We try to produce a family friendly radio show... these stories were carried on 
other shows, but we choose not to air them. I know there are some who want 
to hear this... so here you go. Some funny... and DISTURBING stuff we didn't 
put on the radio! ;-) 

An Ohio strip club is giving away the used couches from its champagne room. The owner says the couches were damaged in a fire. Oddly enough, some people are taking them. (

43-year-old actor Kip Pardue was fined $6,000 by the Screen Actors Guild after he allegedly masturbated in front of a horrified female co-star on the set of a Made-For-TV movie. (

A Florida man was arrested last Friday in the Florida Keys after he got into a fight because he was upset that his wife got on stage at a strip club. 36-year-old Christopher Sutton is alleged to have punched a man who came upon him yelling at his wife in the club's parking lot after the incident. According to an arrest affidavit, Sutton's wife was taken up on stage by dancers, who attempted to undress her. Sutton became upset seeing her on stage and started yelling at her. The wife told authorities she walked out and decided to head back to their hotel, but Sutton followed her out while calling her names. The victim told deputies he heard the yelling as he was walking home from work. According to the affidavit, the victim heard Sutton yell, “I'm going to f****** kill you if you get into that car.” Sutton punched the victim when he yelled at the couple to, “take that somewhere else.” He was eventually arrested and charged with battery. (

A Florida man was arrested after he used a pair of scissors to cut off his wife’s lover’s penis and fled the scene with it. He drove off in a gray Toyota Corolla.

According to a report, a Florida man allegedly used a pair of scissors to cut off his wife’s lover’s penis. 49-year-old Alex Bonilla is accused of committing the heinous act on the man — who is his neighbor — while the victim’s two kids were home last Sunday outside of Gainesville. The victim told police that Bonilla attacked him at gunpoint, threatening to kill him if he resisted. Once inside the neighbor’s bedroom, Bonilla allegedly tied up the victim and attacked him. Bonilla then fled the house with the man’s detached penis. According to the police report, Bonilla had caught his wife and neighbor having sex last May. Cops charged Bonilla with aggravated assault, cruelty toward a child, and burglary. It’s unclear if doctors were able to reattach the victim’s penis.

A former XXX Star has started a church that can help you quit your porn addiction. Her name is Brittni De La Mora, but she performed as “Jenna Presley.” For $60 a month she’ll help you quit your porn addiction. (

A Florida woman was arrested after she squeezed her husband’s man parts with so much force that he couldn’t walk. Police say the man showed obvious signs of trauma but the woman still plans to plead not guilty. As crazy as this sounds, they’ve since gotten back together. (

A Florida Woman arrested early yesterday for grabbing her husband’s genitals with “such force that the victim crumpled over and had trouble walking” told cops that she was just trying to “arouse” her spouse “in an effort to have sexual intercourse.” According to cops, 44-year-old Anastacia Tasch approached her husband while he was asleep around 5:30 a.m. on the living room couch in the Tampa-area home they share with their two children. Tasch allegedly walked over to the victim and, “without provocation or permission,” grabbed his genitals. When later questioned by police, Tasch acknowledged that she executed the clampdown without the consent of her husband, who apparently called 9-1-1 after his genitals were crushed. Tasch “advised she did this in a sexual manner because she was attempting to arouse the victim in an effort to have sexual intercourse.” Tasch was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery.

According to reports, a Florida firefighter has been arrested for allegedly setting up secret cameras inside air vents to watch his female roommate in her bedroom and bathroom. 38-year-old Steven Brandenberger, who worked for the Orange County Fire Rescue and installs home theaters on the side, was busted on charges of eavesdropping, illegal interception of oral communication, and sex offense video voyeurism of a victim over 19 years of age. The victim had paid rent to live in Brandenberg’s home since 2013. She contacted the police after her friend asked to use her bathroom and found a camera in an air vent there. By the time the victim went to check the camera, it had already been removed — but she found a drilled hole with several wires pushed into it, leading to the attic. She also discovered a microphone and a small camera that she disconnected and handed over to authorities for evidence. Brandenberger is being held without bail at the Seminole County Jail. (