Show Notes for Tuesday March 12, 2019

Show Notes for Tuesday March 12, 2019

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March 12
National Pancake Day
National Girl Scout Day
National Plant a Flower Day
National Baked Scallops Day

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A study published by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found that fast food chains have increased their portion sizes, calories, and sodium content.

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Authorities say that a Russian cargo ship crashed into a bi-level bridge on the coast of South Korea while its captain was drunk. No injuries were caused during the bizarre crash, but sections of the Gwangan Bridge in Busan were closed for precautionary purposes. It’s not illegal to consume alcohol while aboard a ship, but it is illegal to sail a ship while intoxicated. Although it is unclear if the captain was at the helm of the Seagrand vessel during the time of the crash, the ship was going the opposite direction of its planned course, and the captain had a blood alcohol level above the legal limit. The Seagrand also reportedly hit a cruise ship moored at a nearby port an hour before the crash. The Korean coast guard said the nearly 6,000-ton cargo ship caused about a 15-foot hole in the lower portion of the Gwangan Bridge. The captain apparently ignored radio signals from coast guards to change course.(

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez got engaged on Saturday. A-Rod posted a picture on social media of J.Lo wearing the massive ring along with the caption, “She said yes.” (

Pete Davidson told Weekend Update that everyone is shocked by the age difference between him and Kate Beckinsale. (
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Taco Bell is selling a new product that’s made of three chalupas at once. It’s called “The Triple Lupa”... it is meant to be torn apart and shared with friends.

Six Taco Bell workers were arrested for attacking a man outside of a Philadelphia store. All six were charged with assault. (

A Florida man tackled a police suspect inside a shopping mall after he escaped from the cops. The incident happened outside a “Foot Action,” which is a sneaker store. ( video has gone viral of a Colorado man being chased by a Bison.

A Swedish art project is offering to pay people to do nothing for the rest of their lives so they can chronicle your exploits and make art related to them. These projects have become popular in Europe. (

Taylor Swift’s accused stalker was arrested for breaking into her New York Apartment building for the second time this year. (

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Russia Didn’t Classify Beer as Alcoholic Until 2011.
In Russian, beer was classified as a soft drink until 2011, when it was officially reclassified as alcoholic by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. The change came out partly because of the rise in popularity of the drink, with sales rising more than 40% during the previous decade as it was marketed as a healthier alternative to vodka.


Anablephobia… Fear of looking up.

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When it comes to social media, it seems not a day goes by that there isn't a weird challenge taking off. From the Harlem Shake to the In My Feelings Challenge, people love filming themselves doing bizarre stunts, but the latest trend could be a new low. The #CheeseChallenge is the new craze and oddly it involves adults and older children throwing slices of cheese at babies' faces. Yep, you did just hear that correctly. Parents are throwing cheese at their children. It all began last week, when a Twitter user named @unclehxlmes shared a video on the platform, writing: “Just cheesed my lil brother.” In the video, someone could be seen throwing a slice of cheese onto a baby's forehead. People all over Twitter began filming themselves flinging cheese at children's faces, with one mum even going as far as to throw an entire cheese burger at her young son. (

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Police in Hackensack, New Jersey say footprints in the snow led them from a crashed stolen car to the man suspected of stealing the car. Hackensack Police Captain Peter Busciglio says the 23-year-old suspect was arrested on motor vehicle theft and resisting arrest charges Saturday. reports the victim told police he left his car running with the keys in the ignition when it was stolen. Authorities say the victim got into a company car and pursued the suspect until he crashed and fled on foot. Responding officers tracked down the suspect by following his footprints in the snow. The suspect has been released on a summons and no court date has been scheduled. ( THREE THINGS!

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When His Fortune Cookie Said it Was His Lucky Day, 
He Bought a Lottery Ticket That Proved it Was Indeed

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