Show Notes for Tuesday April 16, 2019

Show Notes for Tuesday April 16, 2019

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April 16th
National Orchid Day
National Eggs Benedict Day
National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day
National Healthcare Decisions Day
National Bean Counter Day

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A new study found that San Francisco residents who make $300,000 a year live paycheck to paycheck.(

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A man who surmised that a ghost may have planted methamphetamine in his Louisiana home eventually admitted that he, and not an otherworldly force, was responsible for the drug being in his residence 60-year-old Michael Auttonberry was arrested in October after police arrived at his home in response to a purported assault. Cops say that Auttonberry had called 9-1-1 to claim that he had been “stabbed on the head by an axe.” When officers arrived at Auttonberry’s West Monroe home, they determined that he was not suffering from any axe wounds and there were no assailants in sight. Cops did, however, spot “in plain view on a night stand a open brown paper containing approximately one gram of suspected methamphetamine. Quizzed by cops, Auttonberry said that “a ghost or intruders” planted the drugs before climbing out a bedroom window. This claim, investigators determined, “was not accurate.” Charged with narcotics possession and making a false report to police, Auttonberry subsequently pleaded guilty to the felony drug charge.


Over 20 Million people watched the final round of The Masters Sunday.
HBO attracted over thirty million viewers to Sunday season premiere of Game of Thrones. (

A new app will ruin “Game of Thrones” for your friends by sending them spoilers from each episode. (

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The National Enquirer has been put up for sale and is expected to sell quickly.

A group of teenagers are wanted for stealing laptops out of a California Starbucks. (

A video has gone viral of a woman in Colorado bar who nearly got hit by an axe after she threw it at a wall and it bounced back at her. (

A new report claims that Amazon has humans listening to what people tell their Alexa’s so the company can market to you better. (

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Babe Ruth kept a cabbage leaf under his cap to keep cool.


Megalophobia… Fear of large things.

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Officers pulled over a woman driving a Walmart mobility scooter down a Tennessee highway Friday morning. Sally Selby caught the attention of law enforcement around 5:00 a.m. while driving the motorized shopping cart in the slow lane of Highway 127. Selby allegedly told officers that she was on her way to a Waffle House restaurant to buy a cup of coffee. According to WTVF, the 45-year-old initially told officers that she built the scooter, but was later arrested for theft after Walmart employees confirmed it belonged to the store. Police said that Walmart surveillance video showed Selby using the shopping scooter inside the store before driving it out into the parking lot. It wasn’t clear Tuesday whether or not Selby might face additional charges. (

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Angered by the noise coming from a union picket line across from their home, an Ohio couple allegedly made sugar cookies spiked with a laxative and gave the baked goods to striking school employees. According to investigators, 29-year-old Bo Cosens 25-year-old and Rachel Sharrock are both facing a felony contamination charge. Cosens and Sharrock are each locked up in lieu of $1 million bond. The couple lives on the same street where workers have been protesting since going on strike in late-March. Picketers on the line outside the Claymont Primary School in Uhrichsville are often saluted by passing motorists with a honk of a horn. Cops say that repetitive noise prompted Cosens and Sharrock to target the workers. Police began investigating the pair upon receiving a tip about vides on Cosens’s Facebook showing the couple preparing the laxative-spiked treat. Additionally, video captured the couple discussing the delivery of the cookies to the strikers. (
What do these 3 things have in common:
(TV series' starring Robert Urich)

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When he's not on the tour and playing music, Willie Nelson spends his time 
at his Texas ranch where 70 horses roam.

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