Show Notes for Thursday April 4, 2019

Show Notes for Thursday April 4, 2019


Dear John,

I'm not sure why I'm asking since I've already kind of made up my mind. Maybe I want the assurance I'm doing the right thing. My daughter in 13. She has been great friends with our neighbor's daughter for many years. They have had many sleepovers and there has never been any issue. Recently my neighbor has remarried and his new wife has a grown son who lives with them now. My daughter was invited for a sleepover on the last day of school and I told her no. She's very upset with me, but I've witnessed how this boy treats his new little sister and I think it's a bad idea for my daughter to be anywhere near him. I'm trying to protect my baby girl, but she is upset with me. Am I overreacting? Should I give in and let her stay there? What do you think?

Signed – Momma Bear

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April 4th
National Vitamin C Day
National Walk Around Things Day
National Hug a Newsperson Day
National School Librarian Day
National Chicken Cordon Bleu Day
Jeep 4x4 Day
National Burrito Day

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A new study found that living near a craft brewery will increase the value of your home. (

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Police said that a Wisconsin woman was caught with her hand in the cookie jar when St. Patrick’s Day parade attendees reported she was handing out marijuana-laced treats. 57-year-old Cathleen Krause was arrested after a person told police she was handing out cookies with marijuana in them. Police then approached Krause, who was “visibly intoxicated” and reeked of “alcohol and marijuana on her breath.” Krause allegedly pulled out a gallon-sized bag with only cookie crumbs left when officers asked her about the treats. Police also found gummy candy on her. Both sweets tested positive for marijuana. Krause was arrested and charged with delivering THC, possession of THC, and possession of a controlled substance. She appeared in court Monday where she was released on $1,000 bond and ordered to maintain sobriety. (

Matthew McConaughey’s new film, “The Beach Bum,” had the lowest opening of his career, bringing in just $1.6 million. (

Wendy Williams and her husband and manager Kevin Hunter are looking into separating after twenty-two years of marriage. (

Benito Mussolini’s granddaughter slammed Jim Carey for a cartoon drawing of her grandpa being executed. (

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Nasa’s Curiosity Rover has discovered methane gas on Mars, which is a sign that there could be life on the Red Planet. (

A Wallet Hub survey found that Louisiana is the most stressed out state in the country. New York is ranked 21st on the list of stressed out states. Minnesota is the least stressed out state. (

A video has gone viral of the monkey-dog races at the Galveston County Fair in Texas. The race is called the Banana Derby and it features monkeys riding on top of dogs. (

A photo has gone viral of a skunk in Massachusetts that got its head stuck in a can of Bud Light. Fortunately, rescuers were able to remove it without getting the scent on them. (

An Israeli woman suffered brain damage after going on a three-week juice diet.

McDonald’s in Australia has apologized for an April Fool’s prank where the company promoted a new item called “The McPickle.” It was supposed to be a sandwich made of pickles and several people became upset after seeing the item on McDonald’s Instagram Feed. (

A Dutch inventor has invented toilets for cows in an attempt to cut down on emissions. (

A $450 million dollar Leonardo Da Vinci painting that was sold at auction in 2017 has gone missing from an Abu Dhabi Museum. It was the most expensive painting ever sold. (

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There’s an Octopus that Can Change Shape to Imitate Other Animals. If you thought changing colors was cool, meet the mimic octopus, which not modifies its own color to serve as camouflage but also changes its shape. For example, hovering above the sea bed with it arms spread wide to mimic a venomous lion fish or burying all but two of its arms below the sand to look like a long sea snake.


Arithmophobia… Fear of numbers.

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According to court records, unhappy with the way his groceries were being packed, a Pennsylvania man allegedly choked a supermarket cashier whom the assailant accused of being careless with several bags of snack chips.55-year-old Bradley Bower is scheduled for arraignment Wednesday on a criminal complaint charging him with simple assault, a misdemeanor, in connection with the February 2nd incident at a Giant Food Store near his home in New Cumberland. According to police, Bower and his wife were shopping at the supermarket the night before Super Bowl Sunday. When they reached the checkout line, Giant employee Neil Lerch Jr. began bagging their purchases. But Bower was not happy with the way Lerch did his job, and asked the cashier to “not throw his groceries around.” Upon paying for his groceries, Bower asked Lerch if he had a problem with him. Lerch told police that Bower said, “Do you have a problem with me? Because I have a problem with you.” Thinking that Bower was joking with him, Lerch said he replied, “Do you?” Police allege that Bower subsequently wrapped a hand around Lerch’s throat and pushed him against a cash register. (

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In North Carolina, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are investigating after a man reportedly stole an ambulance and struck multiple vehicles in a parking lot. The crash happened Monday afternoon on Executive Center Drive. Police said someone called 9-1-1 and reported the suspect was damaging property inside the office building before leaving the building and damaging cars in the parking lot. Authorities said the suspect then found the ambulance and climbed into the driver's seat while a MEDIC crew was treating a patient in the back of the truck. MEDIC said the crew and the patient were able to safely exit before the suspect took off in the ambulance. In a video sent to Channel 9, the suspect in the MEDIC ambulance can be seen driving toward parked cars and crashing into them. After the crash, the man is seen running from the ambulance and police are quickly swarm the parking lot. CMPD said the man was detained by officers and transported to the hospital for evaluation. (
What do these 3 things have in common:
(They have axles)

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Bride’s Father Halts Wedding So Daughter’s Stepdad Can Walk Down 
the Aisle with Them

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