut-out gun. A man who attempted to mug UFC fighter Polyana Viana was left with serious facial injuries after she bravely fought back and restrained him until police arrived. The Brazilian mixed martial artist was outside her apartment in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday night when the thief approached her, claiming to have a gun, and demanded that she give him her phone. But the 26-year-old, who has fought twice for the UFC and holds an MMA record of 10-2, realised that the man was not carrying a real gun and defended herself successfully before putting the man in a choke hold until police arrived to arrest him.


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Guardian’ Officer Has Saved Over 200 People From Jumping 
Off the Golden Gate Bridge
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