Show Notes for Tuesday April 23, 2019

Show Notes for Tuesday April 23, 2019

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A new study claims that oral health is more important to your well being than weight and exercise. (
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Police found a woman walking the streets with bloody feet and a bottle of mouthwash on Wednesday. According to arrest records, 20-year-old Francesca Farias-Swenson was drinking mouthwash to get intoxicated. She called her boyfriend to pick her up so they could go to Provo Canyon and talk. Police said Farias-Swenson got angry and started kicking the front window of the car, damaging it. Her boyfriend drove her to her parent's house where records state Farias-Swenson started kicking the car window again. She was not allowed in the house. Police said they found Farias-Swenson walking down the road with her feet bleeding from the glass window. Officers said she had a bottle of mouthwash with her and admitted to drinking it. They said she appeared to be intoxicated and asked officers if she could smoke a bowl of marijuana before going to jail. Records show a pill bottle that contained marijuana was found in her pocket. Farias-Swenson was booked into the Utah County Jail on charges of possession of a controlled substance, and criminal mischief. (

Congratulations are in order for Jeopardy! contestant James Holzhauer, who is now the second-highest earner in the game’s history. After winning his eighth consecutive episode on Monday, the 34-year-old professional sports gambler’s total earnings reached $460,479. At this point, the only contestant to earn more than Holzhauer was Jeopardy! legend Ken Jennings, who took home an incredible $2,520,700 from his 74-game winning streak. The Jennifer Lopez / Cardi B strip club drama, “Hustlers,” is set for a September 13th release. (

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A newly opened Apple Store in New York City is being plagued with bed bugs.

The City Of San Francisco is contemplating a plan to charge tourists who drive down Lombard Street. (

A Dutch doctor is accused of fathering forty-nine children with patients that he treated for in vitro fertilization.(

A French Billionaire is pledging to donate $100 million dollars towards repairing the Cathedral of Notre Dame. (

A new report says the United States agreed to waive the Death Penalty so the government of Ecuador would arrest Julian Assange. (

Taylor Swift’s stalker was sentenced to four years in prison for breaking into her New York City Apartment. (

Carly Simon announced that she’s writing a TELL ALL memoir about Jacquelyn Kennedy Onassis.(

Billy Joel was seen cleaning beaches in his hometown of Oyster Bay, Long Island just one day after his sold out show at Madison Square Garden.

The Los Angeles restaurant and Frank Sinatra haunt “Dear John’s” is reopening for two years while the site gets redeveloped. (

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The tallest man in this world was Robert Wadlow, who was 8’11” tall!


Xylophobia… Fear of wooden objects.

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Armed with a water gun filled with his own urine, an elderly Florida Man squirted a woman several times as she walked her dog in front of his residence last Saturday evening. Police charge that 71-year-old Joel Benjamin approached the female victim around 9:30 p.m. and “pulled out a water gun that contained his own urine.” The woman, a 50-year-old, was walking her dog outside the Seaside Villas development in Gulfport. When questioned by a Gulfport Police Department officer, Benjamin reportedly admitted that he “shot the victim with a water gun containing his own urine.” The septuagenarian was not remorseful, stating that he would “do it again.” While court filings do not indicate why Benjamin targeted the woman, a source said that the defendant may have been angered by fellow residents failing to curb their dogs. Benjamin was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge and booked into the Pinellas County jail.

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An American Airlines passenger jumped from a grounded plane after landing at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) last Friday morning. The crew of American Airlines flight 1346, which originated in Minneapolis, called ahead for law enforcement to meet the aircraft shortly after 6:00 a.m. after a passenger became disruptive during the flight. According to the airline, “Once the flight arrived at the gate, the passenger opened one of the doors and jumped off the aircraft. Law enforcement and paramedics responded.” According to Phoenix police, during the flight a 25-year-old passenger began touching passengers’ faces and spraying them with some kind of liquid from a spray bottle. A witness who spoke with the Arizona Republic said the man was also swearing and hitting multiple passengers. Police say that after landing and taxiing to the gate, the flight crew was readying to disembark the disruptive passenger when the man “opened the service door on the opposite side of the aircraft and jumped out.” (

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Man witnesses an amazing customer service moment at Chick-Fil-A

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