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According to police, an Iowa couple left their young children home alone while they were having sex in the middle of a bike trail. 31-year-old Rebekah Mecca and 32-year-old Daniel Walshire were arrested around 1:00 a.m. when a patrolman discovered them lying on the ground in a park in North Liberty, an Iowa City suburb. Specificially, an arrest affidavit notes that Walshire’s pants were at his ankles while Mecca “was on top of him, completely nude.” Cops day that the duo were both intoxicated. The pair told police that they had left their children alone at Mecca’s North Liberty home. Walshire’s son is three, while Mecca’s daughter is nine, a patrolman reported. An Officer said, “Both these children cannot clearly fend for themselves.” Mecca and Walshire were arrested for child endangerment, an aggravated misdemeanor, and public intoxication. Walshire, whose blood alcohol content was more than two times the legal limit, reportedly told cops that he had consumed “several glasses of boxed wine.”

A photo of a sex toy stuck on the back of a Cleveland police cruiser went viral on Facebook before the post was taken down. A Facebook user posted a photo about 5:30 p.m. last Tuesday of the back half of the cruiser that had the sex toy stuck on the cruiser’s trunk. The user wrote in the comments section of the post that the photo was taken in the Second District. Cleveland police spokeswoman Sergeant Jennifer Ciaccia said the department’s inspection unit is investigating the incident. The post was taken down early Wednesday. (

What do you say when a fellow library patron turns a corner and spots you, penis in hand, furiously wanking away? Leroy McFarland, the accused public masturbator, reportedly said, “Oh, hi!” when his illicit pleasure session at a Sioux City Public Library branch was interrupted. According to a criminal complaint charging him with indecent exposure, the 44-year-old man “looked surprised” and sought to cover himself with his sweatshirt when the female witness spotted him. A cop working at the library subsequently approached McFarland, who apparently kept touching himself after initially being spotted. As McFarland was being walked to a police squad car, "a sex toy fell off of him," states the complaint, which does not further describe where the item “fell” from. A search of McFarland yielded two other sex toys from a sweatshirt pocket. He is being held in the Woodbury County jail in lieu of $1000 bond. (

A Sumter, South Carolina man was arrested for exposing his genitals to a woman while working for UPS earlier this month, the Sumter County Sheriff's Office said on Tuesday. Deputies say that 23-year-old Bryce Dewayne Williams allegedly "willfully exposed his genitals" to a woman at a residence on Deer Track Circle on Saturday, June 1st. Williams approached the woman, who was sunbathing, and asked her for directions. When the woman turned to face him, deputies say Williams had his pants unfastened and his genitals were exposed. Williams was charged with indecent exposure. The sheriff’s office said, “The woman positively identified Williams in a State Law Enforcement Division six-person lineup.” It's unclear if Williams is still a UPS employee (

A Florida man stripped naked, did what the arresting officer described as a “strange dance” at a McDonald's restaurant, and was seen “trying to have relations with a railing” by a witness to the bizarre incident. A day prior to Sunday's disturbance, 62-year-old John Francis Morgan had told a Collier County Sheriff's Office deputy that he intended to go to the McDonald's in Naples, where he had been banned over a similar previous outburst. The officer warned him not to go there and Morgan said he would not. But Morgan did not heed that warning and the following day went to the McDonald's restaurant anyway. An officer stated, “I was dispatched to McDonald's in reference to a white male wearing white shorts taking their clothes off and doing a strange dance. While I was on my way to McDonald's it was also stated that the male pulled his pants down, but put them back on. Lastly, the caller stated that it looked as though the male was trying to have relations with a railing.” According to Collier County Sheriff's Office, Morgan is charged with one count of trespass of a property and is in custody. He will appear in court on July 3rd.

HBO’s new show, “Euphoria,” shows thirty penises in its debut episode, leading critics to say the show features too much nudity and teen sex.

The Palm Bay, Florida Police Department has arrested a man they said stole pool float toys for sex “instead of raping women.” 35-year-old Christopher Monnin is charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling, criminal mischief, and petit theft. According to a police report, Monnin was seen acting suspiciously on Thursday around 1:25 a.m. When an officer confronted him as he was riding his bike, they said he admitted to having deflated pool floats in the bag he was carrying. The report reads, “In the past 7 months, the city of Palm Bay has been plagued with burglaries in which the suspect cuts the screen or otherwise enters a victim's back pool deck area and steals only pool floats.” Officers said that Monnin admitted to going into victim's backyards and stealing their pool toys. About 75 floats were found in Monnin's possession. The report says that Monnin stated that he sexually gratifies himself with the pool floats instead of raping women.

A British sex doll maker can now create replicas of dead partners so people can combat loneliness. (

A man was reportedly sprayed in the face with a substance before a dog bit his penis in Croydon, England. The Metropolitan Police was called to Southbridge Road last Friday afternoon (June 21st) following reports of a substance being sprayed into a man's face. The victim was then reportedly attacked by the suspect's dog and was rushed to hospital, where his injuries are thought to be non-life threatening. The police have confirmed the dog has since been seized under the Dangerous Dogs Act. So far, the breed of the dog remains unknown. Following the incident, a man and a woman, both in their 40s and from Croydon, have been arrested on suspicion of GBH (grievous bodily harm). One person on Twitter, known as @JimmerUk, confirmed his wife was a witness to the attack and said: “My wife just phoned, the police have cordoned off the area. A dog has bitten off a man's penis.” (

An Uber driver who had a sex toy nestled in his underwear was discovered masturbating in his vehicle, which was parked on the side of a Connecticut road with its windows fogged up. Cops in Monroe were responding to a call about a suspicious vehicle last Tuesday when they approached the foggy white BMW. Upon reaching the car, officers spotted 48-year-old Eliot Buenano in the driver’s seat pleasuring himself. Buenano was parked about fourteen miles away from his residence in West Haven, a neighboring city. Confronted by cops, Buenano started to pull up his pants while declaring, “I work for Uber.” Alone in the car with an open case of beer next to him, Buenano exhibited signs of intoxication and failed a field sobriety test requiring him to recite the alphabet. When he was ordered to exit the BMW, Buenano got out of the car and began reaching into his pants, prompting alarmed cops to take him to the ground. Buenano would eventually explain that he was not going for a weapon, but rather was reaching for a sex toy in his underwear. Buenano, who has worked as an auto mechanic, was arrested for DUI and interfering with police. (

Workers at the world’s biggest sex brothel in Russia are said to be divided over the use of sex robots. (

A Texas substitute teacher has been fired after filming a porn scene inside her classroom. (

A Connecticut Uber Driver was tackled by police after he pulled out a sex toy that they thought was a gun. (