Show Notes for Tuesday June 4, 2019

Show Notes for Tuesday June 4, 2019

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June 4
National Old Maids Day
National Cheese Day
National Cognac Day
National SAFE Day

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A Ford Survey found that three in four people prefer to travel by car than by plane, even if it takes longer. (

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It all unfolds in a blink of an eye. Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Jessica Sabo just finished writing a seatbelt citation when it happens: A silver BMW blows by at more than 100 mph. Troopers say the BMW reached speeds of more than 140 mph while trying to elude another trooper that was already in pursuit. Sabo heads east and, about four minutes later, overtakes the first trooper whose car just can't go any faster. She edges closer when the BMW tries to squeeze between two vehicles, causing a crash that sends a tire and other debris flying. One piece of debris hits Sabo's windshield as she swerves into the median to avoid hitting the cars. The BMW eventually pulls over, but it's not over. Sabo and other troopers pull out their guns and shout commands at the driver but he refuses to come out. The three troopers eventually pull him out as he asks, “What did I do wrong?” Troopers identify the driver as 37-year-old Scott Patrick Sorenson of Lake Placid, Florida. He was arrested on multiple charges, including DUI and aggravated fleeing with injury. (


Sharon Osbourne is getting more plastic surgery done in August so when she comes back to “The Talk” in the fall she will have a whole new look.

Pet Sematary star “Leo The Cat” has died mysteriously just weeks after the film’s release. (

Meryl Streep told Vanity Fair that the term “toxic masculinity” is harmful to boys.

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A new survey found that women are happier without a spouse and children. The study also incorporates men, and claims that married men live longer than single men. (
A Bloomberg Survey found that Apple’s profits could fall by 26% if China bans the iPhone. (

HSBC Bank is employing a robot named “Pepper” who assists customers at its Miami Branch. (

A Louisiana woman was arrested for beating up her wife with a bedpost after she accidentally put her marijuana in the wash. The judge set bail at $25,000.

Nineteen people were injured in Britain’s annual cheese rolling event. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a race where people run and then roll down a giant hill in England. The winner was a Canadian man who gets to choose any cheese related title he likes. (

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani celebrated his 75th birthday with a party at Yankee stadium. (

Bruce Springsteen announced that he’s recording a new album and going back on tour with the E Street Band in the fall. (

Tom Petty’s daughter Adria and his widow Dana are in a dispute over the late rocker’s fortune and legacy. (

Oregon is banning restaurants from automatically giving customers plastic straws.

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Tug of War Used to Be an Olympic Event Until 1920.


Apiphobia… Fear of bees.

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He thought he was ordering some household goods off Amazon. Instead, what a man from Alabama got wasn't even close - he wants to know why he was sent somebody else's urine. It started as a simple Prime order on Amazon. He said, “I got an email Thursday morning saying the package had been delivered.” But the man from Tuscumbia says, in this case, the accuracy of the order likely wasn't the number one priority. He said, “I opened it. And when I reached in and pulled it out. Some kind of urine specimen or something like that.” It certainly wasn't the shower curtain rings he ordered. He added, “I was very surprised. My son was standing there watching me open it and he got a good laugh out of it.” He asked WHNT not to use his name, but the container inside the bag did include a woman's name and birthday, likely indicating it was being sent in for testing. Amazon reportedly told the man that they would send that shower curtain rings right away. (

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Had 36-year-old Trovon Jardin Patterson simply flushed the toilet, he’d probably be a free man right now. Deputies in Indian River County, Florida told the Miami Herald his roommate called them on May 23rd enraged because Patterson wouldn’t flush. They identified the roommate as 58-year-old Diana Griffin. She told them when she demanded Patterson flush the commode, he spat on her. Responding officers found spit covering Griffin’s hair, shoulder, and stomach. She told deputies that Patterson started hurling profanities at her, so she picked up a plunger to protect herself. She started swinging it at him to keep him away. Patterson wasn’t at the home by the time investigators arrived. They picked him up a few blocks away where he reportedly admitted to spitting on Griffin, but only after she attacked him with a cooking pot. He showed deputies a bruise on his forehead that he claimed was caused by the cooking pot, but Griffin said Patterson bruised his own forehead by running into a wall as she chased him with the plunger. Patterson faces a battery charge and must appear in court on June 18th. (
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