We try to produce a family friendly radio show... these stories were carried on other shows, but we choose not to air them. I know there are some who want to hear this... so here you go. Some funny... and DISTURBING stuff we didn't put on the radio! ;-)

A 15-year-old Alaskan boy is suing his parents because they installed cameras in his bedroom to stop him from masturbating. (

Anjelica Huston told Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live” that Jack Nicholson’s “D-thing” is very big. (

During a wedding toast, Alibaba founder Jack Ma encouraged his employees to have sex marathons. Alibaba is a direct competitor of Amazon. Technically Amazon is bigger. (

Former Laker and Kardashian husband Lamar Odom admitted to using a fake penis to pass an Olympic drug test in 2004. (

A survey by Illicit Encounters found that 65% of men think about football more than sex. (
A Gainesville woman was arrested Monday, charged with knocking her husband unconscious following his attempt to have a threesome. 28-year-old Kytonda King reportedly became upset with her husband after he tried to have a threesome with her and her friend. According to an Alachua County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, King’s husband retreated to the downstairs couch when she followed and hit him in the head with a broomstick. Her 29-year-old husband then pushed King to the ground, and sat back down on the couch. Then King snuck up from behind and bashed him in the head with an unknown object. He became unconscious on the floor and was taken to UF Health Shands Hospital. She was arrested and charged with aggravated battery two hours later.

Police have reported that a 29-year-old Florida woman was arrested Monday evening after striking a hospital worker with a “used” feminine product that the suspect had removed from her pants. Defendant Coffii Castellion sought treatment in the emergency room of the Mease Dunedin Hospital, which is about seven miles from her residence in Largo, a Tampa Bay suburb. While in the hospital, cops say, Castellion swiped seven bathing cloths and ten sets of hospital slippers estimated to be worth a combined $10.79. That minor pilferage cost Castellion a felony rap since she has two prior theft convictions. Castellion then doubled up her docket sheet when she allegedly “took a feminine pad from underneath her pants and threw it at a health care provider,” striking the female victim in the stomach with the “used product.” She was charged with battery on health service personnel. (

A New Jersey millionaire is headed to jail for having sex with a minor on his private plane. (

Despite being tailed by a squad car with its lights flashing, a motorist told cops that he did not immediately pull over after running a red light because his “pants were down” and he was “receiving sexual acts” from his female passenger. David Herring was behind the wheel of a Ford F-150 truck last Tuesday evening when he went through a red light at an intersection in Fort Pierce, Florida. Police detectives spotted the traffic infraction and activated their car’s emergency lights. Herring, who did not immediately pull over, later told police that “it took him so long to stop the vehicle and his pants were down because he was receiving sexual acts from Rhonda while he was driving.” The Rhonda in question was 55-year-old Rhonda Koppenhoefer who had a Bud Light bottle between her legs and a crack pipe and crack rocks at her feet. Koppenhoefer was arrested for cocaine possession and possession or use of drug equipment, which are both felonies. (

Angry that a male acquaintance refused to perform oral sex on her, a 19-year-old Louisiana woman fired a shot at the man, prompting him to jump from the second-floor balcony of his Baton Rouge apartment. The victim said he invited Anneisha Speed into his home “due to the two ‘hanging out’ earlier in the day” on May 13th, a Baton Rouge Police Department officer noted in a probable cause affidavit. While in the man’s residence, Speed “asked for oral sex, which victim declined.” At that point, Speed allegedly “produced” a .40 caliber handgun and “demanded oral sex again stating if he declined, she would shoot him.” The man responded by grabbing Speed’s wrist, which led her to fire the weapon. The round, however, did not strike the victim. The man then “jumped from the second-floor balcony to avoid getting shot at again.” Speed was charged with multiple felonies, including second-degree attempted murder and illegal discharge of a firearm. (

A bungling felon from Washington state made a series of blunders when he shot himself in the testicles and tried to hide the weapon — all while storing drugs in his anus. 27-year-old Cameron Jeffrey Wilson was carrying a pistol in his front pocket while in his Cashmere, Washington apartment on April 5th when the firearm accidentally discharged and pierced his groin and thigh. Wilson, who is a 13-time convicted felon, told his girlfriend to dispose of the weapon before heading to the hospital. When the ex-con finally went to the hospital, a balloon of marijuana slipped out of his anus while a doctor was operating on the gunshot wound. Cops also arrived at the hospital when alerted of the gunshot wound and searched Wilson’s car where they discovered a bag of meth in the blood-stained jeans he was wearing when he shot himself. The officers issued an arrest warrant for Wilson and he turned himself in to police on April 18th. As he was being processed at the Chelan County Regional Justice Center, Wilson was strip-searched and another balloon of marijuana slipped from his anus. The convicted felon was charged with possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of meth, and possession of a controlled substance in a correctional facility.

A Canadian man who was fired for masturbating loudly in his workplace bathroom has lost his court appeal after claiming his actions were the result of a sex addiction. (

An aroused teenager had to be freed with a circular saw after getting his penis stuck inside a toilet pipe. The randy 16-year-old lad put his member inside the waist-height metal pipework at his home in Johor, Malaysia, on May 20th. But mid-way through the bizarre tryst, his privates swelled so much that they became stuck inside the grey alloy tube, which was uncovered and protruding outwards from the wall. The embarrassed lad desperately tried to free himself for over an hour before finally shouting his housemates for help. His pals then called the emergency services. The rescuers brought with them a metal cutting saw which they used to manually cut the pipe hoping to free the boy. But his member remained wedged inside, forcing them to remove the whole length of pipe, which appeared to be around 30mm wide. Doctors from the Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital and firemen finally removed the lad’s private part just before midnight. (