Show Notes for Thursday July 4, 2019

Show Notes for Thursday July 4, 2019


Dear John,

My husband is addicted to fireworks. I think it's fun to shoot off fireworks too, but he spends too much money on fireworks and will not listen to me when I ask him to be more reasonable. Last year he maxed out a credit card at a fireworks stand. This year I made sure he didn't have a credit card available, then I found out he spent a good portion of our tax refund on fireworks. This is causing a major problem for us. We've been married for 10 years and every single year we have this same fight. What do I do? He will not listen to me. He said this was “the way he was raised” and I knew that when we got married. How can I get him to reel in his spending on something he's literally going to blow up? Or should I just live with it and move on?!

Signed – FireWorkedUp!

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TODAY IS A SPECIAL DAY! (A special thank you to
July 4th
Independence Day (USA)
National Barbecued Spareribs Day
National Caesar Salad Day

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A new survey found that 1 in 10 people have had a “near death” experience.

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A Naval Officer spent six hours upside-down in a chimney after getting stuck during a drinking challenge. 26-year-old Tommy Brownlee was taking part in the Chimney Challenge - which involves climbing up one flue, crawling along a roof space, and then going back down another to win free drinks. But the lieutenant got stuck on the way down and was left the wrong way up, forcing firefighters and specialist rescue teams to come out to rescue him at the Royal Navy Air Station in Yeovilton, Somerset. Pictures showed the pilot looking dazed as he was wheeled away on a medical stretcher after first going up the chimney in the early hours of Sunday morning. It is not clear whether the lieutenant can expect any kind of punishment. (

Domestic box office numbers are down 10% versus this time last year and merchandise sales are down 40%.(

CBS is drawing criticism because its hit show, “Love Island,” does not include any gay couples. (

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Arby’s is officially developing a “meat based plant” in an effort to attract healthier customers. (
Arby’s is developing a meat based vegetable called a “Megetable” that’s a carrot made out of turkey breast. (

New York City is opening its first ever “Swingers Club” for Millennials.

An Illinois couple is still together two years after they got married at a Burger King. (

A video has gone viral of two thieves crashing their car into a Georgia Convenience store and stealing an ATM. The men are facing $10,000 in fines.

A French scientist claims to have invented a pill that will make your farts smell better. (

A shocking new report by the Times of London revealed that Mercedes Benz and Honda have been inadvertently advertising on Jihadist websites.

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The oldest still-operating amusement park in the world opened in Denmark in 1583. The Guinness World Records lists Bakken in Klampenborg, Denmark, as the oldest still-operating amusement park in the world. The park, which opened in 1583, features more than 150 attractions, including a wooden roller coaster that was built in 1932. According to the records book, Bakken wasn’t totally unique in its time. “In medieval Europe, most major cities featured what is the origin of the amusement park: the pleasure gardens,” they write. “These gardens featured live entertainment, fireworks, dancing, games, and some primitive amusement rides.”


Hellenologophobia… Fear of Greek terms or complex scientific terminology.

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A Pennsylvania man was just trying to save the planet from an alien invasion when he planted a bomb in a hotel parking lot, he told police. According to charging documents, 28-year-old David Oxenreider was arrested over the weekend after he called his apartment building manager and said that he had built an “explosive device.” The building manager, Charles Kline, told the Myerstown man to take the bomb out of the building and he obliged, taking it outside and leaving it near a dumpster. Police responded to the building and put the place on lockdown, evacuating about thirty residents. Oxenreider’s bomb, two butane tanks filled with metal staples and wrapped in cloth, could have caused serious injuries. But Oxenreider said he never meant to cause any harm, but instead intended the bomb as a warning. He told police that in 2014 he had encountered aliens who warned him that if humans did not “start being good people” they would destroy the planet with a “nuclear laser beam.” He has been charged with manufacturing a weapon of mass destruction, causing or risking a catastrophe, and terroristic threats. (

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Police in Ohio said a man fabricated a report about being robbed so that he didn’t have to tell his wife that he actually lost his wedding ring. According to police, Officers responded to a Genoa Township car wash on Monday after receiving a call for a robbery in progress. The alleged victim told investigators that two men armed with a knife approached and robbed him of his ring. Police say the man described the two fictitious victims as Hispanic males in a black pickup truck. Investigators surveyed the area for a matching vehicle and watched surveillance video from nearby businesses. The video revealed that the man was never approached by anyone while sitting in his car. According to Genoa Township, the man later confessed to making up the story because he was afraid to tell his wife that he lost the wedding ring. “This unnecessarily tied up many of our officers for several hours, responding in emergency status, and inconvenienced the business at the car wash,” Genoa Township wrote on Facebook. (
What do these 3 things have in common:
a pine tree, an ice cream parlor and Beldar & Prymaat?
(The have CONES. Beldar & Prymaat are The Coneheads from SNL).

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Mom Sends Son With Autism On Flight Solo And Receives This From A Stranger