Show Notes for Saturday March 30 & Sunday March 31, 2019

Show Notes for Saturday March 30 & Sunday March 31, 2019

Today we call Jerusalem to visit with journalist, award-winning author, and New York Times Op-Ed contributor Matti Friedman about his new book SPIES OF NO COUNTRY: Secret Lives at the Birth of Israel. The book chronicles the exploits of a ragtag unit of Arabic-speaking Jewish spies, assembled by the British during World War II, who would go undercover in the battle for Israeli statehood.

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March 30
National Take a Walk in the Park Day
National I Am in Control Day
National Doctors Day
National Pencil Day
National Turkey Neck Soup Day
National Virtual Vacation Day

March 31
National Crayon Day
National Tater Day
National Bunsen Burner Day
National Clams on the Half Shell Day
National Prom Day

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A Newsbusters survey found that the media spent an average of three minutes a night on Russian Collusion, every night, for 791 straight days.

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A Florida Man known as “Mr. Perfect” is in jail for literally battering a female victim. Cops charge that 45-year-old Dwayne Zimmerman was intoxicated late Friday night when he insulted the victim, who was on the porch of Zimmerman’s mobile home preparing to make pancakes for dinner. Cops say that after Zimmerman flung a cooking pan, he picked up a bowl filled with pancake batter and threw it at the victim. The bowl shattered, with its contents landing in the woman’s hair and on her clothing. Batter also caked portions of the screened-in porch. Zimmerman was arrested at the scene on a felony battery charge. He was booked into the Hernando County jail early Saturday morning and remains locked up in lieu of $2000 bond. A judge has ordered Zimmerman to have no contact with the victim. (

Revised box office numbers show that “US” brought in $70 million dollars during its opening.

Barbara Streisand now says she’s profoundly sorry for defending Michael Jackson’s abuse of children in the documentary “Leaving Neverland.”

Wendy Williams was seen without her wedding ring in a sign that she may have separated from her husband.

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Saudi Arabia is on pace to set a record for public executions this year, with 172 scheduled between now and December.(

A video has gone viral of a Viking Cruise Ship turning on its side and sending furniture sliding everywhere. 400 people had to be removed from the boat by helicopter. (

A California couple were surprised when they woke up and found a drunk burglary suspect asleep in bed with them. The couple called police, ran out of their house and watched officers arrest the man — who was still sleeping in their bed despite the sirens and commotion.

A new $50 Million eSports arena will be built this summer in Philadelphia. The upcoming Fusion Arena will feature 3,500 seats, making it the largest of its kind in the Western hemisphere. The arena’s seating area will include two balcony bars, club seats, and exclusive suites. And nearly 10,000 square feet will be dedicated to a training facility, broadcast studio, and team offices.

Justin Bieber is being blamed for causing environmental destruction in ICELAND, after his 2015 video for “I’ll Show You” lead to a boost in tourism at a sacred canyon. The canyon is called, and I’m gonna spell it because i could never pronounce it, the F-J-A-O-R-R-G-L-J-U-F-U-R. It’s an icelandic word

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FDA Also Okays Rodent Hair in Your Pasta. One more: A 16-ounce box of pasta is legally allowed to contain nine rodent hairs. So take a close look before you chomp down on that fettuccine.


Photophobia… Fear of light.

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A naked man has reportedly been arrested in Moscow after trying to board a plane while shouting about how clothes made him less agile and aerodynamic. Eyewitnesses said the would-be passenger passed through checks at Domodedovo Airport before suddenly taking off all his clothes and running on to the jet bridge, which connects airport terminals to planes. A witness told Russian channel REN TV, “He shouted that he was naked because clothing impairs the aerodynamics of the body. He flies with more agility when undressed.” Airport staff prevented the man from boarding his flight to Crimea and he was later detained by police officers. A video released after the man’s arrest showed him sitting on the ground, still naked and surrounded by police officers.

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An Idaho Falls man was arrested March 8th after he allegedly demanded money from a car rental company to return a car. 36-year-old Daniel Porter was charged with grand theft for possessing the stolen 2018 GMC Yukon. The Yukon had an estimated value of $48,424. According to the probable cause affidavit, Porter’s sister, Kelly Lucero, rented the car from Enterprise Rental on February 27th, but did not return the vehicle the next day. Lucero left Porter’s number as her contact info, but Porter did not respond when the company called him. Porter called the company on March 6th, saying he knew where the car was. According to the company, Porter said he would only tell them where to find the car if they paid him. The manager explained that would constitute grand theft. Porter told the manager to find the car himself. When the cops caught up with Porter, he admitted to asking for money to tell Enterprise Rental where to find the car. Deputies found drug paraphernalia in the car. He was charged with grand theft, punishable with up to 10 years in prison, and possession of drug paraphernalia, punishable with up to a year in jail.

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Man gets tips of coffee, cas and POT while filling in pesky potholes in his 
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